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mobi Ô 안나라수마나라 ô Paperback ä gwairsoft ☆ [Read] ➱ 안나라수마나라 By Ha Il Kwon – There are rumors going around town They say that if you go to the old carnival you'd see a dashing young man wearing a magician's hat — a man who has the power to make peopleN the abandoned carnival her life changes forever작가의 말 등장인물 소개 episode 쫓아간다 episode 물방울무늬 스타킹 episode 장난감의 속성 episode 저주에 걸린 아이 episode 빛은 없다 episode 눈 녹듯 episode 필요해 episode 바라는 This is the first Korean manga I've ever read and I have to say that I really love it so farThe book deals with the themes of poverty adulthood responsibility and as odd as this may sound magic A young woman unable to provide for her little sister and herself has to ask herself what she's willing to do and believe in in order to surviveThe art is stunning and the artist plays around with different techniues to keep it interesting An amazing book all around

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Your soul with his grey eyes and ask Do you believe in magicYoon Ai a smart girl in her class struggles to feed herself and her sister everyday All she wants is to grow up faster so she can escape poverty and the reality of her miserable life When she meets the rud magician i Do you believe in magicThis is a beautiful and magical Korean Manhwamanga displaying the stereotypical world we live in and how reality and dreams are two vastly different things We live inside the walls of our society and stepping out means you have brought misery to yourself Society pressures us to the extent of going crazy and then laugh at us In this series three characters a magician and two high schoolers will take you on a rollercoaster ride of reality and dream After reading this manga your perspective will surely change I know mine is It surely is beautiful and magical I'm hoping this turns into a movie someday Or an anime Because the art is so uniue clear and magical If someday it becomes an anime it should definitely follow the pattern of black and white with few touches of color The use of color is where it's most needed and I like that about this series I truly hope and thank the MangakaAuthor to make such beautiful books and artwork I got the Alice in the Wonderland vibe throughout this series

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안나라수마나라There are rumors going around town They say that if you go to the old carnival you'd see a dashing young man wearing a magician's hat a man who has the power to make people disappear from the face of the earth But before he does any magic he will look you in the eye stare at A review for the the whole mangaTwo roads diverged in a yellow woodAnd sorry I could not travel bothAnd be one traveler long I stoodAnd looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;Have you ever sat by yourself and thought of the road you're taking Was everything you abandoned worth chasing what you yearned for As children we lived in delusional fantasies one would dream to grow up as an astronomer a prince or princess an honorary idol or a magician that people traveld for You were a child that believed in dreams and hopes you had naive goals that were truly your inspiration As you grew up your eyes saw to it such dreams are 'pathetic' This is reality and reality euals to success through money and education Ah but is that true This story makes you uestion everything; uncertainty relays itself in your mind and all you could ever think of is 'if you're living the life you truly want' This story revolves around three types of people 1 A high school student stolen by reality She view things logically and carries out responsibilities she is mature intelligent and uite a realist; she carries a charismatic vibe 2 A classmate who is one of the elites in society He is clever logical calculating and lives his life walking a road planned out for him He believes education is the only prosperity to succession 3 A magician He abandoned luxury and society's will for the sake of his own dreams he lives a life away from reality and has a mind as delusional as a child he believes a dream is everything you should live for To sum it up a realist an elitist a dreamer they all take you into a journey of 27 chapters they teach you what it means to live a dream and reality they make you see the kind of things you don't always see in mangas originality; accuracy Although this manga has not answered every mystery it has taught me than mangas with 100s of chapters did This manga is special in its own way all the characters seem so real and full of depth the way every character develops is outstanding and the lessons it has taught me is unforgettable I think after this manga the way I carry on with my life will slightly differ than how it used to be Reading this was a wonderful experience it was not like any manga I ever read