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Sing You Home kindle ↠ Hardcover read ë ❰Read❯ ➲ Sing You Home Author Jodi Picoult – After Zoe Baxter loses her baby the only way she can find of coping is to try again But her husband Max disagrees than that he wants a divorce When they separate there is no mention of the unborn chil After Zoe BaAfter Zoe Baxter loses her baby the only way she can find of coping is to try again But her husband Max disagrees than that he wants a divorce When they separate there is no mention of the unborn children Sing You PD Posted at Shelf Inflicted This is the first novel I’ve read by Jodi Picoult I admire her courage and honesty for tackling such issues as infertility gay rights parenthood and religious beliefs I read somewhere that Jodi’s own teenage son came out to her while she was writing this book He’s very fortunate to have such supportive parents Zoe Baxter is a music therapist desperate to have a child Max her husband of nine years has his own landscaping business enjoys surfing and struggles with alcoholism Unable to cope with their infertility or mend their broken relationship he leaves Zoe Zoe then meets and falls in love with Vanessa a high school guidance counselor Zoe still wants a baby and Max is still not ready for fatherhood but both parents want what’s best for their embryos left at the fertility clinic after their divorce I loved Zoe’s profession as a music therapist While not very high paying she gets to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from dementia autism and mental illness I imagine this is a very satisfying yet very emotionally draining career Vanessa also does well for her young charges especially depressed and suicidal Lucy who benefits from Zoe’s music therapy The problem here is that Zoe and Vanessa are so perfect in every way With no flaws they lacked depth and complexity Zoe’s agony over her inability to have a baby was heartbreaking but I also felt deeply for her ex husband Max who felt he was merely being used as a sperm donor After the divorce Max moves in with his Christian brother Reid and his wife Liddy and finds comfort and peace in their church The Christian characters in the story also suffered the same lack of depth particularly the church officials and lawyers While it is evident that the author has done extensive research on in vitro fertilization and music therapy I wish she had been thorough and fair in her portrayal of Christianity A balanced perspective would have made this story much compelling and thought provokingZoe and Vanessa marry in Massachusetts and honeymoon at the Highlands Inn in Bethlehem NH and I couldn't resist checking out their rainbow chairs

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In it for people like Zoe And he will stand up in court to say that her new choice of partner makes her an unfit motherJodi Picoult's most powerful novel yet asks who has the right to decide what makes the ideal fami This story is slightly corny at times but Jodi Picoult gets bonus points for guts She's bound to get complaints from both sides of the arguments presented in the book There will be gay people who say she got things all wrong or trivialized them and the hate mongering gay bashing religious zealots will probably send her death threats All the common remarks and complaints about Picoult's novels are valid They're formulaic reductive predictable oversimplified and they rely a little too heavily on the emotional hook BUT she appeals to an audience that might not otherwise examine the topics she covers I give her credit for using her writing gifts to explore sensitive and timely concerns She could easily choose instead to write fluffy vapid chick lit and avoid the risk of being taken to task for her presentation of touchy subjectsIf you prefer not to attempt the subtle and challenging literature addressing homosexuality Sing You Home is a worthy choice Picoult treats the issues with compassion and a welcome helping of hearty humor The book is loaded with snappy uips and a lot of good jokes I can't wait to use

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Sing You HomeFEPUBthey created together still waiting at the clinicThe Zoe falls in love again out of the blue and finds herself with an unexpected second chance to have a familyBut Max has found a new life too one with no place If you ever read a Jodi Picoult novel you know the drill Multiple perspectives courtroom tension controversial topic a little twist insightful little uotes here and there Lately though I haven't really liked her novels the of them I read the less I like them However this one wasn't too bad It wasn't my favorite by any means but it wasn't her worse either It divulged into corniness sometimes but there were some humorous moments that in retrospect I really wish I had written them down My main complaint of this book is Picoult's one sidedness about the topic at hand Usually she is very good at maintaining a sympathetic POV on either side of the case but in this book it is clear she favored one side On one hand we have the religious zealots who will do anything to prevent gay marriage and on the other hand we have a lesbian couple just trying to get a baby Just from that description you can probably tell what side I favor and it was just as obvious in Picoult's novel Her treatment of the Christians in this novel was just so harsh She portrayed all of them as obnoxious oppressive fanatics who hide their fear and hate behind the Bible There was no one in the book that was mildly religious just obsessively so Even though I have been confirmed as a Catholic I don't really practice any faith but I still felt kind of offended bythe stance Picoult took I know she was being sympathetic to the defense of gay marriage a cause I am all for but she risked being offensive towards religious people which I did not like A minor complaint but I also felt the timeline of the story was bit rushed So all in a period of around six months the principle character Zoe has a miscarriage gets a divorce has a new best friend falls in love with the best friend embraces lesbianism gets married decides to have baby and gets taken to courtgah Know what I have accomplished in six months Poo All that has changed is that my Senioritis is reaching its boiling point Overall I liked it Even though my review is mostly criticism I really liked the book Enough to give it four stars immediately after reading In retrospect perhaps it deserves less but I will leave it as is A solid Jodi Picoult A good transitory novel for readers looking to get into Picoult as well as a solid read for fans Thanks SImon Schuster for letting me read an advanced copy