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My Notorious GentlemanVen though he once kissed her senseless he can have no interest in someone like her Yet somehow the seductive rogue unleashes her own inner devilEvery lady loves a hero but Trevor has no interest in any of them except for the refreshingly candid Grace If he had a heart left Grace might steal My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for visit Punya ReviewsAfter reading and despising book 5 of this series I thought it’s time I took a vacay from GF’s books So here I am after 2 years trying to finish up the series that started out as a disappointment In fact and I know I’ve exhausted this line that Inferno Club is an overall disaster If you’ve read her earlier works you’d know what I mean Comparing those this series is full of melodrama annoying characters with over the top storyline almost on the verge of being silly Worse thing is that all the while I felt that this series had potentials to be something darker with the author having the talent to make it so By now I’ve given up any hope for any kinda improvement As a result when I started My Notorious Gentleman I had no great expectations I just wanted to see how Trevor’s story plays out Just glad to say that it was much better one; fast paced yet of a comfortable read without the sillynessEven though I like recapping the earlier installments to give you the taste of what has been before there’s no way in hell I can do it here So in a nutshell the whole series revolves around a bunch of rakehells who as the society know them to be a part of a club called The Inferno Club They give the society the illusion that Dante House where they meet is their ‘playground’ or so to speak; a den of debauchery Well Dante House is a playground of sorts it’s a mixture of debauchery and something far secretive Though not all the rumors regarding their ‘escapades’ are rumors what the others don’t know is that they’re working for the crown as spies But they’re a special breed of spies who were trained since early childhood sort of ‘sacrificed’ by their families to become a part of an Order that they follow; the Order of the St Michaels They have an ancient nemesis too the Promethean Council We’re talking about thousands of years of enmity that started since the day of the William the Conueror Both sides have been in action for that long the Prometheans trying to unleash their evil on the world and rule it while the heroes of the Order trying to save it from their clutchesThe original 4 members that had the first 4 books in correct order were the Maruess of Rotherstone Max; the Duke of Warrington Rohan; the Earl of Falconridge Jordan and the Earl of Westwood DrakeMax and Daphne’s story is in My Wicked Maruess book 1 that started it all I didn’t love it neither did I hate it I gathered a starter of a series is always a bit confusing so it was an ok readRohan and Kate’s story is in My Dangerous Duke the one that I hated the most before the next came along Rohan was the ultimate manwhore of the bunch until Beau and the whole story was a mess The only interest for me was the action that GF writes or used to write so well so I kept going with the series to know where the conflict between the Order and the Council is goingMara and Jordan’s story book 3 was My Irresistible Earl which I really enjoyed Their chemistry was amazing as were the characters wonderful For the first time I saw some hope that the series is going to be better unfortunately not Though the action was good I had probably expected way too much for the nextDrake and Emily’s book #4 was My Ruthless Prince This was going to be the big showdown between the Order and the Council with all sorts of intrigues and actions especially because Virgil was killed and Drake was caught by the Prometheans He was acting as if he had betrayed the Order I actually thought this will be the last installment with maybe a spinoff series from it following the rest of the secondary charactersBut book 5 comes as a part of this series My Scandalous Viscount was THE WORST book so far which featured Beau and Clarissa He was a junior member of the Order who had been handed down some serious responsibilities when the Promethean Council apparently was destroyed in the Order’s last strike All the heroes went into hiding after that so Beau was supposed to be running the place But from what I saw he was busy shagging anything that moves in skirt on every nook and cranny yes I hated that one that much The dialogue was ridiculous so were the characters The story at this point kinda veered away from the main course We come to learn about 2 junior Order agents friends to Beau Trevor and Nick who were never once seen or been introduced before It seems both were in trouble Nick being the wild one while Trevor the ‘nice one’ Beau was again awarded the task of saving them Nick wanted out of the Order which is a big no no so he did some crappy stuff including holding a wounded Trevor as a hostage to gain his freedom; a plan that ultimately backfired In the end after a conspiracy to murder the Prime Minister is foiled with Nick being hit to save the guy the Order’s identity is finally revealed to the world All the agents including Nick and Trevor are then recognized by Prinny and given the respect and rewards as that of heroes Not that it really saved