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EPUB ↠ MOBI Luftslottet som sprängdes · 9780307269997 FREE Î ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Luftslottet som sprängdes ❤ Author Stieg Larsson – Gwairsoft.co.uk The stunning third and final novel in Stieg Larsson's internationally best selling trilogyLisbeth Salander the heart of Larsson's tFe in ways than one if and when she recovers she'll be taken back to Stockholm to stand trial for three murders With the help of her friend journalist Mikael Blomkvist she will not only have to prove her innocence but also identify and denounce those in authority who have allowed th This is the third completed novel of what Stieg had hoped would be a ten volume opus At the end of the last book Lisbeth Salander had been shot by her evil and well toasted natural father a former Soviet spy who had been granted immunity in Sweden in return for handing over information We pick up the story here as she arrives at an ER with several wounds including a bullet wound to the head with the bullets still insideStieg Larsson 1954 2004 image from Rollingstone Don’t even try reading this if you have not read volumes 1 and 2 There are many references to characters from those tales and one can easily get lost among the many many named characters here The first hundred pages or so of this book seemed to me a bit of catch up exposition But hey the novel is 563 pps A little expo won’t kill ya Once the story gets rolling it is a locomotive picking up steam with each chapter There is a diversity of action and character focus There are the usual bedroom shenanigans although that seemed reduced this time around Journalist Mikael Blomkvist joins with other investigators public and private to get to the bottom of why the dastardly Zalachenko was officially protected for so many years and why Lisbeth Salander was forced to pay a harsh price for his existence Will the baddies get their comeuppance? Will Lisbeth hack into your computer maybe get herself a new tat? Although the underlying concerns are serious secretive autocratic tendencies in Swedish government wide ranging societal hostility towards women this is a fast paced and riveting legal and journalistic action yarn a page turner populated with a wide spectrum of interesting characters Fasten your seat belts Enjoy the buzzMy reviews of the first two books in the series The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo The Girl Who Played with Fire

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The stunning third and final novel in Stieg Larsson's internationally best selling trilogyLisbeth Salander the heart of Larsson's two previous novels lies in critical condition a bullet wound to her head in the intensive care unit of a Swedish city hospital She's fighting for her li These books really shouldn't work Stieg Larsson is a very weird writer He likes to tell us absolutely everything someone is doing If Stieg wrote the story of my morning it would go like thisJoel woke up around 745 am and looked at the clock He decided he didn't need to get up yet and hit the snooze button When the alarm sounded again he dragged himself out of bed and used the toilet He brushed his teeth and then dressed in a blue striped shirt black tie and flat front dress slacks he'd purchased on sale at Kohl's He made himself a cup of coffee fired up his 13 inch Macbook laptop and checked his email He had 14 messages 11 of them were advertisements from various mailing lists or spam emails encouraging him to enlarge his penis One message was from his mother and two were shipping notices for books he'd purchased from com He read the note from his mother but decided to reply later He then deleted all the messages but the two from and closed his laptop He sat on the couch and stared into space drinking his coffee and thinkingMost writers would probably start the scene several paragraphs later when I finally get to work that's where the real excitement happens I check even MORE email Plus it turns out I'm not even a main character But for some reason this style is I don't know endearing instead of annoying I love the way he tells us every time Mikael has a cigarette or what he likes on his sandwiches And hey at least I know what brand of cell phone everyone is usingIt's kind of weird how the series wound up being not at all what I was expecting Book one was closest a serial killer story that was nevertheless a weird mash up of political potboiler and are the lambs screaming Clarice murder fun But then book two was mostly about the internal politics of the Swedish police and media industries And the big climax of the trilogy comes down to an incredibly extended legal thriller Grisham style I assume I've never read a John Grisham bookBut really everyone knows why the books work and it's because of the characters Stieg approached the whole trilogy as a sort of manifesto about the injustices heaped upon women in Swedish society and illustrates them via a host of compelling level headed fairly well rounded women who are fun to read about even when they spend every other page having sex with the Stieg stand in Everyone loves Lisbeth of course and this installment does a good job of fleshing out her back story and explaining how exactly one winds up a tattooed antisocial computer hacking genius with an insatiable hunger for revenge and Billy's pan pizzaThis is an excellent wrap up to Lisbeth's story and the trilogy leaving exactly one thread