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Tempest RisingOn landTempest Maguire loves her California coastline home Surfing the killer waves Taking care of her brothers and dad Loving her longtime boyfriend Mark But the weight of her secret is pulling her under toward the ocean's ever growing call Among the wavesTempest's secre Review contains some spoilers Why can't you just tell me It was my turn to reach out for him to grab his hand Because you're not ready for the answers yetDoes it sound familiar It doesn't Then this is certainly the right pararnormal teen romance for you For me it is like a multi echo déjà vu and therefore impossible to bear I think it is probably not the author's fault or the book's Perhaps I have just consumed too many stories of its kind in too uick succession and now this sort of brain candy is not tasting juicy and exotic any but sticky sweet and artificial on the verge of causing nausea The undeniable fact is I am 65% in and I just cannot take it an Some of you may rightfully tsk now and say Could have told you so My excuse for preordering the book with rather high expectations is that I have been adoring and unsuccessfully craving mermaid themed stories since reading Evelyn Kolnberger's Der Sommer als Nixe kam for the first time as a kid or even earlier since delving into Ottfried Preussler's Der kleine Wassermann and nowadays Urban Fantasy books featuring mermaids and other merfolk heroines flood the market and beckon my burried mermaid obsessed inner child with supposedly uniue settings unforseen twists and unparalleled emotions Plus I have to stress that although it might seem to be so I am not yet fed up by the complete paranormal romance genre Even now I occasionally encounter a story that boldly leaves the path of the mandatory plot formula yes it is possible or though following it plants a character set in front of us that is too life like and too likable to be off the rack und thus saves the day Alas balancing matters of the mentioned sort or others are sadly missing in Tempest Rising What is mentionable are the accute descriptions of the weather thunder storms churning oceanic water and so on The rest is business as usual clad in a sparkling oh pardon me I meant fluorescent skin of not so new mermaid lore There is a girl with hidden powers and open affinities Her mom a mermaid left her family for the ocean puzzling her daughter with a cryptic good bye letter that promised changes and explanations in abundance to come There is a boyfriend of the harmlessly cute and jealous variety The reader is expected to like him but to let him drop with a sad but short sigh when the worthier aka superhuman angle of the paranormal love triangle makes his glow in the dark tattooed and silver eyed entrance and captivates heart and soul of the heroine with the forming of in instant connectionattractionrecognitionlusttuggingwhatever “I couldn’t help the way I responded to Kona though – every inch of my body and most of my concentration was tuned toward him like he was a lightning rod There didn’t seem to be anything I could do about it“ Said supernatural love interest is not immortal but very old with an even longer life expectancy and thus very mature opposed to the heroine and very experienced in the pleasure giving department Certainly the heroine is not really mortal too Said experienced fluorescent instant lover turns out to be filthily rich and this comes as a shock or not heir to a throne how could he not good looking as he is By the way there was one thing that bugged me The heroine had to swim through a very very tight dark tunnel to reach his not on human maps castle and is told that it was the only way to get there but then his room is full of old books DVD and state of the art entertainment systems and everybody is clad in hip designer clothes The heroine herself is the long awaited daughter of a very influential person and because of an ancient prophecy that mentions her very name the only hope to restore the peace to the merfolk world Her probable royal future inlaws therefore fall around her pearly tattooed neck and declare she was worth the wait Oh yeah There is an evil evil opponent with evil evil minions who will be uieted or fought or converted by the heroine somehow I don't care but I can imagine perfectly well And finally there is the not to be missed page consuming dance of secrecy around the difficult and dangerous and uncomprehensive uestions of what kind of creature the supernatural guy is and of what the hell is the problem down here Both uestions are answered after a lot of screaming and trust me pleading and it's too early too tell repetitions right according the lines every half experienced reader had already guessed chapters beforeThis will not be the last mermaid story I have tried to enjoy And I believe it might be perfect for a lot of those paranormal romance fans who do not expect diversity but long for slightly different versions of what they already know and likeOne of my straying thoughts which amused me a bit was Poor Stephenie Meyer You said you wanted to hop on the mermaid band waggon But your fluorescent mer prince story has already been told Now what Talking budgies or a Persephone retelling It doesn't matter But you have to be uick Trends shift as uickly as the incoming tides these days

