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Marching Through GeorgiaSo attempts to educate the reader on the background of the Domination Government military social structures and the hist A really interesting alternate history about what might have happened if the British had moved their Loyalists from the USA to South Africa at the time of the American Revolution The White slave owners took over from the Boers and with additions along the way created a revolutionary society with slavery being a large part of it This story takes place in WWII when the Draka defeat the German Nazis and take over Europe Can be hard to read in places

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Marching Through Georgia is the first of four books of SM Stirling's alternate history series The DominationThe novel al I read this book first 10 years ago I can't finish it today SM Stirling has endured uite a bit of criticism for this book to the extent that he began the title page to his later non Draka book Conuistador with this uotation There is a technical term for someone who confuses the opinions of a character in a book with those of the author That term is 'idiot'I don't make any presumptions as to Stirling's opinions That's THE cardinal sin of literature analysis Leaving the author's work as separate from the author though does not make this book any better In the introduction to the short story collection Drakas Stirling states that he distilled the worst of Western Civilization put it onto the mineral rich Cape of Good Hope ironically named in this context and then let the worst of all possibilities emerge Ergo a dystopia Great No problem Depending on where you draw the start up of Sci fi Frankenstein The Time Machine The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym dystopia is there But consider the best of the genre 1984 is probably the easiest but that's a cliched example and the comparisons to Marching Through Georgia are way too obvious Instead think of The Iron Dream by Norman Spinrad a really great book for its satirical take on the sci fi genre itself Like the Draka books it's an alternate history imagining the distillation of the worst of Western Civilization though in one individual instead of one country The conceit of the novel is that Adolf Hitler emigrates to the United States and becomes a science fiction writer who disseminates his far right philosophy via award winning science fiction novels extolling the sword and sorcery virtues of racial purity and SS chic to an American populace eagerly snapping them it up His influence is such that The Lord of the Swastika the novel within a novel creates its own fan culture of leather and silver clad geeks who play Naziism on the weekends The purpose of the novel is to expose a far right and authoritarian tendency within the genre and its authors here's looking at you Heinlein It's an effective novel because its frame narrative takes away from any appeal the fictional novel may generate aside from the fact that The Lord of the Swastika is deliberately not very well written Marching Through Georgia however is reasonable well written It has no frame narrative The Draka kill Nazis The main character is a reluctant soldier and a decent enough sort The nation he lives in is a superpower with cool guns and tanks that never loses Sure the Draka preach nationalracial supremacy and practice slavery but a section of the book has a slave state that even though she's a slave she's better off under the Draka than with her parents who mistreated her and the Draka believe their supremacy is only through hard work And then it's off to the rest of the novel which is pure action SM Stirling says that he's confused why people would want to live in this world It's because he didn't really create a dystopia He created a world that's blonde sexy and packing where no one works except slaves who really don't mind and actually rather like being slaves Christian or any other morality is no obstacle save what brings the absolute pleasure although occasionally there's a war But even then war brings out a bunch of cool toys and the Draka are guaranteed to win Stirling remarkably skirted the whole point of dystopia then which is to come back to the reader That's why most dystopias put the reader in the mind of the oppressed to illustrate what is wrong with the fictional society and thereby keep note of those aspects that seem familiar in day to day life Stirling didn't accomplish this In fact he appears to go out of his way to not accomplish this fact reveling in action and technology rather than social commentary which makes his Draka series unreadable to me any longer

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PDF » BOOK Marching Through Georgia FREE â [Download] ➸ Marching Through Georgia ➽ S.M. Stirling – Gwairsoft.co.uk Marching Through Georgia is the first of four books of SM Stirling's alternate history series The DominationThe novel also attempts to educate the reader on the background of the Domination Government MarchiOrical development of the Draka are all outlined hereThe paperback edition contains the full version of Stirling's story Fun to read Bloody awful universe to live in