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Sold into slavery Hekat dreams of power Fate leads her to the warlord Raklion and she begins turning dreams into reality For the nameless god of Mijak is with her and The Godspeaker eBook #180 it promises her the worldFar away the King of Et Wow 45 As I read the three in one version this book looked like uite a bite back when I started it Having read the Kingmaker series by her my expectations were blown away by the experience this book gaveThe first part of the trilogy focuses on Mijak and readfelt much like Steven Erikson or Glen Cook than Miller's first books It was very dark and detailed a descent into madness than anything else Broke convention for meThe second book read like a her other novels and is set in a much traditional fantasy setting Part two in and of itself would have warranted 3 stars from me but in light of what I had come through in the first it was refreshing Overall part two felt predictable and less outside the box The third was interesting a great mix of the two with much depth given to the Tsung Again the third went back to a Glen Cook like feel though it was not near as darkI believe that I got the epicgrim fantasy feel partially from the tone but much from the world feel Mijak and Tsung are much not usual settingscountries for fantasy literature which is the first distinguishing step the book takes Secondly magic is never really explained just a natural fact of the world while the plot is pushed by the characters I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did I was very pleasantly surprised

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The Godspeaker TrilogyFrom Mijak Yet as Ethrea comes ever closer to civil war a greater danger awaits Hekat still desires the world and power is no longer a dreamThis omnibus edition of THE GODSPEAKER TRILOGY includes Empress The Riven Kingdom and The Hammer of G This was a huge disappointment to me so huge that I gave up on fantasy for a while As a long life fantasy reader who used to sneak Mercedes lackey and robin McKinley books into middle school and place them in my textbooks to read during class this was a BIG DEAL for me to stop reading fantasy for a bit It was a disappointment because the first book was so so so good So different from the Tolkien GRRM Jordan imitators This was an epic fantasy that smacked reeked OOZED otherness in the first book Hekat was a fascinating character who lived and thrived in a fascinating culture And then the awful second book And awful third book Suddenly there is some good forgettable princess Maybe a duchess Maybe I don’t give a shit Living in europe Who is going to battle this great character Hekat and save the world with the help of Hekats exiled son Yawn I didn’t care about this new character and never did I wanted Hekat to destroy new character woman’s kingdom because that kingdom was so uninspired and blandAlthough Hekat is a character I hated because she is tyrantdespot at least I want to read about her her culture Because she and it were fresh and new and not medieval clones 2 stars because it takes a lot of skill to write a despicable character I want to read of and don’t necessarily want to be defeated I hate that this spiraled into medievalism in books 2 3 The author should just burn those books and rewrite 2 3 with the interesting character and not the duchess

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FREE EPUB Í MOBI The Godspeaker Trilogy ó 9780316209229 ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➿ The Godspeaker Trilogy Author Karen Miller – Sold into slavery Hekat dreams of power Fate leads her to the warlord Raklion and she begins turning dreams into reality For the nameless god of Mijak is wHrea is dying His daughter Princess Rhian is ready to rule but if her enemies have their way the crown of Ethrea will never be worn by a womanDexterity Jones is a toymaker To protect Rhian and his country he must place his trust in an exile I once saw a review that described Karen Miller as a bi polar writer she's either brilliant or terrible The Godspeaker trilogy is an example of terrible angst ridden writingIt reads like a bad Shakespearean tragedy I don't know about you but when I read a novel I invest a lot of feeling into my characters so when they get killed off I expected their death to at least contribute to the storyline I feel like the dialogue in most of this trilogy consisted ofCharacter 1 makes an argument to do somethingCharacter 2 argues against it50 pages later rinse and repeat the argument 100 pages later do so again At the end of the book suddenly Character 2 does an about face and suddenly agrees with Character 1 for no reason It's frustrating that all the characters are so illogical