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Reaper's Fall kindle å eBook Î ➽ [Reading] ➿ Reaper's Fall By Joanna Wylde ➲ – He never meant to hurt herLevi “Painter” Brooks was nothing before he joined the Reapers motorcycle club The day he patched in they became his brothers and his life All they asked in return was a He never meant to hurt herLWhen he’s caught and sentenced to prison for a crime committed on their behalfMelanie Tucker may have had a rough start but along the way she’s learned to fight for her future She’s escaped from hell and started a new life yet every night she dreams of a FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest ReviewBR with Mel You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen I managed to say and I meant every word I have no idea how I'm lucky enough to be here with you right now but please know you have my eternal appreciation Christ did I just grow a pussy I completely LOVED this one It was well worth the wait to get Painter's storyEver since Reaper's Stand I've been dying to get to Painter's story The whole attraction between Painter and Melanie was eluded to but I felt it was a HUGE TEASE I finished this one yesterday and I ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY LOVED ITBoy I never thought that Painter could make me uestion who could be my #1 Reaper Horse and Picnic have always been my top faves but DAMN Painter is definitely a top contender as well There's something about a man who is an artist I just never knew that he had so much depth to himEveryone thinks Painter is this manwhore who is incapable of committing to one woman but all of that changes when he meets Melanie Tucker Mel is London's niece Jessica's best friend London had taken Mel in after her mother had abandoned her During all of the crazy drama that ensued during Reaper's Stand Painter and Mel formed a friendship that definitely had deep undertones of attraction They became pen pals while Painter was in prison for several yearsOnce he's back home there is no stopping him from going after the girl of his dreams Even though at first he tries to fight his feelings it becomes apparent that it's a losing battle for him Mel is also incredibly hung up on Painter Things get seriously hot and heavy between them which leads to an unplanned pregnancyThere's major drama that develops which causes the two to go their separate ways for a while But Painter does go through a bit of an awakening and is hell bent on making things right between he and MelI had the best time reading this book Never did I feel like it dragged Oftentimes I felt the need for a cold shower The action is nail biting intense just as you would expect from a Reaper's storyWe get an extra epilogue at the end for Gage and Tinker I am seriously hoping that they get their own book Ms Wylde do you hear meGo on and one click this bad boy You seriously WILL NOT be disappointed you can head over to our Facebook page for a chance to win an ebook The Giveaway ends tonight

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Biker whose touch she can’t forget It all started out so innocently just a series of letters to a lonely man in prison Friendly Harmless SafeNow Painter Brooks is coming home and Melanie’s about to learn that there’s no room for innocence in the Reapers MC 4 Stars She wanted to play games Perfect because I loved to play and she knew damned well I liked to play rough I want to tell you that I have been waiting for Painter's book for forever but that'd be a lie Truth be told he was pretty much on my shit list after Devil's Game and everything that went down with Em But then Picnic's book happened and I was intrigued Then I read Silver Bastard and I was practically salivating for his story What I'm trying to get to here is that while you can easily enjoy this as a standalone I think you'd enjoy it best read in order That way you can truly grasp the full history and backstory of these characters The author does a fantastic job recapping the main details but the connection would be better if read in order At least in my opinion This was deep almost painful in its unholy intensity It was like she'd sent tendrils burrowing deep inside binding us together so tightly I'd die if I ever tried to pull them out I was truly deeply and Utterly fucked because I fucking LOVED this girland she wasn't for me Know what I love better than a redemption story An asshole redemption story And Picnic has certainly not been a well behaved boy throughout the series He thought he once had a connection with Em Picnic's daughter but know he sees it for what it wasand what it wasn't This all thanks to Melanie the woman that tempts him beyond reason while also driving him out of his ever loving mindMelanie was taken under the wing by London Picnic's old lady so she's no newbie to MC life A product of a violent father and a mother that up and left her she hasn't exactly had things easy Painter has always been a man that drew her even when she knew he's nothing that she needs He infatuated her but then he got sent away to prison Writing him letters while he served his sentence she hoped for a different reunion than the one she received when he came outPainter has always been reckless and wild He's never had an easy life and the Reapers are the only family he has His brothers have his unconditional loyalty so what's a two year prison sentence to protect them Melanie is too innocent for the likes of him Besides he's not exactly relationship material His interest in women usually spans no longer than a week before he gets bored But there's just something different about Mel Then the woman he thought was a meek kitten begins to show her claws and temps his self control to hell and back What I want is to fuck you he said his voice a hard intense whisper I want to fuck your pussy I want to fuck your face and I've given some serious thought to fucking your ass too I want to lock you up and play with youSometimes I think about owning you and what I'd do if you tried to get away Christ you have no idea I love me some good sexual tension in a romance and Reaper's Fall certainly