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Halloween Heat III kindle ☆ ebook ´ gwairsoft Å ➵ [Reading] ➷ Halloween Heat III By Lilly Morgan ➪ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Halloween Heat IIIAn Anthology of Erotic Paranormal RomanceFive erotic stories of love and passion full of paranormal heat werewolves and sexy witches ghosts and fae perfect for HNt” by Milly Taiden“Tied” by Lillian Diamante“Night of Seduction” by C P Foster“Serena” by Antonia Van Zandt An anthology of paranormal erotica that will be reading material every year I was thrilled to find a favourite author as part of this anthology I thoroughly enjoyed the heated stories that kept me looking for I think I will forever be a full length novel fan A surprising twist with the fifth story being a FF romance A definite read again and one to keep on my favourites list

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Halloween Heat IIIAn Anthology of Erotic Paranormal RomanceFive erotic stories of love and passion full of paranormal heat The Wolf Binds the Witch 13 I liked this one a lot The magic was really neat the wolf was adorable and the characters were funny The teasing and the sensuality just made for a great fun erotically creative storyMate Event 13 This is a great story of love and acceptance It 19s incredibly sexy but there 19s also some non sex related action between a couple of possessive female wolf shifters It 19s just so sweet and hot I was swept awayTied 13 Other than being confused as to exactly what the guy was I would 19ve guessed shifter but Fae was hinted at so I dunno this story was as emotional as it was sensual I hate cliffhanger endings and this one was pretty cliffhangery but enjoyable none the lessNight of Seduction 13 I thought this one had a lot of potential and it was really very good but even if it was just a bit teasing him calling her 1Cwhore 1D constantly really killed some of the enjoyment for me It kind of goes with the premise but it was still a pretty uncomfortable scenario for me plus her inability to ever see the guy she 19s sleeping with just made for an awkward readSerena 13 I 19m not much for lesbian stories the love scenes are a little boring to me what can I say I prefer driving stick wink but this one was kind of fun and I really loved the premise The ending was great if a little sad in a way and made the whole story worth reading

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Halloween Heat IIIWerewolves and sexy witches ghosts and fae perfect for Halloween“The Wolf Binds the Witch” by Lilly Morgan“Mate Eve This was a great box set Talk about some steamy hot stories The Wolf Binds the Witch by Lilly Morgan This was a sexy little story with a witch and a wolf Mmmm magic steam and lots of fun Mate Event by Milly Taiden I wish this was a full length book It was so amazing I didn't want it to end It was a wonderful read Tied by Lillian Diamante This was ok The whole story was basically sex and it was a steamy story but not as exciting to me as the othersNight of Seduction by CP Foster Eh I wasn't a fan A ghost who keeps calling the heroine a whore It just really did nothing for me This story is the reason I gave it 4 stars not 5 Serena by Antonia Van Zandt This was sexy and interesting It has a sentimental tone to it that I really enjoyed This was a really good collection and I'm glad I read it