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Download eBook Ò Small Spaces 218 pages ´ Katherine Arden ✓ ❰Download❯ ➾ Small Spaces Author Katherine Arden – New York Times bestselling adult author of The Bear and the Nightingale makes her middle grade debut with a creepy spellbinding ghost story destined to becoA sinister specter who grants your most tightly held wish but only for the ultimate price Ollie is captivated by the tale until her school trip the next day to Smoke Hollow a local farm with a haunting history all its own There she stumbles upon the graves of the very people she's been reading about Could it be the story about the smiling man is true Ollie doesn't have too long to think about the answer to that On the way home the school bus breaks down sending their teacher back to the farm for help But the strange bus driver has some advice for the kids left behind in his care Best Unfortunately this one didn’t really do much for me it was fine but it definitely didn’t live up to the hopes I had for it Womp

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New York Times bestselling adult author of The Bear and the Nightingale makes her middle grade debut with a creepy spellbinding ghost story destined to become a classicAfter suffering a tragic loss eleven year old Ollie only finds solace in books So when she happens upon a crazed woman at the river threatening to throw a book into the water Ollie doesn't think she just acts stealing the book and running away As she begins to read the slender volume Ollie discovers a chilling story about a girl named Beth the two brothers who both loved her and a peculiar deal made with the smiling man ARC given to me by a confirmed angel Lilly at Lair of Books which I will cherish and love forever “You might get to know characters in books Ollie thought but getting to know a human was an entirely different thing” Small Spaces is Katherine Arden’s debut middle grade novel and I loved it so very much friends Many of you know that The Bear and the Nightingale is one of my favorite books of all time and even though these stories are nothing like one another the beautiful writing amazing characters and important themes shine through I went into this expecting a fun and spooky read which it was but what I also got was such a beautiful love letter to grief depression and trying to live in a world that has taken away someone who you feel you cannot live without In a small town in Vermont our main character is riding her bike home from school one fall afternoon when she notices a woman attempting to throw an old book in the water Ollie being the book lover that she is feels obliged to stop and see what’s going on ➽ Olivia Adler But she mostly goes by Ollie A twelve year old sixth grader who loves to read and is trying to live her life while grieving a terrible loss And the only way she truly knows how to cope is the escapism of books Also there is a brief mention of her mom having brown skin but I am not 100% sure of Ollie’s race ➽ Coco Zintner The tiniest child in Ollie’s class She has a somewhat famous mother and has recently moved to the school But her innocence and eccentricities constantly make her a target for bullying ➽ Brian Battersby Jamaican and your typical middle school jock who Ollie has known her entire life And Ollie learns very uickly that you should not stereotype people because they might surprise you And their paths truly cross unexpectedly once Olivia begins to read the book that was almost abandoned She learns of a farm and a girl and two brothers and a missing persons case that was never solved And now Ollie and her friends are going on a field trip to a farm that is very reminiscent of the story she has been reading about And yes friends this is a spooky book I mean it’s nothing too scary or too much but Katherine Arden for sure paints an eerie atmosphere and some extremely creepy monster like characters And I truly think this will make the perfect Halloween read this year for so many ages but this book was also so much than that This is a book about healing and friendship and learning to let go while simultaneously never letting go This book is about escapism through books and how books carry some of the most powerful healing magic imaginable And this is a book about healing at your own pace and in your own time “Maybe she kept thinking when she came back from one of those other worlds when she woke up from book dreaming she would come back to a world where wasn’t dead” Ollie is really dealing with some very serious depression and grief throughout this book Like how we give up things that make us happy just because those things remind you of the person who made you happiest How sometimes the world feels too heavy too loud too empty all because it’s missing someone who was your entire world Yet this is also a love letter to how the ones we lose will never truly be lost; they will always remain with us Always Overall I loved this book than words I wasn’t expecting it to make me feel everything that it did and when I closed the book it truly felt like a cathartic experience I recommend this book to any and every person but especially during the autumnal season I read this in a single sitting I never once wanted to put it down and I fell so deeply in love with it Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationContent and trigger warnings for minor bullying loss of a loved one grief depiction and depression depiction

