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KINDLE ê The Man Who Didn't Call Ý Rosie Walsh When Sarah meets Eddie they connect instantly and fall in love To Sarah it seems as though her life has finally begun And it's mutual It's as though Eddie has been waiting for her too Sarah has never been so certain of anything S “For anyone who has ever waited for the call that didn’t come ”I’ve never shied away from the fact that I’m a reader with a strong opinion so why start now? It’s not that I enjoy writing one star reviews or labeling something as “not for me” but the reality is there are books that walk into my life and don’t work for one reason or anotherIt was the promise of a love story and the loaded title wrapped in a pretty package that started the incessant pitter patter in my chest—I was so sure this would be one to rememberIn hindsight maybe I should have listened to the voice in my head telling me—after only a few chapters—this wasn’t going to go well and simply moved on Instead ever the optimist and down a BOTM credit I decided to stuff those nagging feelings somewhere deep and forge ahead with an open mind I could make this work right?The first red flag my inability to succumb to the author’s style Her writing lacked finesse and landed on the bland side of the spectrum when she wasn’t getting caught up in the weeds literally Rosie Walsh has a strange penchant for drifting off and describing the outdoor scenery regardless of the fact that her characters find themselves indoors or that it’s simply irrelevant to the storyline I’m talking trees grass valleys grass birds grass the sky did I mention the grass? It seems to be a favorite of hers winkThe big beating heart of the story should have been the couple Sarah and Eddie who supposedly fall desperately in love after spending a mere “ seven perfect days” together Here is where the problem lies—as readers we are only privy to a few vignettes over that seven day period meaning the development of Sarah and Eddie’s relationship is non existent Missing out on the best part of any budding relationship—the actual falling—colors this entire story with a deep shade of insta love Failing to see understand or feel the spark of the couple’s connection in my bones I couldn’t view Sarah’s actions after she’s ghosted by Eddie as anything than the insipid whining of a very desperate woman Granted being ghosted would hurt but after seven days by a man you barely know to be this obsessed? Come on Had Sarah been 15 to 20 years younger—she’s on the brink of 40 and not yet divorced from her husband of 17 years who she’s now come to realize she never really loved?—maybe I would have cut her some slack and not pitied her desperation uite so muchThe author tries to weave some mystery into the storyline but the execution is melodramatic at best The sheer number of coincidences irrelevant secondary characters—each with their own carry on bags jam packed with drama—and the author trying her hand at trickery one too many times left me wishing I would have trusted my gut and ghosted this cast early on Thanks to the all of my lovely Traveling Sisters for the lively discussion It’s always a riot reading everyone’s take on the same story and finding out what one person hones in on compared to another Looking forward to our next one 💜 This was my July BOTM pick #selectionremorse

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FREE EBOOK Ý EPUB The Man Who Didn't Call ä 9780525522799 ¹ GWAIRSOFT È ✯ The Man Who Didn't Call Books ✴ Author Rosie Walsh – When Sarah meets Eddie they connect instantly and fall in love To Sarah it seems as though her life has finally begun And it's m Must be an explanationMinutes days weeks go by as Sarah becomes increasingly worried But then she discovers she's right There is a reason for Eddie's disappearance and it's the one thing they didn't share with each other the tru Although I did finish this book and the ending had some touching moments I do not feel comfortable assigning a rating This is because uite frankly I skimmed through uite a bit of this I just never connected with many of the plot points and also thought there was way to much teenage angst present from a middle aged woman This was a sisters read and many loved this soit's uite possible it is not the book that is at fault but myself who chose to read a book that was not for moiSo will leave it at that A cop out I know but the best I feel able to do in all fairness Read the other reviews and judge for yourself whether or not you think the book will appealARC from Edelweiss

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The Man Who Didn't CallO when Eddie leaves for a long booked vacation and promises to call from the airport she has no cause to doubt him But he doesn't callSarah's friends tell her to forget about him but she can't She knows something's happened there 25 rounded upThis is one that I thought I would love what’s not to love about a love story? But I just didn’t connect There were several things that rang true in this novel marriages don’t always work accidents happen and handling grief is difficult and different for each of us There definitely were some tough things that happened to the characters and I felt for them over their losses over the burdens they carried But the premise of the book that had a woman falling apart after a one week affair with a man who disappears from her life just didn’t work for me mainly because there just wasn’t enough of their time together shown to reflect a realistic connection between them for me If I had felt that connection I could have gone with the flow and accepted all of the coincidences that made this feel a little contrived with a predictable ending It’s barely 3 stars for me Bottom line is that I’m not the audience for this but I wouldn’t be surprised if this does well with fans of romance I upped it to 3 stars in spite of the things I didn’t connect with because I did connect with the grief expressed by Sarah and Eddie for their sisters in the letters they wrote This was my first read with Traveling Sisters and I enjoyed getting the perspectives of others who read this even though we all didn’t agree I received an advanced copy of this book from Pamela DormanPenguin Publishing Group through Edelweiss