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Alexander Hamilton A Concise Biography kindle ✓ eBook 9780760790359 Free ¸ Broadus Mitchell è [Read] ➬ Alexander Hamilton A Concise Biography By Broadus Mitchell – His violent death at the hands of a former vice president cut him down before heItchell describes the extraordinary passage of this truly self made man; from child born out of West Indian wedlock to American Founding Father and architect of the young republic Mitchell’s stature as Hamilton’s foremost biographer gives this narrative an unrivaled authority and depth He tr Read many years ago I remember it as a good biography as a part of my growing interest in American History

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Acks his subject through Revolutionary War hard times and fierce colonial controversies His account of Hamilton’s political philosophy will demolish forever the image of him as a brazen aristocrat Alexander Hamilton A Concise Biography presents a great national leader in the context of his tim This was an interesting book but not terribly well written The author is obsessed with every detail of Hamilton's life to the point where it's impossible to discern any broader point or narrative Still worth the read though some of the details are uite interesting but they come across as just that details

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Alexander Hamilton A Concise BiographyHis violent death at the hands of a former vice president cut him down before he reached fifty but Alexander Hamilton still lived a life of renaissance dimensions soldier; statesman; politician; financier; writer; orator; intellectual In this concise biography famed Hamilton specialist Broadus M Broadus Mitchell who in his long life was recognized as THE expert on Alexander Hamilton wrote several long and short versions of his life This one is an abridged version of his multi volume biography and is useful and informativeHamilton was a prodigy who overcame humbler circumstances than any other of the Founding Fathers I can think of He was of illegitimate birth born in the West Indies in 1755 He was a bright kid anda merchant he worked for sent him to New York for an education which he got at Kings College nowColumbia University It was a short step to Revolutionary activities and when the shooting started heraised a company of volunteersAfter the Battle of Princeton he became a staff officer to the man himself George Washington Hisrelationship with Washington was like with the father he never had In fact among Washington'stop commanders and his staff there was a filial devotion you would rarely see Washington was that kind of leader After Yorktown and the surrender of the British Hamilton got elected to the Continental Congressand started campaigning for a new form government a strong national government Possiblybecause of where he was from and his birth Hamilton until the day he died always thought in termsof a whole nation He was from New York but that was a secondary allegianceHe represented New York at the Constitutional Convention and fought hard in his home state toget the new Constitution adopted He James Madison and John Jay wrote a series of essays the Federalist Papers which put forth their arguments Those three may be the reason the Constitutionwas adopted the clear and simple arguments put forth won the dayWhen George Washington became our first president it was taken for granted that Hamilton wouldbe part of his Cabinet which only consisted of 4 offices back then He became our first Secretary ofthe Treasury Hamilton thought it critical and essential that industries would develop and that a commercialclass of bankers and merchants develop He had a plan some of which consisted of a protectivetariff for new industries the federal government assuming all debt obligations of states and a national bank charted by the Federal government All this was opposed by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson both openly and sub rosa with peoplein Congress and out who had this same point of view Hamilton and Jefferson uarreled over foreign policy as well with Jefferson as a Francophile and Hamilton desiring closer relations withGreat Britain Only Washington favored neutrality in fact After both Hamilton and Jefferson leftthe cabinet Washington in the last years of his presidency came down on Hamilton's sideBut his successor was John Adams who was Vice President and pretty ignored during the administration setting a pattern for the office which has not much official power in any event Adams for the first two years of his presidency gave little direction and the cabinet which he inherited from Washington were Hamilton's friends and took direction from him When Adams didreassert control the Federalists were fatally split Thomas Jefferson in 1800 was elected ourthird presidentHamilton in these years was a young elder statesman and he got into a public uarrel with Jefferson's Vice President Aaron Burr In 1804 they fought a duel in which Hamilton was killedHamilton remains a fascinating character to this day He was brilliant but also inclined to be vainand headstrong He also had a world class libido still he managed to father 8 kids with wifeElizabeth Schuyler so she certainly got some attentionWhen different people were being discussed to replace some who are on our currency there wastalk of Hamilton's replacement among others That was suelched because if anyone was entitledto be on American money it was Alexander Hamilton