Nick from being convicted for treason since he was entangled in the mess which lead to the murder plot He was meant to go to the gallows but was saved only because Beau and later Trevor spoke on behalf of him Beau was already married to Clarissa so while Trevor goes to recuperate from his ordeal Nick is sentenced to a long prison term in Order styleWhen this one starts it’s been a while since all those actions We don’t see the older Order agents but only by mention Trevor has been back to the society or so to speak but he’s one truly unhappy man He was engaged to this society belle for a while a neat arrangement where no love was lost between them The Golden Goddess that he thought would be a great possession had since moved on to find a new beau when Trevor was declared dead after his disappearance Trevor is not your pretty boy type He’s a tall big man with rough good looks or so I assumed He’s also one of the most responsible of the Order agents who is what you’d call the ‘nice guy’ Yah he hasn’t been a saint but in comparison to his fellow brethren he has lived like one yet he was happy with this arrangement Now the abandonment of his ex fiancée Laura is grating on Trevor He feels lost in this ball where the society mamas are keeping their daughters away from him as if he’d bite them while the Ton widows and bored wives are giving him those ‘come hither’ looks Trevor is here only to see if Laura would attend to satisfy the morbid curiosity of finding out about her new beau Little did he know that instead of facing his ‘past’ he’d end up meeting the prim and proper vicar’s daughter one Miss Grace Kenwood his ‘future’Grace is indeed the duty bound daughter A spinster at an ‘advanced age’ of late 20s she has no great aspirations neither does she hope to marry Being the only child ever since her mother passed away Grace’s days have filled with helping her father in his parish duties She has also been trying to help the bratty heir to an Earl Lord Brentford one of the 2 influential families of their little village Grace would’ve been happy to live her days in all the peace and uiet she can have had she not met this insufferable man This ball she’s attending given by the Brentfords is sort of a courtesy invitation She or her father doesn’t belong here yet the family reluctantly decided to invite them mainly because people around here respect the vicar She having an almost saintly reputation also shares some of that respect When Grace meets Trevor they didn’t know anything about each other He was hiding in a darkened room from two sluts who were in pursuit of him But after his ordeal meaningless shagging was the farthest thing from Trevor’s mind On the other hand Grace somehow finds herself alone in the same room with that insufferable man who seem to mock her with each word as if he dislikes women Yet she can’t help but be intrigued especially when his crude invitation leads to a lusty kiss Grace had nothing in her mind yet the man seems to nurturing the idea that she followed him here for er that She’s horrified at the thought but not disgusted in the least Apparently the tall and well built man has awakened a part of her that she didn’t think even existed in herI was glad that they were introduced very soon when Grace finds her father talking to Trevor the ‘Hero’ as everyone at that ball keeps referring to She sees him immediately knowing it’s him Not only that Grace also detects his uneasiness at all the attention uite visibly unwanted though he is trying his best to put up a straight face He didn’t like their curiosity yet people kept asking him things that obviously made him uneasy Being very good at healing the hurt injured creatures Grace could detect the darkness inside this man People around him just don’t understand It calls out to her but what can she do about it Then the fun begins when they’re introduced and Grace glimpses all sorts of deviltry and promises in his eyes Oh he was enjoying this a lot as well as remembering that kiss that almost landed her on her back on a couchThen the vicar invites Trevor or Lord Montgomery to a Grange near their home The place has been sitting vacant ever since the lone master died in a war Their village is still suffering from that mad man’s schemes He encouraged most of the able bodied men to join him in the war a cause that only brought misery Most died leaving the families to suffer and the village economy in shambles Grace’s village needs a man to take up the challenge of putting things right And it seems her father thinks Lord Montgomery who apparently has an interest in purchasing the Grange is that man Grace isn’t that sure though Why would a rich man an Order hero a man of the sophisticated society leave all the glory and rusticate in some nowhere But boy Grace can’t help but secretly hope that he at the least considers this offer and it doesn’t really have much to do with the village or her father’s wish She finally may have found someone who makes her feel aliveIn a few days Trevor visits the Grange and decides to buy it ironically his intention not only to improve it but also to have his beautiful new neighbor as close as possible He wants a complete change in life nothing like how he has lived in his Order days All in all Trevor viewed this purchase as a new beginning for himself He even makes a point of visiting Nick in