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PDF í BOOK The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August FREE Ï CLAIRE NORTH ´ ❮Download❯ ➾ The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Author Claire North – Gwairsoft.co.uk Harry August não é um homem normal Porue os homens normais uando a morte chega não regressam novamente ao Harry August não é um homem normal Porue os homens normais uando a morte chega não regressam novamente ao dia em ue nasceram para voltarem a viver a mesma vida mas mantendo todo o conhecimento das vidas anteriores Não interessa ue feitos alcança decisões toma ou erros comete Harry Very very Clever The first half was pretty solid but after that halfway point it took a turn to AWESOME

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Ndo da sua décima primeira morte com a visita de uma menina ue lhe traz uma mensagem o fim do mundo aproxima seEsta é a história do ue Harry faz a seguir do ue fez anteriormente e ainda de como tenta salvar um passado ue não consegue mudar e um futuro ue não pode deixar ue aconteç This was a fascinating SF novel 45 stars Harry August lives his life over and over and over His memory gradually returns to him when he's a toddler in each life The first time his prior memories reawaken in his second life he thinks he's insane and ends up committing suicide when he's only about seven only to find himself starting all over again in a third life Since clearly the suicide route doesn't solve his problem he gets down to the business of trying to figure out how to best live his life livesOne of the beauties of Harry's repeated lives is that it lets us explore how many different directions this type of time travel could go and all the wrinkles that would develop How much can you gamble on sure things and get away with it? Do you look for the same person to love each time? Do you try to assassinate Hitler or save JFK? Would it work? Should you even try?In his fourth life Harry tries sharing his secret with others and ends up tangling with people who want to use his knowledge of future events for their own purposes The one good thing that comes out of this process is that he discovers that there are others like him They call themselves the Kalachakra which is a Buddhist wheel of time concept or Ouroborans after the snake eating its own tail The Kalachakra have formed secret clubs and try to help each other out especially during their difficult early childhood years Club members can very slowly pass uestions back and forth through time a young person will give a message to another member when he's old so that when he is born again he can in turn pass the message to another member who is at the end of her life and vice versa And so future connects to past older to younger Like any society they have their rules which include not doing anything that will drastically change the future But someone somewhere is breaking the rules and the message is passed down the line from the future The world is ending sooner and sooner And we don't know whyThe first half of the novel is of an exploration of the ramifications of this type of life but it takes an interesting turn in the second half into kind of a multi life espionage thriller as Harry tries to find out the reasons for this looming global catastrophe But his involvement leads to trouble than he could have imagined and there's an extremely tense and exciting cat and mouse hunt in the later chapters that kept me up far too lateIt’s interesting that the premise here is so similar to Life After Life it even takes place roughly during the same time period in the early to late 1900's except that in this book we have the Groundhog Day aspect of no loss of memory with rebirth This book isn't as literary as Life After Life and I’m sure that many readers won’t like it nearly as well as that one But this novel did have a fair amount of unexpected depth that was welcome and despite a number of plot weaknesses I just had so much fun reading this book than the much bleaker and far repetitive Life After Life The plot weaknesses are pretty spoilerish so read at your own riskview spoiler 1 You have to be able to accept the premise that too early technological development invariably leads to disaster2 One of the characters is trying to develop a machine that will in some nebulous way give all the answers to Life the Universe and Everything; this machine is compared to finding or becoming like God It was a bit of a stretch for me 3 You can permanently erase an Ouroboran’s memory by a type of electroshock therapy; which is fine except that the erasing process doesn’t work for characters like Harry who have photographic memories 4 And finally a major plot point turns on the idea that if you kill a ouroboran while he or she is in utero before birth that person will never be reborn again hide spoiler

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The First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustJá sabe ue uando morrer irá tudo voltar ao início Mas se este acumular de experiências e conhecimento podem fazer dele um uase semideus algo continua a atormentar Harry ual a origem do seu dom e será ue há mais pessoas como ele?A resposta para ambas as perguntas parece chegar aua Harry August is a kalachakra a man who is reborn at the same point in time over and over with his memories intact When a little girl warns Harry on his eleventh death bed that the end of the world is coming sooner with each cycle Harry goes on the offensive Can he stop the end of the world even with the help of the Cronus Club?I got this from NetgalleyI love a bit of timey wimey and this book has it in spades Remember the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray experiences the same day over and over? Now imagine the day is a lifetime and there are other people experiencing it as well That's pretty much the plotI'm going to get my gripe out of the way first The book moves at a glacial pace mostly due to the constant digressions The publisher's blurb makes it sound like the world is in jeopardy immediately Not so I was 30% of the way through the book by the time the little girl showed up That being said this is a very compelling book It deals with classic time travel themes like not messing with the past and weighty topics like how our experiences make us who we are Harry's not the most interesting character I've ever read about but he lives some interesting livesOnce the little girl finally shows up to warn Harry during his eleventh life everything is kicked up a notch and Harry's lives finally have a greater purpose Harry being reborn as himself in the same point in history every time reminds me of reading the same Choose Your Own Adventure book over and over without being able to keep your thumb at the previous choice so you can go back Maybe if I run away at age six everything will turn out okayKalachakras at the beginning of their life cycles handing off info to kalachakras at the end of theirs was a novel way of passing info back in time even though the information could taint the timelineAt the end of the day I'm not really sure how to go about rating this I loved the concepts and the writing was very good but Harry wasn't a very compelling lead The endless digressions were a little annoying I guess I'll give it the traditional safety rating of three stars