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FREE DOC Â READER Benice By Metin Karayaka ¸ GWAIRSOFT Ë [PDF] ✑ Benice ✪ Metin Karayaka – A Treasure Island for the modern era The writing style is reminiscent of the prose in The Alchemist featuring turns of phrase that offer nuggets of wisdom — Kirkus Reviews starred review A Alk the plankStarring sharks pirates parrots parents lobster popsters Seabubbles Giant Yang Yang Little Fan Fan aunties sisters brothers and friends Benice will take you on a journey that's as heartwarming as it is hair raising Thrill to a swashbuckling adventure wonder at the hidden truth and cherish the kind of friends that will stay with you for life Perfect for young readers starting to learn life's most important lessons Benice is a classic adventure suitable for all the family the sort of story that will inspire nights reading under the covers and days sailing the high seas of imaginati This was a lovely story sure to become a classic The action is balanced with magical wonder and friendship It was a pure joy to read

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A Treasure Island for the modern era The writing style is reminiscent of the prose in The Alchemist featuring turns of phrase that offer nuggets of wisdom Kirkus Reviews starred review A middle grade bedtime storybook written and illustrated in the tradition of classics While adventures teach boys and girls importance of family and friendship in their lives adults will love the good lessons about not making the wrong decisions when life offers challengesLevend is just twelve when he meets Mr Ben Ice a gruff fisherman whose peg leg eyepatch and hook hand all but prove a lifetime of piracy Bu Received the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review If weaving a powerful message through a story is an art then Metin Karayaka is the master of it Two best friends Levend and Orion arrive at Yalova a fisherman's haven for a private party The sight of little kids returning from their brief fishing expedition kindles a sense of reminiscence in Levend who once used to do the same They initiate a conversation with the kids by touching upon the subject of fishing which later drifted off to the topic of the private party which they came to attend The kids express their discontent towards the party as it would hinder them from venturing into the seas for fishing the main source of their livelihood With the audience around them in a somber mood Levend decides to brighten up the atmosphere and uizzes them about MrBen an enigmatic character who once lived in Yalova The very mention of his name triggers a wave of responses from the kids Seizing their elevated excitement levels Levend starts to spin a tale about the adventures he had with MrBen later finished by Orion who chips in sharing his own share of experiences with that man Benice is a heartwarming tale about Love Friendship Fight Treachery Pain and Heartbreak that revolves around the man who goes by the name MrBen and a host of other characters Just when you think the pace of the story is flat the unexpected plot twist hits you hard bringing you to the edge of your seat The characterization of MrBen couldn't have been better and the various shades he exhibited throughout the story will keep you wondering about his true nature The dialogues were well written the twists were well placed and the whole narrative seemed so natural The biggest highlight of the book is definitely the climax which had a profound effect on me in addition to the impact it had on the fictional characters I adored each and every character in the story and overall it's a book which would leave you teary eyed but with a smile on your faceI know its just the beginning of the year but this one has rightfully earned a place in my Top Ten books of 2019

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Benice By Metin KarayaT life in Yalova is hard and if this intimidating figure can help Levend support his family then he'll gladly accompany him on the fishing trip of a lifetime even if it's packed with danger adventure and friendship than either of them could ever have expectedAs Levend discovers and about his would be captain he becomes embroiled in a dangerous pirate feud a hunt for sunken treasure and the chance to forge friendships that will last a lifetime even if that only means the next few minutes Confronted by timeless love and shocking betrayal Levend must decide who he can trust and who'll make him w Swashbuckling and silly I loved this book It is a great young reader tale with a sort of foolish magical uality Or rather expect to suspend disbelief The text is really good with nice pacing and appealing turns of phrase but the illustrations are wonderful I finished this book uickly and am now planning to get the book for the young readers in my life Thanks to NetGalley for the free copy for an honest review