had that in spades I was afraid after first meeting Mel in Reaper's Stand that she may be too meek for my tastes but the girl had a backbone to her She gave just as good as she got As a matter of fact sometimes she almost gave too much But she was exactly the woman to finally bring Painter to his knees But it wasn't all sexy banter and fights there was so much too There's this one particular scene in this book that involved some body painting and holy ovary overload batmanThe relationship between Mel and Painter is filled with lots of bumps and spans five years in the book This could be a good thing or a bad thing to some depending on your tastes Luckily for me it mostly worked Of course it can't all be smooth sailing and when Painter does screw up he does it royally I have to say that the events after that particular set up were a trial of patience for me I wanted to throttle both him and Mel at one point for some of their decisionsHaving said that we are reading an MC romance after all so it can't all be smooth sailing What it is however is hot as hell This wasn't sexIt was a fight for dominance a fight I knew I couldn't win but I was dammed if I wouldn't try I love that this series keeps getting grittier with each new book and we're starting to get a whole lot of the MC life and action It's definitely grown uite a bit from the first book addictingly so Reapers MC is probably one of my favorite MC romances to date and Joanna's writing only continues to get better The characters aren't always perfect but who would expect them to be I knew what I was getting into with Painter and he didn't let me down When these men fall they fall hardNow let's talk about the bonus epilogue for a hot second here mkay Because I swear to god Joanna Wylde is a freaking sadist with these They're the worst teases ever and this one had to have been the biggest tease yet I WANT THE NEXT BOOK NOW Oh my god I can't even with that ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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Reaper's FallHe never meant to hurt herLevi “Painter” Brooks was nothing before he joined the Reapers motorcycle club The day he patched in they became his brothers and his life All they asked in return was a strong arm and unconditional loyalty a loyalty that’s tested 3 ish StarsSo I'm short on time and PRETTY FUCKING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW to be honest as I accidentally deleted the long ass fucking review I wrote for this shit; however I want to get this done because I know I am going to fucking forget everything about this book shortly Because let's be honest I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday Or if I even HAD breakfast So all bullshit aside this is going to be short crude blunt and heavy on the profanity #sorrynotsorryOr in my caseshorter cruder and blunter ER and profane er ERSo off we go I didn't love thisAnd here's why 1 Melanie and PainterYup that's right the two main fucking charactersThese two jackasses fiddle fucked around so much I was getting annoyedFor real though I don't think these two idiots could find their way out of a cardboard box with a flashlight and an exact o knife Their constant back and forth and Painter's I want you but I can't have you bullshit was like watching a cat trying to slow crawl in tap shoes on a hardwood floor I mean Jaysus fucking Crisco Figure It Out for fuck's sake 2 Just Melanie By HerselfGood GOD this woman fucking annoyed me And don't even get me started on Painter Actually fuck it 3 Just PainterI haven't liked Painter since well EVER He came across as a fucking douche canoe in Em's book and grossed me out to boot And he sure as shit didn't redeem himself here But you know what they say You can't fix stupid Or jackass apparently I mean they way he kept jacking Melanie aroundHis reactions tocertain things And his attitude of You and me and OUR child are TOTALLY meant to be a familybut until you come back to me let me just keep fucking around with dem club skanksI'm sorry that's just gross to me I know it SAID he fought for her and tried to get her backbut NONE of that ACTUALLY took place on pageWhich brings me to my biggest pet peeve of them all4 FLASHBACK HELL This story started off my least favorite wayThe big dramatic prologue that grabs your attention and holds you captivebut then ends on a cliffhanger with a Five Years Earlier right after that Holy shit I can't even describe it I fucking hate this so much Now I already knew this author starts her books like this Because I've read the whole series so duh no surprise there; I never love it but at least I know to expect it And I'm basically agreeing by default to suck it up and overlook my own pet peeve by recognizing that and yet still choosing to read a book I know will most likely go that route HoweverHOWEVER THIS timeHoly fuck people this one was the worst I've ever seen Because usually it starts with a moment that no matter how crazy we WANT to get back to Even if we have to spend the whole book doing exactly that for something that is usually a let down mind you but still we WANT to get there In this book though I didn't even WANT to get back to where we started Because the first thing we learn is that they have a kid together have been broken up for years AND he doesn't care whose dick Melanie sucks as long as it isn't a biker'sGee that sounds just swell Sign Me Up Can't fucking WAIT to get back there I mean really Hold Me Back From Mr Incredible NEGATIVE Ghostrider I don't love reading an entire book overwhelmed with a sense of depressing dread and impending doom It's just not what homie would call a good time And on top of that this story had such massive time jumps with important at least to me things happening off page that I felt cheated And I felt like I just couldn't connect with Painter and Melanie individually or as a couple In fact Painter and Melanie are separated both physically as well as emotionally for the bulk majority of this book Overall this was a decent read for me; but uite frankly I didn't love where it started and it just didn't meet my expectations And with that