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FREE PDF ß BOOK The Dead Room ☆ CHRIS MOONEY ☆ ❴Epub❵ ❥ The Dead Room Author Chris Mooney – When Special Investigator Darby McCormick is summoned to search for a missing teenage boy she has no idea the case will come to haunt every waking moment The boy had been in the care of a maNgerprints reveal him to be long dead gangster Frank Sullivan killed by the FBI some 20 years earlie Book 3 in the series Lots of layers and twists and turns Good action and details of the crimes and police work I'm still struggling to imagine what the main character really looks like except for hair and eye colour But she has a solid moral code Easy to read and it flowed very well

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When Special Investigator Darby McCormick is summoned to search for a missing teenage boy she has no I'm giving 4 stars because it kept me gripped from start to finish and I read it in two sittings What's remarkable about my score is that the book contained a lot of elements that really frustrate me too much description over unimportant details such as house layout etc and what roads a character takes to get to a destination a particular pet hate Also the plot heavily features a mob related storyline something that doesn't generally interest me I stopped reading Mark Billingham because of too much gang warfare stuffHowever the plot had a lot of other things going on most of it uite interesting and gripping The plot has lots of twists and turns It involves crime scene officer Darby McCormick arriving at a homicide in which a woman has been murdered and her son injured The case soon starts turning up fingerprints of people who are supposed to be dead Several leads trace back to the death of head Irish mobster Frankie Sullivan who was supposed to have died in an FBI raid 26 years prior along with several FBI agents There's a side plot involving Jamie Russo a woman who survived an attack seeking revenge on those who murdered her husbandYou can tell this was written when CSI and The Sopranos were the big things on television with the strong mob connections and some dry descriptions of various crime scene technologies But it still moves at a breakneck pace and delivers an exciting if a bit far fetched conspiracy at the heart of things linking all the way back to the murder of Darby's father There is a particular plot twist that I didn't see coming even though it's uite overused these days It was a bit upsetting however view spoilerJamie's two sons who apparently survived the attack that killed Jamie's husband were actually dead all along Normally I can spot that sort of twist a mile off but here it was handled cleverly But I cared for the characters so it left me sad and depressed I may have to go read a happy ever after romance now hide spoiler

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The Dead RoomIdea the case will come to haunt every waking moment The boy had been in the care of a man whose fi The Dead Room by Chris Mooney Title The Dead RoomAuthor Chris MooneyFirst Published February 2013Publisher Penguin Pages 464Price on Paperback £799 Kindle £399ISBN 1405913800Darby McCormick is back in the third book of the series When a mother and son are violently attacked Darby and her team are called in to investigateThe further Darby digs the secrets come to the surface with a dead man's fingerprints appearing at the crime scene can Darby figure out the puzzle before it's too late? I am really enjoying this series I love following Darby and her team This series has uickly become one of my favourite series this year I find myself unable to put the book down once I start it I find the plot of each book to be really interesting a new murder mystery in each book but with smaller personal stories for each character continuing from each book linking them all together I find myself getting really involved with the characters and also getting lost in the story which to me is the sign of a great read and an excellent book As a reader you want to be sucked into the world of the book you are reading and transported there you want to feel like your part of the story and for me this series does just that I am really enjoying these books so much I have literally just spent my last £399 on the next book Rating five stars Would I Read Again? Yes Would I Recommend? YesWould I read other books by the same author? YesReviews for this book can be found on under Lu's ReviewsGoodreadsNet GalleyMy Blogs at wwwlu ellensreadingandreviewingblogwwwlusreviewsblogwordpresscomLinks to this review can be found atTwitter lusreviewsFacebook lusreviews Instagram lusreviews