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T She is half mermaid a legacy left by her absent mother who returned to the ocean many years ago And now Tempest has her own choice to make Complicating matters is Kona an enigmatic newcomer whose otherworldly abilities hint at a shared passion and common secrets Beyond Initial reaction Cliched but not terrible There were times when I followed the narrative well enough but it's something of a predictable story Nonetheless I think I'm going to follow this series through to the endFull reviewTracy Deebs's Tempest series has been on my reading list for a long long time probably ever since the first book was released but I just never had the opportunity to peruse it until now I definitely have a love for stories set on the water and even mythos surroundingwhich include mermaids So I can only give myself a smack on the forehead for how long I've waited to pick up Tempest Rising For what it offered it was entertaining Very cliche but entertainingI'll probably be in the minority for saying that I liked Tempest's sharp narrative voice and tone even if I didn't always align with her perspective on things Tempest is a young woman who is faced with turning into a mermaid as she approaches her seventeenth year She's bitter about the change notably she hates her mermaid lineage because she blames it for pulling her family apart Her mother's been missing for six years leaving behind a father who struggles to care for his three kids including Tempest Tempest starts changing into her mermaid roots with each passing day The sea provides an irresistible call to her she starts growing gills and webbed feet Much of this is territory that I've already seen in other mermaid media in the YA spectrum like the Disney movie The Thirteenth Year but I'm probably forgiving of it because while I know where it's going the narrative kept my attentionTempest is a female surfer so that was another bonus in this story but lo and behold she meets a mysterious guy who she feels incredibly drawn to and feel an electric charge with him Never mind that Tempest already has a boyfriend with a relationship on the rocks because of what she can't tell him I suspected that it would go in a love triangle route after a time I couldn't help but throw up my hands after a point and say Oh dear here we go I've read this story plenty of times in YAI think Deebs actually does a decent job with the relationships apart from several repetitive turns of phrase and probably dramatic than they needed to be power than I'd ever known and things like that There was also the love triangle which I really think stunted this book from being than it was It is cliche but it's definitely not the most painful that I've personally come across in this genre or age groupIn the end I was actually fine with the way the relationships and revelations were handled I did feel for Tempest when certain measures revolving around her mother's identity and such were revealed I also really enjoyed the worldbuildingestablishment and the tensions created with respect to the world But the love trianglehandling felt all too familiar and not done as well for the character development It felt like it forced its hand often than not And not just Mark's character was shortchanged so was Kona's I wanted to like Kona but he felt like a formula The mysterious aide that comes out of nowhere tells Tempest her life belongs with the sea and he came across as too 2 D Mark wasn't much better either but I understood that Tempest's relationship with him was on againoff againI think the story had enough pull for me to see what happens in future installments what with liking the narrative voice and world enough to continue It's enjoyable if you are okay with knowing what to expect but I'll admit I wasn't always okay with the familiarity and I think it could've dialed back on the clichesOverall score 35 stars

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PDF õ BOOK Tempest Rising Ô [KINDLE] ✿ Tempest Rising Author Tracy Deebs – Gwairsoft.co.uk On landTempest Maguire loves her California coastline home Surfing the killer waves Taking care of her brothers and dad Loving her longtime boyfriend Mark But the weight of her secret is pulling her u On landTempest Maguire loves her California coastliThe seaBut there is at stake besides Tempest's heart and her identity her life may be in danger too Because the waters hide a mysterious and dark secret world of their own one full of sweeping romance and thrilling adventure but one where nobody least of all Tempest is sa Tempest Rising is a very deceptive book What started out like a cookie cutter pressed mermaid story went in this whole other well no it went in the same direction as all of the cookie cutter mermaid stories go but to be fair it's old enough for me to think that A it did it first and many that have come out since have been loose imitations and B it had just enough of a twist to set it apart from others Either way it ended up dark and so did my moodFrom the very beginning you know and I