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The Dragon’s Trail The Biography of Raphael’s Masterpiece reader ✓ 290 pages Download à ❰Reading❯ ➷ The Dragon’s Trail The Biography of Raphael’s Masterpiece Author Joanna Pitman – Raphael's St George and the Dragon is the work of a genLess in his pursuit of money as he was talented The duke sent the painting to England's King Henry VII as a thank you for naming him a knight in the Order of the GarterThe painting then mysteriously disappeared for one hundred years until King Charles I saw it hanging in the collection of the Earl of Pembroke and acuired it for a book of Dragon’s Trail The Biography of PDFEPUB or Holbein drawings After Charles was beheaded in his collection was broken up and the painting made its way to the private gallery of the third richest man in France where it was ensconced in its own special room Thirty years later the philosopher Diderot was instructed by Catherine the Great of Russia to buy it for her vast collection at the HermitageThe heroic curators of the Hermit So I just can't finish this book Partly 'cuz I'm too damn busy and partly 'cuz sometimes I'm just not into it It's basically the provenance of a Raphael painting It tells the history of all the different people who owned it over the centuries There's about the collectors than there is about the painting Of course I knew this when I bought it

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Age protected St George and the Dragon from fire water and the anarchists of the Russian Revolution until Joseph Stalin sold it in to raise cash The secret buyer was Andrew Mellon Treasury Secretary of the United States who in doing so blatantly violated a US sanction againstdoing any business with Soviet Russia Mellon eventually founded The National Gallery in Washington DC where St George and the Dragon rests to this dayExceptionally written and breathlessly paced The Dragon's Trail is a microhistory that touches on the rise of the Tudors the downfall of a Stuart the twilight of the French aristocracy the terrors of the Bolshevik revolution and the depths of the Cold War all witnessed by one painting that inspired the best and the worst instincts in its owne A nice biography book of a great painting The author gets a little rambling redundant sometimes but I enjoyed it

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The Dragon’s Trail The Biography of Raphael’s MasterpieceRaphael's St George and the Trail The PDF #203 Dragon is the work of a genius The Dragon’s PDF an exuisitely rendered vision of heroism and innocence by one of the greatest Dragon’s Trail The Kindle #215 painters of all time Yet the painting's creation is only the beginning of Dragon’s Trail The Biography of PDFEPUB or its fascinating story which spans centuries of power play and intrigue and has made it a witness to the rise and fall of the great powers of the Western world as it seduced its owners to ever greater heights of corruption and greedRaphael's masterpiece was commissioned by Duke Guidobaldo da Montefeltro the ruler of Urbino in Raphael was only twenty three years old but he had already begun to acuire a reputation as a painter who was as ruth I wish I could say this was a fantastic book but I cannot It is a history of Raphael's masterpiece St George and the Dragon in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC I was up this weekend and bought a damaged copy in the sale rack in the Gallery Bookshop The book is inexpensive enough only 2500 hardcover which is a nice price There are no color illustrations only small details of the Raphael for each new chapter and no other illustrations of anything else at all There is no bibliography there are no end notes All of the interesting uotes are not cited so you cannot unless you are a detective or a scholar find any of the sources Ms Pitman has used Also not to nitpick but the Vermer Head of a Girl with a Pearl Earring is in The Hauge in the Mauritshaus not in Amsterdam in the Rijksmueum Still it is a fascinating story of art intrigue collecting the disease that is collecting and some of the most interesting periods in European and later on American history This little gem of a painting and it is a favorite of mine but I like his portraits better was painted in Italy as a present to an English King was sold to a collector in France then purchased by Catherine the Great for her collection in the Hermitage and Winter Palace It just survived the Russian Revolution only to be sold by Stalin to Andrew Mellon who gave it along with the rest of his collection of paintings to form the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC What I find to be the most amazing thing is the reaction to the sale by the current director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky He all but cries huge sobs and refrains from tearing out his hair over the sale by Stalin of treasures from the collection that is a different debate; however he does not see the problem in having a collection of early 20th century art masterpieces by Picasso Matisse and others that were looted by the Soviets from Russian private collectors after the revolution Also look at all of the works of art paintings drawings and the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann 's treasures from Troy from Museums and collections in Berlin and Germany that were looted by the Red Army during the end phases of WWII Now now Mr Piotrovsky you cannot have it both waysIs this a good book Well yes and no It is a good read for a person who wants a really fascinating adventure story because for me as an art history wonk it is a fascinating adventure For me as a person with a degree in Art History not so much a good book Reasonably priced yes but it suffers from the lack of illustrations and it REALLY suffers from the lack of notes and a bibliography Also did Ms Pitman have to repeat the rumor about Catherine the Great and the horse Talk about trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator We all know the story and most of us know the truth Catherine died of a stroke but she lay there dying for a while whilst her son searched to make sure he had not been cut out of the line of succession So why repeat the dirty little taleI finished the book in three days Bought it on Friday finished it on Monday home sick in bed If any of my friends want to borrow it this is one that I would consider lending