his dank dark and solitary prison to make peace with his old buddy to his utter surprise and secret joy After he returns to the Grange with a plan to make it a home for himself and if God willing for his family Trevor thought his wooing of Miss Kenwood go smooth But he was oh so wrong for he catches the eyes of the spoiled little pretty daughter of the other influential family of this area one Miss Callista This whiney girl thinks the world revolves around her and every best thing in this area should be her property thanks to her parents and upbringing Trevor certainly was a prize to be had And so she instantly sets her sight on him doesn’t matter if he wants her or not eyeroll But the news was she was engaged to Brentford until very recently when he got entangled with a local tavern girl The gossip and the humiliation were too much for the ‘perfect’ Miss Callista so she broke the engagement immediately But it seems she doesn’t have to worry about her ‘future’ any as her mother too would agree now that an exciting worldly man is in her neighborhood much to Grace’s chagrinI really disliked how Grace sort of cowed behind this family but I also got that they were the one who paid her father’s wages and the other expenses of the parish so she sort of was forced to be biddable But inside she’d be annoyed at Callista’s activities where Trevor was concerned most especially as her pea sized brain wouldn’t bother about others’ wishes or interests But I was glad that she didn’t let Trevor slip past her She can also thank him for Trevor was eually annoyed with the family’s forwardness Callista would throw herself at him on every occasion they met Then there was the very unsubtle matchmaking by her mama as if they already owned him and that he should feel grateful to become their SIL From the moment he saw Grace around he made it uite clear if not by words but by actions that he prefers her over the pretty young Miss yet nothing would stop them The dinners and other invitations that both Grace and Trevor were forced to endure were pretty trying for both especially because they had to hide their mutual feelingsYah mutual feelings It began to grow slowly even though there were some bumps in the beginning The vicar clearly approved of Trevor who had already won over the village by announcing his intentions of making improvements He knew it won’t be easy at first after what the people here was forced to suffer for a long time now But he’d try his best Trevor is also an architect though he never had the chance to work on this passion of his all that much Now that he has a house to built with the incentive of Miss Kenwood around him he’s than eager to practice If only he could get rid of Callista and her whining familyI’d say both Callista and Brentford were waste of space for this story I was super annoyed and pissed at times at both they were that spoiled immature to the bone and oh so loud in everything they did not caring a whit about their surrounding or the people that occupy it It was like a match made in heaven one that I didn’t care for I just wished them gone for they occupied too many pages I even disliked Grace trying to validate Callista’s self centered btchyness with ‘oh she’s so beautiful an only child and heiress she’s used to acting and expecting this way bla bla bla bla’ No Grace you being the daughter of a vicar should know better Nothing validates bad parenting and selfish behavior But Grace got enough of Callista’s whining when she was so eager to catch Trevor if not anything but to show Brentford that she has moved on Oh Good GodFortunately for Grace though she had her doubts about Trevor’s intentions he put those to rest once they made love that she’s the ONLY one he wanted not some girl fresh out of schoolroom That it was largely because of her that he decided to come here to settle down He wants a smart and caring woman who’d understand him who had the strength and personality to be with him every step of the way in this new beginning Trevor knew Grace understood many of the subtle things about him that people didn’t He knew off the bat that she’s good for him and was smart enough to know he can’t let her slip away And somewhere along the way with all the activities in and around the village alongside his house as Trevor begins his improvement work Grace and he fall in love It was that simple and I totally loved it There were no complications no coyness no melodrama if you leave Brentford Callista out in it And thankfully no OWs to come and ruin things for themBut they couldn’t avoid trouble even if they wanted to For one after a bad day arguing with Brentford Callista the Btch comes in search of Trevor only to find him with Grace She runs out calling Grace a ‘whore’ and then sets about spreading this tid bid while painting herself ‘the victim’ of Grace’s machinations It never mattered that Trevor not ONCE told her or even showed any sign of interest in her At all That ought to give you an idea of what we were dealing with Brentford was just an idiot so I’m not even going to comment on himThis lets Trevor approach the vicar for Grace’s hands sooner rather than later But the damage was already done Grace is painted as a ‘scarlet woman’ but for once Grace doesn’t care that her reputation is in shambles She’s in seventh heaven right now knowing she’s going to marry the man she’s