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eBook Í Dead Silence Paperback Read À gwairsoft ´ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Dead Silence By Brenda Novak ✐ – Gwairsoft.co.uk There's a body buried behind a Mississippi farmhouseGrace Montgomery knows who it is and she knows why it happened She was only thirteen the night it all went wrong And now like thenThere's a body buried behind a Mississippi farmhouseGrace Montgomery knows who it is and she knows why it happened She was only thirteen the night it all went wrong And now like then she has no choice but to keep her mouth shutGrace left the town of Stillwater thirteen years ago trying to f Dead Silence by Brenda Novak is the first book in the Stillwater Trilogy Although each book features a different couple they need to be read in order as the books are connectedDead Silence introduces Grace Montgomery and Kennedy Archer Grace did not have an easy childhood She lost her innocence from the age of thirteen and since then everything went spiralling out of control Her break came when she got the opportunity to leave Stillwater She turned her life around Several years still haunted by the tragic events that occurred when she was only thirteen years old she returned to Stillwater hoping to exorcise the ghosts of her past Up on her return she realized the residents unfavorable opinion of her had not changed and that they still blamed her family for the disappearance of their beloved Reverend Lee Barker who was her stepfatherKennedy Archer was the popular boy in school whom Grace had a crush but he never gave her the time of day Now eighteen years later a widower and father to two adorable little boys he found himself drawn to Grace She wanted nothing to do with him despite her attraction to him as he was a reminder of her horrible past However when his son Teddy kept visiting and hanging out with her she found herself caught up in her attraction for Kennedy But will she be able to let go of the past and cease the happiness that she deservesI enjoyed the interaction between Grace and Kennedy and I loved the bond she developed with his sons The relationship between the main characters developed too fast for my liking given the circumstances I admired how he stood by her especially when she revealed the truth of what happened in her pastI found the mystery intriguing Readers know what happened to the reverend and why but the location of his remains was an enigma Only one person knows and he ain’t talking There were moments when I feared for Grace as there was one person determined to see her pay for the reverend’s disappearanceThe supporting characters enhanced the story and I enjoyed getting to know them although there was one I didn’t particularly like I especially loved Grace’s brother Clay whose story we will be getting in book two and I cannot wait to see how that one will play outI enjoyed the narration This was my first time listening to Suzanne Toren and I thought she did a wonderful job capturing the characters I loved how she brought across the emotions of the characters I would definitely listen to her againConclusionRecommendationI found this to be a splendid start to the series and I am looking forward to the next bookThis review was originally posted on Totally Addicted to Reading

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Number of whom suspect the truthWidower Kennedy Archer is one of those people He's running for mayor and needs to stay as far away from Grace as possible And yet she's an enigma he can't resist Even though her enemies are close to finding out what really happened and that could ruin them bo I've heard a lot about Brenda Novak from friends and was curious do read the bookIt's a uick read light not anything really special in terms of mistery and thriller as we know almost everything from the beginning and just wait to see the expected relationship between Grace and Kennedy develop and if the crime is discovered or not I've seen this is a trilogy I think it will be of the same just changing the main character I'll probably read it though a little romantic mysteries never hurt anyone

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Dead SilenceOrget trying to make good As an assistant DA in Jackson she's finally achieved the success that was supposed to change her life But it hasn't so she's come back to confront her own history Which means returning to the farmhouse now owned by her brother and facing the people of Stillwater a Dead Silence was a great start to the Stillwater series And I am glad all three books are connected than it just being set in the same town or having characters that appear in multiple books I loved how the author didn't spill the beans on what happened eighteen years ago We received small clues into the event which was a great way to keep me interested throughout the book The main character Grace definitely didn't have a easy childhoodteenage years but she ended becoming a very strong woman Kennedy seems like a straight up guy and the all American boy next door He does his best to approach Grace to whom he is attracted to But Grace can't forget about the past that easily plus she is keeping secrets But when Kennedy's son Teddy keeps on visiting and hanging out with Grace she can't ignore him any I have to say that I absolutely LOVED the interactions between Kennedy's two boys and Grace Especially Teddy was such a cute and curious boy I did think the relationship between Kennedy and Grace developed a bit fast but it didn't bother me that much I am looking forward to seeing what will happen next