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Things Fall Apart epub ë Paperback ´ chinua achebe ´ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Things Fall Apart Author Chinua Achebe – More than two million copies of Things Fall Apart have been sold in the United States since it was first published here in 1959 Worldwide there are eight million copies in print in fiUa Achebe's masterpiece and it is often compared to the great Greek tragedies and currently sells than one hundred thousand copies a year in the United StatesA simple story of a strong man whose life is dominated by fea In this classic tale Okonkwo is a strong man in his village and in his region of nine villages At age 18 he beat the reigning wrestling champion and has been an industrious worker all his life a reaction to his lazy drunkard father He lives his life within the cultural confines of his limited world following the laws that govern his society accepting the religious faith of his surroundings acting on both even when those actions would seem to us in the modern west an abomination While he may succeed and fail within the confines of his society’s laws what he is unable to do is adapt himself to the world when it goes through a dramatic transformation In this case his home town is revolutionized when white missionaries set up a base and bring along with them the firepower of western weapons Unable to cope unable to channel his justifiable rage into constructive actions he is led inexorably to his doom Chinua Achebe from the Salon article noted belowWhat is this book about? It is a simple tale The details of Okonkwo’s experiences accumulate to give us a picture of his times his culture so we have a sense of what is at stake when change arrives Is this a warning to us of our own inability to see beyond the confines of our culture? How will we cope with change when it comes in whatever form?I found it difficult keeping track of the characters This is a case in which a diagram of a family tree would probably come in handy Yet ultimately this is not so important What matters is that we get a sense of Okonkowo‘s world And the impact of the West arriving in an African society This book is considered a classic and for good reasonEXTRA STUFFThere is a wonderful video of John Green talking about the book Must see In fact you could do worse than skipping the above review entirely and checking out Green's vid And there is a second episode of his vid on the book as well Have at itIn 2013 Salon republished a wonderful 2010 essay Chinua Achebe The man who rediscovered Africa on news of his passing

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R and anger Things Fall Apart is written with remarkable economy and subtle irony Uniuely and richly African at the same time it reveals Achebe's keen awareness of the human ualities common to men of all times and place How to attempt a balanced review of Things Fall Apart 1 The book is serious Themes and issues dealt in the book are far serious than many other books written by the contemporary authors of Achebe 2 The colonial abstract takes an altogether different turn as Achebe explores that colonisers not only colonised the land and properties but also the minds and hearts of the native people 3 Racism has been dealt very aptly and also religious hypocrisy different churches for the people who have converted 4 The plot might seem relaxed and lazy almost if you ignore the themes and issues However the plot is than enough to keep the 'readers' engaged DO I recommend the book yes of course

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Things Fall ApartMore than two million copies of Things Fall Apart have been sold in the United States since it was first published here in 1959 Worldwide there are eight million copies in print in fifty different languages This is Chin This review is now on my blog