hanging and a small one at that which is remarkable considerng it's number three in a planned run of 10 It leaves Mikael and Lisbeth in a great place and pays off pretty much everything that was established over the previous two books That it does so with a histrionic courtroom scene all the better I don't read legal thrillers but I love courtroom scenes in movies especially when judges say stuff like I'm going to allow it but you'd better be going somewhere with this No one says that here but only because apparently you can do whatever the fuck you want in a Swedish courtroom without bothering to talk to the judge at all On the bright side a flustered prosecutor does break out another old chestnut This is highly irregular that almost makes up for itSo yeah I'm a little sad that Lisbeth has stalked off to that big Ikea furnished apartment in the sky to join her creator And I wish Stieg didn't eat uite so many of the fatty sandwiches and Billy's pan pizzas he loved detailing so much hey write what you know If book 4 never emerges from that mythical laptop though this is a pretty good place to end things

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Luftslottet som sprängdesE vulnerable like herself to suffer abuse and violence And on her own she will plot revenge against the man who tried to kill her and the corrupt government institutions that very nearly destroyed her lifeOnce upon a time she was a victim Now Salander is fighting backfrom the jacket Luftslottet som sprängdes The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Millennium #3 Stieg LarssonThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest is the third novel in the Millennium series by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson It was published in Swedish in 2007 The first three novels in the series The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2005 The Girl Who Played with Fire 2006 and The Girl who Kicked the Hornets' Nest were written by Stieg Larsson before being shown to a publisher and were published posthumously after his fatal heart attack in 2004 Additionally all three novels were adapted as films The book begins as Lisbeth Salander is flown to Sahlgrenska Hospital It picks up where The Girl Who Played with Fire left offتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و هفتم ماه جولای سال 2016 میلادیعنوان دختری که با تبهکارها در‌افتاد کتاب سوم؛ اثر استیگ لارسون؛ برگردان احمد نیازاده؛ نشر تهران، نشر قطره، 1392؛ در ‏‫900ص‬، فروست رمان داستان خارجی؛ شابک 9786001197314؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان سوئدی سده 21مدر رمان دختری که با تبهکارها درافتاد، دستگاه امنیتی سوئد و جریانی فاسد در آن مطرح است؛ دو شخصیت درگیر ماجرای پیچیده سازمانها و شرکتهایی میشوند، که به منافع ملی کشور خیانت میکنند؛ سازمانهایی مدیران نالایقی دارندآدمی باید خیلی بدشانس باشد که شهرت جهانی اش، و در پی آن ثروت کلانش، آنگاه به سراغش بیاید، که نه روی زمین، که زیر خاک خفته باشد؛ شهرتی که ربطی به مرگ طرف ندارد، و اگر زنده هم بود نصیب او میشد، و بدتر از همه اینکه، نوع زندگی و بی توجهی به سلامتی خویش، باعث مرگی زود هنگامش شده، و فرصت یک زندگی متعارف را از او گرفته است؛ «استیگ لارسون»، یکی از همین بدشانسهای روزگار بودند؛ با زندگی نامرتبی که تنها در نوشتن خلاصه میشد؛ مثل یک خوره ی نوشتن، ساعتهای طولانی مشغول کار بوده، سه پاکت سیگار هم دود میکرده، و اغلب گرسنه که میشده با وجود اضافه وزن، پیتزای درست و درمانی نوش جان میکرده دست آخر هم سر پنجاه سالگی، قلب او بی آنکه خبر دهد، دست صاحبش را توی پوست گردو گذاشت؛ هرچند هر آدم عاقلی، که «استیگ لارنس» را میدید، چنان آینده ای را به او گوشزد میکرد، اما کو گوش شنوا؛ چرا که او نه تنها در نوع ادبی، مرید «ریموند چندلر» بودند، در تخریب بدن خویش هم، به ایشان اقتدا کرده بودند، که به هرحال در این مورد هم حق استادش، به خوبی ادا شد؛ ایشان به داستانهای پلیسی، و به ویژه به آثار بزرگان این ژانر همانند «ریموند چندلر»، «دشیل هَمت» و ؛ علاقه بسیار داشتند؛ روی جزئیات آنها تمرکز کرده، بارها آنها را خوانده، و مورد بررسی قرار داده بودند، و روی ساختار داستانهای گوناگون پلیسی جنایی، تسلط کامل داشتند؛ آنگاه که آغاز به داستان نویسی کردند، شک نداشت، که رمانی پلیسی خواهند نوشت؛ هرچند برخلاف سنت مرسوم ادبیات پلیسی، با رویکردی فمینیستی، یکی از کلیدی ترین شخصیتهای رمانهایش را، که مایه های حادثه ای پررنگی هم داشت، به یک زن سپرد؛ ایشان طرح نوشتن ده جلد رمان را، در سر داشتند؛ اما تنها فرصت نوشتن سه رمان کامل «دختری با خال کوبی اژدها»، «دختری که با آتش بازی کرد»، و «دختری که با تبهکارها درافتاد» دختری که به لانه زنبورهای قرمز لگد زد، و یک رمان ناتمام را پیدا کردند؛ رمانی که قرار شد توسط نویسنده ای دیگر، کامل شود؛ جالب اینکه در این زمینه نیز سرنوشتی همانند مرادش، «چندلر» کبیر داشتند؛ نوشتن سه رمان نخست که تمام شد، آنها را برای «پیرات فورلگت»، ناشری در «سوئد»، که به انتشار آثار پرفروش، شهره بوده فرستادند؛ ارزیابهای ناشر، بزرگترین خطای عمر خود را، با رد کردن رمانهایی مرتکب شدند، که انتشارشان رخدادی در ادبیات داستانی «سوئد» به شمار آمد؛گویا این رخداد همزمان با مرگ ناگهانی «لارسون» بود، چون مدتی بعد این دوست او بود، که دستنوشته های «لارسن» را، که ظاهراً درست خوانده نشده بودند، پس گرفت، و به ناشری دیگر سپرد؛ با انتشار نخستین کتاب از این مجموعه، پیروزیهای «لارسون» آغاز، و لحظه به لحظه فراگیرتر شد؛ این رمانها، که به سه گانه ی «هزاره»، نام آور شدند، با فروش سرسام آور، و رکوردشکن در «سوئد»، «اروپا»، و «سراسر جهان»، نام نویسنده اش را، سر زبانها انداختند؛ نویسنده ای مشهور، که دیگر نبودند در سال 2008میلادی، انجمن «داگر» برای گزینش برندگان بهترین اثر جنایی سال اروپا، برگزار شد، «استیگ لارسون» سوئدی، برای نوشتن رمان «دختری با خال کوبی اژدها»، تنها نامزد دریافت جایزه بود، که در آن مراسم حضور نداشت؛ ‏ا شربیانی