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Navy SEAL Brant Bronco Adams adores women but never lets himself get too close to any one of them until he meets sweet classy Rebecca McDougal Rebecca is the wife of Mad Max Brant's c Audio BookI have come to really enjoy this author's books I love her attention to authenticism her engaging characters and a plot that grabs me from the beginning I confess that this story was one I hesitated over because of the situation of the romantic pair but my hesitation was over ridden by interest in other aspects of the story And in the end I can say that I'm glad I gave it a goThis is the second full length book in the Echo Platoon series The story works just fine as a standalone Each story is self contained with brief mentions in this one of the pair from the last book I suspect that will be true of all the books as each SEAL gets his storyBrant 'Bronco' Adams is the easy and happy go lucky member of his team He loves his job and has a zest for life as a former bronc rider now turned SEAL After seeing the way his mom hurt when his dad 'loved her and left her' he swore that he would never do that to any woman He never wants to have a relationship and make some woman fall in love with him only to disappoint her He's doing pretty good at keeping things light and easy until his friendship with the commander's wife starts to take a turn toward attraction Getting involved with her is career suicide let alone wrong on a few levels However caution goes by the way when Becca shares something suspicious about his commander and hints that things aren't that good at home Brant will help her sort through this dangerous new revelation and try to keep his hands to himselfBecca married 'Mad' Max McDougall with stars in her eyes not realizing the controlling cold man he really is It is when she finds herself attracted to the fun loving and kind Bronco that she realizes what a big mistake she made Her disillusionment becomes the least of her worries when she accidentally comes across something on Max's laptop that leads her to the suspicion that something is really wrong In desperation she turns to Bronco and what he uncovers starts a dangerous clandestine mission to get the proof they need that will both protect her and free her from the entanglement she has gotten herself into Meanwhile they both fight the attraction between them Bronco doesn't do long term and Becca knows that the strong feelings she is developing are going to get her burned but maybe not before Max's secrets get her or Bronco killedThis story sets up the romance and suspense elements uickly and then develops them There is a goodly amount of tension in fact it felt thriller at times Bronco Becca and Max share the majority of the narration Having Max's perspective didn't lessen the tension but changed it because the reader is left wondering if he'll figure out that he's under investigation or if panic and do something drastic There is the tension of Bronco and Becca trying to be so discreet and whether they'll get caught out Things built to an exciting climax that left me breathless until the denouementNow I mentioned that the romance was a touchy concern for me I don't like it when a relationship begins while one or both characters are in an existing relationship with someone else Naturally this one was not a cut and dry issue Becca's marriage was untenable by the time the attraction with Bronco was acknowledged The author allowed them to slip up with a few kisses but nothing happened until Becca was separated from Max I was uncomfortable but still able to enjoy their story mostly because the relationship took its time and carefully built on short solid moments together Bronco was a great hero He's attractive in looks and personality while also being protective and caring It was sad that a guy who was fierce some and brave in the face of everything else was scared that he would become his dad and hurt the woman he loved Becca is a gentle soul with simple needs She too was affected by her dad's desertion and didn't realize she married Max to fulfill that hole only to discover what real love and being with the one you loved and who loves you looks like I enjoyed watching them help heal each other work together to sort out Max's dangerous mess and tentatively forma a relationship The author writes good villains She writes both the utterly black hearted types and the conflicted villains Tony was the first type but Max was a complex character that fascinated me the the hero and heroine did at timesOn a side note I appreciate that the SEAL team actually goes out on a mission and that there is interaction between the members The team helps Bronco figure out what is going on and has his back Bronco's best friend is the zen like bookish Jeremiah 'Bullfrog' and Sam is there to give him adviceAs to the narrator Armen Taylor was new to me but I would definitely enjoy books he narrates He did well with the range of mostly male and some female characters His pacing was good and his storytelling didn't distract but kept me engaged in the storyIn summary I was hesitant but glad I took the plunge I enjoy what the author brings to military romantic suspense and look forward to each new installment in this series I love the strong SEAL heroes exciting action plots and passion filled romance particularly because each story offers up something a little different and not cookie cutter in action or romance Lovers of military romantic suspense should give these a look seeMy thanks to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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Hard Landing Echo Platoon #2Mboldened to protect her Brant skids head long into Mad Max's plot to do him in Suddenly the former playboy will assume any risk to give him and Rebecca hope for a future of their own Reviewed by JulieBook provided by the authorThis novel mixes both traditional and military suspense and features Navy Seal Brant Adams a love 'em and leave 'em playboy and the wife of Brant's CO Rebecca McDougal a woman in danger from her abusive husband and the types of people he has exposed her to They seem like an unlikely match but Brant is drawn to Rebecca like no other woman before her When she confides in Brant about some odd financial dealings her husband has been hiding from her Brant agrees to help her find out what is going on What happens next will change the course of their lives foreverI love SEALS Sometimes I don't even read the blurb if I see SEAL in the book title I just buy it That's how obsessed I am with these hot sexy super disciplined well trained guys who put their lives on the line going on dangerous missions  I am also a big fan of the traditional romantic suspense novels so a combination of the two styles would be right up my alley No?Well sadly this book has a few problems Some are my own personal issues so I'll get my old fuddy duddy views out of the way first Adultery under any circumstances is a sensitive issue for me Yes Max was abusive dangerous and puts Rebecca in the cross hairs but two wrongs don't make a right So I had some problems with that set up but again that's just meHowever the issues continued as several times I felt the plot went overboard and became highly implausibleI also had some issues with Rebecca's character She wasn't the “too stupid to live” type of female protagonist but she was too dependent on men to save her making her character lean to much in the 'damsel in distress category' which is often off putting to some modern readers Max's “protection” was a way to control her but Brant's constantly saying he would protect her which was meant as a romantic gesture became a little redundant and made Rebecca's character too docile and blandOne other thing bothered me a little about this book which was at times the story felt a little dated I kept thinking this book reminded me of romantic suspense written in the 1990's only with a few references to cell phones and Facebook pages thrown in here and there to give it a up to date feel However this is not a reissue to my knowledgeHaving said all that Brant's back story explains why he has kept women at arm's length and refused to entertain the notion of a relationship But he genuinely likes Rebecca enjoys her company and respects her which makes a casual affair distasteful to him although he struggles with these new feelings and fights it for a while But in the end he folds nicely allowing love to work it's special magic on him Brant's character growth was the highlight of the story and made the time invested in the book worthwhileAlthough this book wasn't one MY favorites it might be something those who enjoy romantic suspense and military heroes might want to look into despite some of my misgivings This author is a seasoned writer and I have enjoyed her novels in the past and I am sure I will again in the future

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Download kindle è Hard Landing Echo Platoon #2 µ Þ gwairsoft ð ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Hard Landing Echo Platoon #2 By Marliss Melton ⚣ – Navy SEAL Brant Bronco Adams adores women but never lets himself get too close to any one of them until he meets sweet classy ROmmanding officer and safely off limits until she confesses that she’s desperate to escape her nightmare of a marriage and that Max isn’t the upstanding commander they all think E 375 Stars As typical with a book starring a Navy Seal there is a woman needing protection What makes this book different from the hundred others with this plot is the Seal is protecting the “damsel in distress” from another Seal whom happens to the lady’s husband and his Commanding OfficerRebecca and Bronco have always gotten along and find each other easy to talk with and even though Bronco is attractive to sweet sexy Rebecca she was off limits When Rebecca shares her fears and suspicions about her husband they become closer Once she files for a legal separation their relationship deepens and so does the drama and intrigue around them The ending is action packed with the good guy winning