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Book ↠ The Hunger Games È 374 pages Í ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins ➦ – WINNING MEANS FAME AND FORTUNELOSING MEANS CERTAIN DEATHTHE HUNGER GAMES HAVE BEGUN In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem a shining Capitol surrounded by twelveIn line by forcing them all to send one boy and once girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games a fight to the death on live TVSixteen year old Katniss Everdeen regards it as a death sentence when she steps forward to take her s she really was THE blueprint

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WINNING MEANS FAME AND FORTUNELOSING MEANS CERTAIN DEATHTHE HUNGER GAMES HAVE BEGUN In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts Latest BookTube Video is up a totally serious take on writing Young Adult Lit The Written Review “Happy Hunger Games And may the odds be ever in your favor” Every year Panem post apacolyptic North America hosts a Hunger Games involving one female and one male representative from each of its twelve districts to fight to the death All of the Districts of Panem must watch the Games as a form of yearly entertainment when in actuality it's a power play put on by the Capitol the wealthiest of the districts For there to be betrayal there would have to have been trust first The Capitol uses the Games as a way to demonstrate the sheer helplessness of the other Districts and to keep the population cowed and in fearWhen Katniss's sister twelve year old Prim is chosen as this year's competitor Katniss volunteers to take her place Peeta a boy from the richer side of District 12 is chosen as the male representative I'm than just a piece in their Games Soon she and Peeta are whisked away to the Capitol a place of incredible wealth and heartbreaking cruelity And while Katniss has sworn to come back to her sister she really has to wonder what will be left of her if she returns “Here's some advice Stay alive” Honestly this was the best apocalyptic YA teen novel I've read this yearTo be fair this was one of the very first YA series I read so every time I re read it I am just overwhelmed with nostalgiaBut when I take off my rose tinted glasses I still think it's a pretty solid seriesThe characters are really well done I love how Katniss's motivation is both pure and ruthlessness and her personality isn't tainted with over the top self sacrificing eyerollingly awful simpering mess that I see in uite a few of the newer YA series Katniss's love for her sister humanized her otherwise stiff character Her pride and will to survive energized the novel and kept me absolutely hooked I appreciate that the smidge of romance does not overpower the novel Finally a YA novel that plot doesn't solely hang on a love triangle I love that it's of a survivalist story Overall really pleased with this novel cannot wait to reread the restAudiobook CommentsRead by Carolyn McCormick and she gave life to Katniss Loved the audioAnd here's another booktube video If you've ever wondered which literary world would be the best to live in wonder no longer cause there's a BookTube Video to answer that

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The Hunger GamesIster's place in the Games But Katniss has been close to dead before and survival for her is second nature Without really meaning to she becomes a contender But if she is to win she will have to start making choices that weight survival against humanity and life against lo Suzanne Collins has balls ovaries of steel to make us willingly cheer for a teenage girl to kill other children In a YA book Two reasons why this book rocks a It is not Twilight and b I really hate reality shows Seriously how long would it take for reality shows to evolve from Survivor to Hunger Games? Yes this book is full of imperfections It often reuires a strenuous suspension of disbelief It can cause a painful amount of eye rolling and shaking fist at the book pages Its style is choppy and the first person present tense gets annoying The story is simple and the message is heavy handed But is does set a better example for young impressionable pre teens than gushing stories about sparkly co dependency And here is an obligatory taken out of contest Twilight bashing uote “But just the fact that he was sparkling leads me to doubt everything that happened” So why did I add it to my to read list for my future hypothetical daughter? Because Katniss is cool and a badass She is fierce independent resourceful intelligent and skilled She is loyal to her friends and family She is a survivor She will never allow a guy to carry her around as though she is a delicate flower She skewers that apple in the pig's mouth with an arrow in front of the Gamemakers in the most awesome way imaginable For all that I love this imperfect surly prickly sullen and perpetually pissed off uick to jump to judgment and sometimes clueless girl And I love this book because despite The Hunger Games being YA literature that seems to hinge on the romantic puppy love the happiness of Katniss does not revolve solely around a cute male lead Yes there is a hated love triangle here eyeroll but there are other issues that occupy Katniss' mind such as the survival of her friends family and herself rather than just pining over a cute boy Unlike other so called books where a boyfriend of a few months dumping you is a valid reason for catatonia and almost suicide And yet we still get readers who divide themselves into the incredibly annoying Team Peeta and Team Gale Because clearly nothing else ever matters besides sappy love in a book about children murdering each other eyeroll Now here is what bugged me about the romance that DID make it into the book There is actually a LOST OPPORTUNITY here to have a YA book where people CAN be just friends where devotion and loyalty stem from friendship and respect and not from attraction Katniss and Peeta could have had plenty of other reasons to care for each other that don't include puppy love they are from the same district same school he gave her that bread she trades with his dad etc But alas that did not happen I understand that Collins had to cater to the way that YA publishers and Hollywood tend to view us the female audience At least Katniss escapes the perils of insta love But poor Peeta all of his actions are colored by him being Lover Boy and I think it detracts from his personality and reduces him from a kind compassionate person to a fool in love who'd do anything for Katniss only because of his physical attraction to her YeahRueOh Rue Now back to the GOOD Rue my favorite character Little fragile almost too perfect Rue who was clearly doomed from the start Who despite her appearance was neither weak nor helpless Whose view spoilerdeath scene hide spoiler