been dreaming away That finally she has found love and soon would have her own family too; a thing she thought would never happen to her Then Brentford goes and gets himself into another trouble this time with said tavern girl’s ex pimp and his gang of thugs He also drags that trouble into the village when he runs back here Though he apologizes to Grace for breaking his vow of secrecy about her relationship with Trevor that’s why I said the Dumbo went and told everything in a feat of rage to the Btch just to show her that Trevor didn’t care for her which was true of course shrugs and all that happened afterwards When trouble follows him there it was up to Trevor of course to save the day Though not one of his Order duties it sure came close enough for Trevor as he had to fight kill and maim a few to save Grace and Brentford from the clutches of those menOverall though it just proved that Trevor wanted Grace so bad that he’d do whatever it takes to keep her safe And though he had his moments of doubt knowing Grace might not forgive him for killing men in front of her even in self defense Grace put his doubts to rest after it was all said and done I mean yah she was shocked which I’d count as very normal but she already knew she had a purpose too; to love and heal Trevor a journey that could only start by trust and forgiveness I thanked GF for not creating a ridiculous ‘big mis’ out of it to ruin things for them and for me4 stars and I’d say again that My Notorious Gentleman was better than what I had originally expected I enjoyed Trevor and Grace’s banters and definitely their budding lovestory Also loved reading about the older Order agents though I’d rather GF updated me with their news rather than repeating herself on Beau and Clarissa’s ‘happily married state’ Yah right Thankfully those scenes were very few so I perseveredFor the next installment1 Since the storyline has completely veered away from the original Order Promethean setting now Nick has his own journey ahead of him Nothing was really hinted about his fate except for that one brief appearance so expect anything2 Nick’s story is the last installment of this seriesAddendum I sure as hell hope that this is the last time I saw anything of Brentford and Callista as I don’t really remember the fate of their ‘doomed’ relationship eye rolling even as I’m typing this

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Notorious and fearless Lord Trevor Montgomery must confront his greatest challenge yet marriageShy warm hearted Miss Grace Kenwood knows she has no chance of tempting her new neighbor Lord Trevor Montgomery Every eligible My Notorious MOBI #234 beauty is swooning over the brooding former spy E 5 'don't give up on me' stars My Notorious Gentleman is book #6 in Gaelen Foley's Inferno Club series a historical romance meets special ops meets small town life story This installment has all the facets I love most in my escapism reading; humor passion romance and a great storyline all centered around my very favorite thing a hero in need of love and the heroine who will stop at nothing to make him believe he's worthy of hersIf you haven't experienced Ms Foley's historical romances you're missing out on some great readingBlurbFormer spy and Inferno Club member Lord Trevor Montgomery is about to ace the greatest danger of all—marriage Yes he has every lady of the ton swooning but he doesn’t have a jot of interest in any of them except for shy warm hearted Miss Grace Kenwood—the parson’s daughter She could steal his heart—if he believed he still possessed oneNote I'd like to say this can be read as a standalone but to really enjoy it it's best read in order An ARC of this story was provided by Avon Books a long time ago and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to read it and to show my appreciation I'm giving them an honest review

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EPUB Á MOBI My Notorious Gentleman í 9780062075956 FREE Þ [EPUB] ✷ My Notorious Gentleman ✺ Gaelen Foley – Gwairsoft.co.uk Notorious and fearless Lord Trevor Montgomery must confront his greatest challenge yet marriageShy warm hearted Miss Grace Kenwood knows she has no chance of tempting her nIt She insists he's better than he thinks He's sure she's absolutely wrong Until danger threatens and Trevor rediscovers how easy it is to be a herofor the right ladyThe sixth novel in a sumptuous romance series by New York Times bestselling author Gaelen Foley will make you blush with delight I just found this really predictable Grace is the perfect reverend's daughter who can do no wrong to anybody ever she has no faults at all pretty much no personality either her hobbies consist of being kind to small children she sometimes cares for injured puppies as well cooking for the poor and ill in the village and trying to redeem former courtesans by teaching them to read Grace is naturally unaware how beautiful she really isEvery other women that we meet in this story is selfish thoughtless or greedy making Grace the only person in the whole world who Trevor our hero can ever care for after he was abandoned by his ex fiancéTrevor is also a case of the typical wounded romantic hero his time serving his county has scared his soul and he needs a caring woman to love him To sum up neither of them has much personality and not much really happened