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read The Undead Pool kindle ☆ Kindle Edition å [PDF / Epub] ★ The Undead Pool By Kim Harrison – Witch and day walking demon Rachel Morgan has managed to save the demonic ever after from shrinking but at a high cost Now strange magic is attacking Cincinnati and the Hollows causing spells to backf Witch andThe undead under control are lost and The Undead PDFEPUB or it becomes all out supernatural war However the only way to do so is through the ancient elven wild magic which carries its own peril 2718 ON SALE for 199 starsReviewed by Rabid ReadsSo I realize that I’m diving straight into this without having reviewed the previous ELEVEN it makes me happy that “eleven” is so close to “elves” books but I promise I’ll get to them before the series ends next yearsobsI’m also going to do my darnedest to not be spoilery for this particular book but as it’s the twelfth book avoiding spoilers for the series in its entirety is probably beyond my abilities You have been dully warnedKim Harrison’s The Hollows is my second favorite Urban Fantasy series and as such it’s one of the series that I’ve bothered my friends and family into reading I love it They love it Everyone is happy Especially now that it seems like Trent and Rachel are finally getting their shit togetherSince the very beginning I’ve had a thing for Trent Rachel’s had half a dozen flings along the way that have all ended in varying degrees of BAD but Trent of all the jerk of my dreams characters in the world he may be my favoritesighs wistfullySO everyone who shared this perspective was THRILLED a few books back when his and Rachel’s relationship began to change Ever since then Harrison has seemed to be leading us towards a happily ever after HA but did it finally happen in The Undead Pool I’ll never tellREAD IT smirksIn The Undead Pool Rachel has been providing security for Trent for the past three months while uen is in Cali with Ellasbeth and the girls who are due to arrive back any day now The sexual tension will blow Your Friggin’ Mind The last night before Rachel is off the job Cincy goes to Hell—something is causing magical misfires of epic proportionsAt this point I feel it’s necessary to inform you that I’ve been in a bit of a book funk I don’t seem to be loving much of anything right now so there’s a distinct possibility that when the re read occurs next year I’ll be all “OMG that book was AMAZING” Right now however something just didn’t uite jive for me Can you guess what it wasThe freaking mysticsI mean what in the world An Elvish goddess who’s not really a goddess but a collective mind made up of energy whose individual thoughts —–the mystics are sentient but who may have been an actual goddess tangible person once upon a timeHuhAND Rachel has been concerned over the state of Ivy’s soul or the lack of one when she transitions from living vampire to undead almost since the beginning and for probably the last half of the series she’s been actively trying to come up with a solution I think that that’s the endgame for The Hollows—finding a way for vampires to keep their soulsThe point is that we’ve all known for a while what was comingBUT this lead in just felt I don’t know contrived A previously unheard of sect of vampires out to take over at the very least the vampire portion of the supernatural races We’d never heard of the Humans Against Whatever from A Perfect Blood either but at least when the concept was introduced there were background stories to support its existence This time it was just BOOM Free VampiresAnd the w

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Witch and day walking demon Rachel Morgan has managed to save the demonic ever after from shrinking but at a high cost Now strange magic is attacking Cincinnati and the Hollows causing spells to SpoilersWhat the hell has happened to this series It went from Rachel having adventures working on cases with Ivy and Jenks and getting into all sorts of trouble to Rachel fawning over Trent and blushing like a schoolgirl jammy cow idiot twit Everything was about bloody Trent his boring kids his dull elves and his 'oh I'm such a martyr I'm suffering for everybody woe is me' nonsense UghRandom Ranty Repetitive thoughts What's what Magic playing up and vampires going crazy and weird Rachel investigates she naturally blames herself for everything and generally acts like an insufferable twit Why has the series suddenly changed from being all about the Hollows to all about elves and their elf related nonsense All the rest of the supernaturals seem to have taken a back seat in comparison I'm sick of Trent his kidsfiancee the elves their goddess and all that rubbish but because the author wants to shoehorn Trent into all of Rachel's adventures the elves have taken over every story Not impressed Rachel spent most of her time fantasising about Trent and whining about how wrong it was to think smexy thoughts about him It was exhausting and boring to readAlso her being all protective of Trent made me cringe she acted like an overprotective mother Her hackles were raised if anyone so much as looked at him wrong I