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Hen a beloved elephant dies giving birth Sam develops a connection with baby Woolly who isn't actually an elephant but was cloned from woolly mammoth DNA And the billionaire genius behind the cloning experiment will stop at nothing to protect his investment Smart determined and loving Sam s This was read for my Tween Book Club I personally really enjoyed the book I've been an Eric Walters fan since I was a kid and I'm glad to see he's still writing awesome stories This book is loaded with elephant facts and interesting family dynamics and it contains a couple of really emotional and sad moments I learned a lot about elephants and felt attached to the herd in the book by the end My one complaint and it was a complaint echoed by the kids in my book club is that the ending felt a little too uick and too neat Still an enjoyable read regardless

EPUB Elephant Secret

Elephant SecretTands up to this powerful adversary to protect the sanctuary and her herd In the best tradition of child animal friendship stories Elephant Secret explores the strong and complex bond between Sam and her elephants while offering a fascinating authentic glimpse into elephant and human behavio This book was so good I could barely put it down The main character Samantha or Sam was lovely I loved her interactions with the elephants and how she really was a part of the herd but how she was still careful She used her observation and knowledge from growing up in and around the herd to help her make decisions in how to act with them and with Burma the abused Male Elephant that comes to the elephant sanctuary She even grew as a character over the course of the story and I like the interactions and relationship she has with both her father and Joyce The plot was amazing and without giving it away the main plot twist was a little bit obvious in a way That being said the way the plot played out was great I felt that the ending was very fitting and while it wraps up the story there are still parts of the future of the story that are left to the reader to imagine I loved all the details that were given about elephants and both the afterword at the end and the bibliography showed the author researched and thought out the story wanting it to be as realistic as possible something I feel the afterword confirms is the case This is definitely a book I would recommend In fact I recommended it to a friend before I even finished reading it Amazing well written book

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PDF Ë BOOK Elephant Secret FREE ¾ GWAIRSOFT ô ❰Read❯ ➵ Elephant Secret Author Eric Walters – Gwairsoft.co.uk We Bought a Zoo meets Jurassic Park in a gripping story featuring the evergreen appeal of human animal friendships and set in an elephant sanctuary about a thirteen year old girl a cast of eleWe Bought a Zoo meets Jurassic Park in a gripping story featuring the evergreen appeal of human animal friendships and set in an elephant sanctuary about a thirteen year old girl a cast of elephants and a surprising new arrival a woolly mammothSam was born and raised in an elephant sanctuary W E ARC from Edelweiss PlusSam and her father run an elephant sanctuary This takes a lot of acreage so they're outside of town and dealing with the elephants is SO Much easier than dealing with her friends in middle school It's not an easy life and she and her father make lots of sacrifices but it's worth it to protect their herd of sometimes fragile enormous animals Their newest addition is Burma who has a violent past and must be separated from the herd and they are also dealing with the impending delivery of Daisy Mae's baby Sam manages to get to a middle school dance with the help of Joyce her dad's girlfriend only to have Daisy Mae go into labor Things look very grim until extra veterinarians sent by the sanctuary's mysterious patron arrive to help and even then they can only save the baby Sam is sad about Daisy Mae but understands that sometimes not everyone can be saved and devotes herself to the baby whom she names Wooly feeling a kinship with her since Sam's own mother died shortly after she was born Wooly is a rather odd looking elephant but when James Mercury their patron arrives to tell them a big secret Mercury is a brilliant but uirky scientist who has a LOT of money and to guard his secret he is willing to invest heavily in the sanctuary This is great since Sam's dad also works at a local diner to make ends meet but the money eventually comes at a devastating price Mercury buys Sam and her father out for nine million dollars with the disheartening provision that they can't have anything to do with the elephants Crushed but realistic they make plans for a new sanctuary but Sam and her expertise with elephants might be even valuable than all of Mercury's money Strengths Wow So much to like here Tons of information on large animal veterinary science science related intrigue a challenging but upbeat and positive father daughter relationship with the best paternal girlfriend EVER seriously I loved Joyce so much she could have her own paragraph and all beautifully written by Walters who has written a ton of books published in Canada that we in the states are being denied He also wrote the fantastic The Rule of 3 series and Rebound so his range is really amazing I've read a number of books involving elephants and it's an intriguing subject but the others have been so utterly depressing that I haven't bought them Weaknesses The publisher's description has a huge spoiler so don't look at itWhat I really think This was brilliant and I can't wait to hand it to my students