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Mary Pope Osborne and Giselle Potter’s funny magical retelling of a favorite fairy tale featuring Kate a new and. This feminist twist on the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk really resonanted with me I think this would so excellent to be included in a classroom for girls and boys to experience the idea that yes girls can be heroines even against great odds In this version written by Mary Pope Obsorne and illustrated by Gisele Potter in sort of a Picasso way I can't remember what period of his artistic life the opening endpages lead you right to the heart of the story the castle How she disguises herself and the drawings that show those are just delightful The way the story is laid out in text is really strong and different from the original version the words become alive ie see the pages each time Jane reaches the castle I think this would be a great educational tool for younger grades so that the students hear than one possibility But as a writing illustrating assignment it could mentor the older students to create their own version and story line the only rule being that they have to stay within the basic lines of the tale That could be a really rich creative avenue all ages

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Kate and the BeanstalkInspiring heroine Fee Fi Fo Fum’un I smell the blood of an Englishwoman Be she alive or be she dead I'll grind he. Surprisingly this book stood fairly true to the story that I grew up knowing of Jack and the Beanstalk Instead of Jack being the main character it was a girl named Kate However the ending had a fun twist to it The castle to where the beanstalk led to once belonged to a noble knight and his wife They had an infant but the noble knight was killed by the giant and the wife and her child had to live below In the end we discover that Kate was the infant and her mother was the wife to noble knight Of course there is a happy ending when the giant dies but again this book had a bit of uniue twist to it Also the author added another twist by including a fairy who tested Kate to see if she was worthy of her inheritance The book gives this feel of a princess story but without the prince I think kids would enjoy the book but I wasn't to big of fan of the illustrations I find it fun to look for childhood stories and read different endings

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Kate and the Beanstalk Summary î 2 Ç ❰Read❯ ➲ Kate and the Beanstalk Author Mary Pope Osborne – Gwairsoft.co.uk Mary Pope Osborne and Giselle Potter’s funny magical retelling of a favorite fairy tale featuring Kate a new and inspiring heroine Fee Fi Fo Fum’un I smell the blood of an Englishwoman Be she aliv Mary PopR bones to make my bread Readers will cheer on the resourceful gutsy Kate as she outsmarts the famously greedy gian. Title Kate and the BeanstalkAuthor Mary Pope OsborneIllustrator Giselle PotterGenre Non European FolktaleThemes Doing the right thingOpening linesentence Long ago a girl named Kate lived with her mother in a humble cottage Brief Book Summary A uniue twist on Jack and the Beanstalk where the main character is a young resourceful girl named Kate who puts others before herself Kate ends up outwitting a giant and his wife by stealing three treasures from them She later finds out theses treasures rightfully belonged to her and her mother and by stealing them and defeating the giant she avenged her father’s death Professional RecommendationReview #1 Ilene Cooper Booklist Nov 15 2000 Vol 97 No 6 This delightful version of Jack and the Beanstalk seamlessly incorporates several new elements while retaining all the story's winning aspects First and foremost of course is that Jack has metamorphosed into Kate a plucky girl who climbs the vine without hesitation and cunningly tricks the giant out of his hen his gold and his harp A variation on the plot is Kate's right to the treasure she is the daughter of a knight the giant has killed The text is straightforward but punctuated by some delicious dialogue especially between Kate and the giant's giant housekeeper The oversize format suits Potter's art very well allowing full range for huge characters climbing beanstalks and raucous action Using a variety of mediums pencil ink gouache and watercolor the illustrations are executed in Potter's signature folk art style They are immediate innovative and just the right size for story hours Fee fi fo fun Professional RecommendationReview #2 Sharon Salluzzo Children's Literature Much to her mother's great consternation Kate trades their cow for a few magic beans Her mother tosses them out the window and the beanstalk grows high into the sky When Kate climbs the beanstalk she meets an old woman who tells her that the castle she sees once belonged to a knight and his wife Kate agrees to go to the castle and retrieve three precious treasures from the giant The familiar old tale has been rewritten with a plucky resourceful heroine and a lively often humorous pleasing to the ear text Potter's perspectives stretch the reader's imagination The giant is truly a menacing figure Effective use of line and the soft palette bring out the drama and the wonder of this cleverly retold taleResponse to Two Professional Reviews Both professional reviews are impressed by the dialogue and the writing style of this book They both believe that the story keeps all of the important detailsevents that happen in the original text but also does a good job of making Kate and the Beanstalk a whole new experience for the reader The first reviewer comments on the use of a variety of mediums the illustrator uses such as pencil ink and water color and the second reviewer compliments on the effective use of lines and the soft palette in the illustrations Evaluation of Literary Elements Mary Pope Osborne does a notable job of making the main character very likable and very witty in result readers are rooting for her to succeed in stealing the treasures There is also repetition used Kate ha