preferred when Rachel didn't have such lovey dovey pathetic schoolgirlmaternal feelings for Trent It was obvious that Rachel loved Trent and would do anything for him But there was nowhere near the same level of devotion and love from Trent He only fancied Rachel because of 1 What she could do for him 2 She was the opposite of all the elf type duties that he'd been pushed to do since birth and 3 He liked rebelling against the elf rules by dating a demon I got sick of the repeated mentions of Trent's wispy hair his clothes his body Also why did I need to know what Trent smelt like every 5 minutes I was desperate for Rachel to stop perving on him like some embarrassing fangirl Her whole Trent obsession was weird I rolled my eyes at Rachel's teenage reactions to Trent Anytime he looked at her or was close to her or touched her she would blush and feel all fluttered Get a bloody grip I hated how Rachel was overly apologetic and guilty about things she didn't even need to feel that way about Her whole 'I'm unworthy and a bad person and don't deserve anything good' routine grated on me Rachel has only ever done the best she could even if she messed up she always tried to help those around her yet she still acted like she was undeserving Ugh I hate MC's with that that sort of attitude Since it's obvious that Rachel and Trent are endgame it means that Rachel won't have kids of her own and will have to make do with being a stepmum I'm sick of the amount of PNRUF heroines having to be a stepmum to the heroes kids Why can't it be the other way around for a change Oh and if by some miracle Rachel and Trent can have a kid together I'll be pissed If Al couldn't have a kid with Ceri after trying for a 1000 years then Rachel and Trent shouldn't be able to either Rachel should have le

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The Undead PoolBackfire or go horribly wrong and the truce between the races between Inderlander and human is shattering Rachel must stop the occurrences before the undead vampire masters who keep the rest of Will they or won't they That's all this book is about If you haven't read this series yet Stop Unless you're in the mood for reading about stuff that isn't going to make sense This review is for the diehard fansthe ones that have struggled through all the Ivy nonsense and the Nick Kisten Marshal Pierce drama The ones that have cheered for Rachel from her early witch struggles to the maturity that she has shown in this book YOU know who you areThat's rightI'm talking to you And if you haven't read this book what in the heck are you waiting for Haven't we waited long enough We've wanted Trent well we got himbigger and better than ever There is lots and LOTS of the cookie maker in this book and I have to say it still wasn't enough It's killing me knowing there's only one book left Sob I think I might crybut nope I'll just deal with that later Can I get a group hugBack to the storyStrange magic waves are coming from Rach's ley line and causing charms to explode and basically cause chaos to ensue On top of that we learn that the master vampires are not waking up and something's going on with the living vampires But what else is new Same everything is going to hell in a hand basket that always happens in Rach's life and I loved every minute of it Okay not every minute of it but you get my driftAnd as if that's not enough to keep Rach busy her and Trent go On A Date That's right folksA DATE Can I get an AMEN And I have to tell you the date was A Ma Zing Sigh But there's trouble in paradise and her name is Ellasbeththat's right The Btch is backUgh As if we couldn't hate her One thing I will give her credit for is that she seems to be doing an okay job as a Mom butthat's it KH had said that she is beginning to wrap things up and that is very clear in this book There is finally some calmness with Ivy and Nina hang on you'll get there David and the Weres seem to be coming together and again with Rach and her new maturity she's able to see what needs to be done and does it There's still chaos with the FIB and ISnot really sure what's going to come out of that and with Edden but I'm hoping he's put in charge Of course not everything has headed in that direction yet A lot of things with characters are left up in the air And there were some things that happened that I'm hoping will turn around Aland his poor broken heart I finally get him And I can't forget the wonderful and hilarious Jenks What would the series be without his particular brand of humor I love all his one liners But as much as I love him and Rachel together I must admit I really enjoy his relationship with Trent And then there's Biswho would've thought a wayward baby gargoyle would touch your heart so much I love how he is always there for Rach and he always helps her I would even read a spin off series of him as an adultOkay okayMore Trent you say Bwahahahahawell I'll never tell Seriously you just NEED to read itit's sooo good I will say the one thing that I absolutely LOVED almost than that one scene ; is how much Trent gets Rach How he always knows what she's thinking and knows where she goes Oh how i