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The Language of FlowersA NovelThe Victorian language of flowers was used to convey romantic expressions honeysuckle for devotion asters for patience and red roses for love But for Victoria Jones it’s been useful in communicating mistrust and solitude After a childhood spent in the foster care system she is unable to ge Too much folding “He folded himself into a chair She folded her feet beneath her He folded over in exhaustion placing his head on the table She folded over in pain She folded herself underneath the bush” How about “He sat in a chair She pulled her feet beneath her He slumped over in exhaustion She bent over in pain She curled herself underneath the bush”Really another verb is needed here and folded was most overused Yes I am nitpicking but since I was bothered enough to comment the overuse of it was noticeable and bothersome SynopsisFoster child ages out of the system plants a garden in a city park sleeps under a bushMeets a florist who gives her a job meets a man rents a tiny blue roomGets pregnant runs away to sleep under the bushHas baby runs away to sleep under the bushGive baby awayHappy endingThe problems I have with this are that there isn’t any reason for any of the people who help this girl to want to help her She snarls and sulks and is so hard and distant that I was left wondering why any of these people wanted to be around her let alone assist her No one knows her sadbitterhostile history and she isn't talking so why should they feel anything for her? It didn’t appear that under all her anger that there was a gentle caring person She seems that if you scratched the surface first of all you’d definitely get scratched back but that under that tough exterior you’d find something even harder and unyielding Can’t say that I liked Victoria much So can you enjoy a book when you don’t really like the protagonist? I find it can be difficult but in the hands of a crafted writer you can still enjoy the story I didn’t find that to be true here For me the story would have been better told in third person I think some distance between Victoria’s mean thought process and the reader would have helped I didn’t much like being in this misanthropic head and I didn’t get any idea of anyone else’s motivation for caring for her Why did Renata hire her? Yes she’s a magical flower genius but why would she want this girl around glaring at her customers? Yes lots of glaringAnd Grant why is he attracted to her? Does he have a thing for mean women? More snarling and glaring He seems like a very gentle soul to be that way didn’t understand what he saw in her other than her ability to send messages by flowersVictoria’s negativity was so over the top She finds out she’s pregnant and hates the idea of a baby but won’t get an abortion because the idea that someone else would have control over her body for the time it would take to get the thing out that’s how she thinks of it is too horrid for her to think about She is offered medical benefits by her employer but instead she runs away to live under a bush No I am most certainly not kidding Having decided to have the baby and afterward figure out what she’s going to do with it she gets no prenatal care not even bothering so little as to pick up a bottle of prenatal vitamins at the drugstore No she’s too busy hiding under the bush And she spent hours in the library comparing flower meaning dictionariesand countless hours photographing flowers with old time camera which she spends money on the film development even though she has very little money but didn't bother to read one single book on pregnancy or child care So again not that first doctor visit and she knows a midwife willing and ready to help her but she doesn’t want that either She’s going to give birth at home alone all by herself because I have no idea what is wrong with her at this point Many people have shown her that they care about her that they’re willing to help her but she can’t accept it I get that we’re

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Download The Language of FlowersA Novel Ebook ä 323 pages ô Vanessa diffenbaugh à ➵ The Language of FlowersA Novel Read ➼ Author Vanessa Diffenbaugh – The Victorian language of flowers was used to convey romantic expressions honeysuckle for devotion asterT close to anybody and her only connection to the world is through flowers and their meanings Now eighteen and emancipated from the system with nowhere to go Victoria realizes she has a gift for helping others through the flowers she chooses for them But an unexpected encounter with a myster Sorry if I post this review twice I somehow lost the one I was writingThis book is the darling of book clubs all over the country but I found it to be insipid and flawed It showed great promise for about the first third Diffenbaugh seemed to show an accurate and heartbreaking portrait of a young girl who is let down by the foster care system She is angry and damaged This was believable and felt very realThe rest of the book didn't make a lot of sense to me This broken young woman is saved and loved by many people as she embarks into her new life as an emancipated adult Why? She's dirty and slow to communicate She disappears without explanation She isn't at all loveableThe author has uite a few errors in grammar where was the editing? and overuses some verbs I was very tired of characters being startled for instance I also felt that the use of foreshadowing was done with a very heavy hand I didn't need to be clobbered over the head with it A subtle hint would have been enoughThis author shows promise but this novel is over rated

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Ious stranger has her uestioning what’s been missing in her life And when she’s forced to confront a painful secret from her past she must decide whether it’s worth risking everything for a second chance at happiness  Look for special features inside Join the Circle for author chats a Update 199 Kindle special today If any of my friends especially women friends have missed reading this booknow is a good time to buy it Vanessa the author truly wrote a book about something she has direct experience with The Foster Care SystemThe LANGUAGE of flowers Location San Francisco Vanessa went to Standard lived in the Bay Area and is very familiar with the SF Bay Area It's excellent Her first book My favorite book she wrote I started this book today On Valentines Dayand its already warming my heartI read than half of it already too hard to put down but now my husband is waiting for us to eat dinner we already exchanged gifts very sweetI LOVE LOVE LOVE this creative wonderful book I don't want it to endAs I saidI LOVE this book everything about it