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Small SpacesGet moving At nightfall they'll come for the rest of you Nightfall is indeed fast descending when Ollie's previously broken digital wristwatch a keepsake reminder of better times begins a startling countdown and delivers a terrifying message RUN Only Ollie and two of her classmates heed the bus driver's warning As the trio head out into the woods bordered by a field of scarecrows that seem to be watching them the bus driver has just one final piece of advice for Ollie and her friends Avoid large places Keep to small And with that a deliciously creepy and hair raising adventure begin Many thanks to the GP Putnam's Sons for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review When the mist rises and the Smiling Man comes walking you must avoid large places at night Keep to small Have you ever heard of the Scoville Scale It is the scale that measures the spicy ness of a food Mainly peppers With the lowest pepper the Bell Pepper all the way to the hottest the Carolina Reaper 💀 the Scoville Scale has a variety of hotness I feel like this reflects on horror books as well Just like spicy food different book are or less potent And just like spicy food it affects people differently Some can read a Stephen King book and be fine just like some can eat a jalapeño and be fine I personally have a high horror tolerance Funny because I cannot stand spicy food so not a ton of books give me a good chill This one did which was surprising considering its middle grade Why I'll tell youFirstly the characters I know it seems like I say this about every book but I loved all the characters again especially Ollie 💓♣ Ollie God I loved Ollie She was without a doubt My favorite character She reminded me of myself so much I felt as though as though I was looking into a mirror She loves books which obviously won me over instantly She very headstrong and impulsive but in the best possible way At the same time she is very down to earth and uiet I enjoyed seeing her rebellious side but also when she was calm shy and uick thinking♣ Brian Hmmmmmm well I didn't hate him He definitely added to the story He was the absolute opposite of Ollie and thus me Athletic handsome charismatic popular Words I would never use to describe myself He was also not very chivalrous He didn't directly bully but when he witnessed it happening he did nothing to stop it He also wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree I'm just glad he didn't try to persue Ollie in a relationship because that would have made me cra cra Well than I already am 😏♣ Coco She was a bit like Brian except whiny and dare I say it stupider I honestly couldn't decide if she was supposed to be the comic relief or an antagonist I felt the same way for Brian ♣ Ollie's Dad Even though he wasn't technically a main character I still want to talk about Ollie's dad who was never given a name As far as I can remember that is He's one of those characters that you simultaneously pity and hate at the same time He would lash out but was still a very loving dad I think the main reason I liked him is because he felt so human So real and raw He's grieving the loss of his wife and trying to take care of his daughter at the same time I rooted him and I hope we see of him in book two♣ Smiling Man If Pennywise and Legend had a baby and then dipped in Pure Evil® the Smiling Man would be that Not only is he creepy he is smart and conniving I don't want to spoil anything but I just think he was such a perfect villain I'd love to read his preuel story if it's ever written♣ Scarecrows I mean this would be like calling the Walkers from The Walking Dead characters But still The attention to detail for these creatures was stunning and terrifying That combined with the seriously creepy cover art made these things one of the creepiest made up creatures I've ever heard of Also when one of them spoke Creepiest scene of the whole bookThis book seems to dip into a variety of genres From fantasy to Mystery to sci fi I have seen books try and fail to pull this off It ain't easy to do well So props to Katherine Arden for doing that well 🙌🙌 This read like a mystery because of it's clues and sleuthing but also like a fantasy because of the zombie scarecrows and evil smiling man I also loved that it felt like a zombie apocalypse book I love zombie apocalypses I mean I'd never want to experience one but I love reading about them but it is so hard to find a good zombie apocalypse book Even though this wasn't a zombie apocalypse book per se it still is one of the best ones I have ever read I also really loved the farm setting That just added to the already superb creepinessSomething I except from most books especially middle grade ones is a strong moral theme I loved the team work self sacrifice and kindness shown by almost all of the characters Good job book 👍I am a knowledge addict When I find a subject especially a science fiction or fantasy one I need to know everything While I got enough lore to just barely satisfy me I still was left wanting to know about how the world works I want to know the ins and outs of everything from The Smiling Man to the Scarecrows to the Small Spaces book Book two you had better come throughThe ending felt a bit too perfect a bit too easy Somehow I have a feeling this is not the past we'll of the Smiling Man45 StarsThat Was Astoundingly Surprisingly amazing| Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram