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EPUB ¿ MOBI Forbid Me The Good Ol Boys #2 î FREE ↠ GWAIRSOFT ¶ ➾ [Download] ➻ Forbid Me The Good Ol Boys #2 By M. Robinson ➷ – Gwairsoft.co.uk It was only a matter of time until the truth came out I never thought it would come to this I tried God knows I tried to stay Love of my best friend's sister If there is one person I’d willingly go to hell and back for it was Lillian RyderSTANDALONE within a series New Adult Contemporary Romance Strong language and sexual content not intended for readers unde I have to start this with saying that although each of the books in this series focuses on a particular character and can probably be read as a stand alone don’t Read them in order One of the best part of this series is the buildup Not just of the current book but of the next one Now excuse me while I freak the fuck out The way Complicate Me ended I knew one thing I needed this book Had to have it Jacob has known Lilian since the day she was born He loved her from the moment he saw her But that love started to change That love turned into something that could not be denied even if it was bound to destroy everything She was just a girl He was a man She was his best friend’s little sister Okay so I stayed up until around 4am reading this I was dying I had to have all the pieces I needed to know what happened How three years had passed without these to seeing or speaking to one another How did a man in his twenties give into the temptations of a teenage girl How did they break each other completely This story is told in dual points of view and also with timeline jumps to the past and then back into present day Each segment of this story was a buildup Each chapter ending was a mini little heart stopping cliffhanger I loved that the author worked in the angst in this manner The story itself was filled with it But it wasn’t this fabricated angst that backfires when you become so annoyed with the characters The story held all of this The storyline and structure of the book was the key A fucking brilliant move Far too many times I struggle with an angsty read when it is forced This wasn’t forced one bit I wasn’t told this story was heartbreaking – I knew it because it broke my fucking hear to read it Everything about this story just flowed so perfectly The way she didn’t make their relationship sordid at the start The way she gave you Jacob’s POV and how much he struggled to give into what his heart wanted even if it could cost him everything As much as this gem was a girl falling for her brother’s best friend and an age taboo romance it was also a coming of age book We saw Lily grow we saw Jacob grow We saw them struggle with life and the hard stuff and come out on the other side scars and all And boy were these two damaged Then toss in the emotional aspects of this story A very key part of this story also took place in Complicate Me – from a completely different POV I knew it was coming But nothing NOTHING could have prepared me for those moments Jacob in those moments Lily drowning in her sorrow – that just tore me to shreds These two had so many obstacles So many challenges to overcome Forbid Me is a story of second chances A love story that shows you just how strong the pull of love can be How sometimes it can be so wrong and so right at the same time That nothing is easy Nothing comes without pain That sometimes it’s just the right person is there at the wrong time I was on the edge of my seat during this entire experience I sobbed I soared And I loved every fucking minute of the torture I need Dylan’s story Right Now This is a must read series You will not regret it

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Back and I sure as fuck didn’t Me The Good Ol Boys Epubregret a single moment of it I knew there would be hell to pay I knew the wrath I’d be facing but I Forbid Me eBook #196 would willingly take the burns and scars just to have the Genre NA Contemporary RomanceType Standalone Book 2 of The Good Ol’ BoysPOV First Person DualRating Lillian Lily Ryder was known as Kid for being the youngest in their group of friends Always feeling left out and treated like a kid she yearn to make her mark especially in the eye of certain someone who she had her heart on since she was very youngBeing the oldest of the bunch Jacob Foster is used of being seen as the brother But as Lily blossomed into a young woman every year it became harder to resist her Out of respect to her brother and his best friend he tried to push her away without realizing he was only hurting himself that wayIn Book 1 Lily was never really part of the group and I never really paid attention to her so I’m glad she got her moment in this one I didn’t see a future until Jacob came back into the picture and that scared me than anything I love seeing a different side of her with her fun and flirty demeanor She was also a free spirit who wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted She owned each and every part of me right down to my soul Jacob was the responsible one Having feelings for Lily made it hard for him to decide whether to do what’s right or what’s best I love how he put everything on the line to show her how much he wanted herThe story went between present and past from their pre teen years until their adult life We got to see how they started as friends and evolved to something all while keeping it a secret to everyone around them and how it all fell apart when things were just about to get betterWhat I love the most about the book is how the other characters still played a big part in the couple’s life I especially like how Alex was a big influence for Lily However I feel this book is lacking the emotions that I got from the first book “You’ve loved me your entire life I’m in your skin I’m in your blood I’m in your heart” I was expecting some major angst but I didn’t feel much of it I love it when characters suffered and I felt like Jacob and Lily didn’t suffered enough – as in the reasons they were apart were trivial and how they got back together were too effortless Maybe that’s just me and my sadistic nature lolForbid Me tells the story of a forbidden romance between friends who became something and how their relationship affecting those who close to them NoteThe next book is of Dylan and from the ending of this book it looks like it’s going to be explosive Looking forward to his story D Standalone books in the series For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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Forbid Me The Good Ol Boys #2The Good PDFEPUB #234 It was only a matter of time until the truth came out I never thought it would come to this I tried God knows I tried to stay away from her but eventually I crossed that line and broke that trust I could no longer go After reading 'Complicate Me' I couldn't wait to start the next book in the series M Robinson's stories have a way of sucking me in Like it's predecessor 'Forbid Me' proved to be an emotional angsty story of forbidden love I couldn't get enough'Forbid Me' is the story of Lucas's little sister Lily and his best friend Jacob Much like half pint Lily has always been around the Good Ol' Boys for all of her life Also like half pint she was very much off limits to any of the guys As much as they sheltered Alex who was only a couple of years younger than the boys it was far worse for Lily who was seven years younger than JacobThe age difference between Lily and Jacob might be tough for some to swallow After all she was around 15 when they first started exploring their attraction He was in his early twenties at the time If Alex was half pint then Lily was jail bait Most of the conflict in their story centers upon the forbidden nature of their relationship In many ways it was very similar to 'Complicate Me' Jacob spends a lot of time trying to deny his attraction to Lily because she is so much younger and the sister of his best friend Eventually Lily has had enough of Jacob's rejection and tries to move on only to have him then figure out how much he wants her Once he's no longer fighting his attraction they waste time trying to hide it from their friendsfamily Where this story differed from 'Complicate Me' was in the personalities of the characters Lily was no shrinking violet This was one bold outspoken heroine M Robinson did a great job of crafting her character She managed to keep her from coming across as young or victimy which was essential given the age difference between her and Jacob If anything you felt like she was the one taking advantage of JacobJacob also stood out from Lucas's character Yes he was attracted to a younger off limits girl but that was where the similarities ended for me He didn't engage in the same self destructive behaviors that Lucas did He also seemed to give regard to Lily and her feelings Sure he made plenty of mistakes along the way but there wouldn't have been much of a story otherwiseOverall this was a great story It was sweet taboo and very angsty I listened to the Audible version and it was well narrated If you're looking for a sweet forbidden love story this is a good choiceCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom