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Mobi È Of Triton The Syrena Legacy #2 ´ 246 pages Download í Anna banks ´ ❮Reading❯ ➳ Of Triton The Syrena Legacy #2 ➬ Author Anna Banks – Emma has just learned that her mother is a long lost Poseidon princess and now struggles with an i's reuest to keep herself safe and just hope for the best Or should she risk it all and reveal herself and her Gift to save a people she's never knownOnce again Anna Banks infuses Emma and Galen's points of view with humor intrigue and waves of romanc See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThank you Hardie Grant Egmont Australia for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review “I wonder how many tears the ocean has swallowed how much of the ocean is actually made of tears” In a sense this book is ideal for me to read at this point of the year The reason behind this random proclamation unpretentiously is because I wanted to see how I have changed as a reader ever since I began to review books And coincidentally Of Poseidon the first instalment was probably the last book I read before officially starting to review novels It's been 50 weeks since I read Of Poseidon and begun my reviewing journey and Of Triton really showed the diameter of change and bias in my view on books Whereas Of Poseidon received 4 stars which I strongly deem would be different by now Of Triton got a much lower ratingWhat killed my enjoyment for this book was the main character Emma She's a pain that cannot be taken away and pisses me off constantly Her unkickassness is uite an issue for a supposedly action packed story Additionally I could not uite compromise with Emma's illogical mind and stupidity At times in this book there were glaringly obvious situations where I just wanted to tear my head out in annoyance Even though some people pass Emma's strong headedness as independent and smart I felt inclined on calling her some defiant stubborn bitchOn the other hand the world Anna Banks built was one with great mermaid concepts Of Poseidon was a little off putting with its purple eyes and other random features as such; but in Of Triton there's less of that and politics and hierarchies drawn out with a greater measure The world building could have been better on so many degrees but the overall idea was entertaining to learn about and the two sides House of Poseidon and TritonAnother downside was the romance Cheesy and overpowering I'll tell you now that starcrossed love never will go under my category of 'amazing' Despite it not having as many make out scenes as I would have predicted this was by no mean non gag worthy Galen being a horrifying stereotypical love interest aka at times possessive and jerk like was not a helping factorAll in all Of Triton was an underwhelming read that felt a little juvenile and difficult with the sudden changes of perspective and grammatical usage The dialogue was a strong highlight but I felt that the romance and characters let down Of Poseidon to a great extent I may be reading Of Neptune but the chances are extremely low

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Eeds should be put to deathAs if that's not bad enough her mother's reappearance in the Syrena world turns the two kingdoms Poseidon and Triton against one another Which leaves Emma with a decision to make Should Of Triton PDF or she comply with Galen Before ReadingI Need This NOWLike ohmysweetgoodness I seriously do not have any idea how I am going to wait this long for this book I mean I think I freaked out for about 10 15 minutes after I finished the first bookAfter ReadingOkay This book was AmazingI loved it Just like I loved the first oneIt was a great way to continue where we left off in the first book with that crazy cliffhangerAnd even though this book wasn't as long as the first one it was still just as good And it made up for it Big timeIt definitely had its Ohmysweetgoodness moments Moments where I could help but start freaking repeatedly saying Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh And there was other times when I just wanted to cry which those parts majorly sucked and make me sad All together an awesome read And I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out so I can inhale that one as well

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Of Triton The Syrena Legacy #2Emma has just learned The Syrena PDF #9734 that her mother is a long lost Poseidon princess and now struggles with an identity crisis As a Half Breed she's a freak in the human world and an abomination in the Syrena realm Syrena law states all Half Br OHHHMYYYSWEETGODNESS I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK AND I ALSO think that Galen has the gift of trident i mean he said that trident cut the sea from either speed or bluh bluh bluh anyway and galen is the fastest syrean in history so yeah who knows i cnat wait to read it