know and she knows that we know that she's going to become a mermaid and for me this is a little bit disappointing Not that I mind the upfront nature because not every PNR has to be a mystery but because the back story is SO important to the tone of the novel that it really seems as though the author should have started from the beginning But we start a few years after Tempest's mother has abandoned her human husband and three half breed children and now Tempest is looking down the barrel of her seventeenth birthday when 'something' becoming a mermaid instead of just a wannabe mermaid is imminent Once again this would have been cool but the problem is aside from knowing that her seventeenth birthday is some sort of mermaid milestone and despite the fact that her mother left her a letter and her father knows what she was as do her little brothers potential future mermen no one seems to know anything else except that she'll have a choice to make and the humans and mermaids each want her to choose them as badly as she wants to choose bothThis facet of the novel is beyond frustrating because it's not even cleared up by the end of it Okay yeah it's a series but Tempest once she ends up in the underwater world is literally surrounded by people who are crucial to her life and pretty much know everything only they don't tell her anything about why her mother left exactly what she's been up to since vague details are given or what's expected of her at all Nada nil suat 'You're important' they tell her 'It's complicated' they tell her which frustrates the heroine and the reader alike I can take a bit of teasing but this was like having 95% of the pages ripped out of a book but being expected to make a connection to it all the sameThere's also a love triangle Yay for me don't hate and the guys are great each totally book boyfriend material But I don't like the way this plays out either Spoiler alert There's infidelity all over the shop Insta Love cheating pissing off and leaving a boyfriend behind for weeks and then boom one's passionately in love with her and the other falls out of it in a nano second I don't blame the latter gentleman because I personally cannot stand Tempest but it's very abruptly done One minute he's waiting patiently for a kiss and an hour later he's doing the break up throat clear and it just falls flat I guess teenage relationships can be like that and worse but I read to escape the norm and if a heroine dumps a guy I want him begging simple as that lol Besides she's a gorgeous mermaid surfer girl who's gone through a rough time and is ingrained in his life the fact that he could get over her so easily to chase down a cheerleader seems a little bit strange But I distress teens will be teens and horny boys who aren't getting any play will be horny boys I guess It's a good thing that the one she runs off with is so damn likeable because there was a bit of a tug of war there too could have so easily upset a lot of readers because Mark was great I think my main issue with it was well it cheapens all of the characters How seriously can we take any of Tempest's feelings for Kona if she was able to get over her 'crazy love' for Mark in a heartbeat There weren't even any tears to learn that he'd been sniffing around someone elseTo be really honest I don't like this book beyond the fact that it scratches my ever present mermaid itch It's got everything a YA mermaid needs cute guys beautiful heroine with a backbone and a conscience cool parties surfing beach summer cray cray fun beautiful underwater imagery and ancient lore all good stuff It's well written too the author made especially good use of dialogue tags and creative imagery so it's definitely worth the read and the covers are to die for pretty as are the titlesBut for me the spine of a story is the protagonist and when it's a mermaid I want to adore her to have somewhere to put my Ariel girl crush and Tempest just doesn't do it for me She's too wishy washy and cranky hates her mother solo much for abandoning her and yet doesn't even say good bye to her own family after she does the same No And don't even get me started on how everyone just accepted all of the odd goings on in her life without giving her the third degree about them Oh so you went off for 2 weeks huh Want a piece of pizza'And as for the 'darker' element to the story it was probably too dark to be supported by how shallow the rest of it was As an example Emm Cole has written a very dark mermaid series and though it can get borderline depressing at times that author has a knack for combining all of the elements to make the story whip like a whirlpool from the bottom up so that the entire structure supports itself with all sorts of beautiful imagery and language packaging it all just perfectly You can have pretty mermaids and darken the water but the characters holding it together have to have a certain x factor in order to pull it off and unfortunately in this particular novel it's all about the guysSo if you're looking for something to scratch that MermaidYA itch by all means you will probably love this but if you're after something a little deeper or with edges you might want to look in other directions