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FREE PDF Ü BOOK Sustained Á [Ebook] ➩ Sustained By Emma Chase – A knight in tarnished armor is still a knightWhen you’re a defense attorney in Washington DC you see firsthand how hard life can be and that sometimes the only way to survive is to be harder I Jake A knight in tarnished armor is still a knightWhen you’re a deThe ever loving hell out of my life Now I'm going to Mommy Me classes One Direction concerts the emergency room and arguing cases in the principal's officeChelsea’s too sweet too innocent and too gorgeous for her own good She tries to be tough but she’s not She needs someone to help her defend herand the kidsAnd that that I know how to d 5 SEXY JAKE STARS “A knight in tarnished armor is still a knight”Emma Chase is a rare and gifted breed of author that has the natural knack of mixing hilarity with a little bit of angst and a whole lot of hot and sexy to perfection Sustained the second book in her Legal Briefs series was Perfect becauseit really fucking was Jake Becker is a criminal defense attorney and likes things organized his way neat and easy He's Mr No Strings definitely a playboy and has no shame in admitting it “A woman’s mind and personality don’t turn me on It’s her other parts that hold my attention”He gets a wake up call when a past one night stand tells him he may have a STD and he has to get tested Jake in discussion with Stanton Sofia and Brent considers dating so he’s getting regular sex from one partner rather than many“I wonder if the pussy is better if you actually know the girl’s name”Then one day Jake's life gets real complicated and messy when he meets Chelsea Mcuaid recent guardian to her 6 nieces and nephews Chelsea's smart funny beautiful and has a huge caring heart Even with all the chaos around them Jake and Chelsea just click I loved how Emma let Jake and Chelsea’s relationship gradually grow as she took us through their natural progression from friends to lovers Chelsea and Jake were so real and had my tummy a flutter with all the great feels yet there was also a fragility to their relationship Jake still had so much to work out and Chelsea's life had dramatically shifted to a place where she doesn't have time for games and uncertainty And Jake with the kids was simply adorable He’s honest says it like it is but he’s also caring protective and has their best interest at heart Oh man Jake “I want her – this fearless stunning woman And I want the kids Those perfect awful amazing children – whom she loves with every inch of her soul I want them to be mine Mine to hold mine to protect and teach Their joy their laughter their love I want to come home to it bask in it be the reason for it”I highly recommend this book and this series Absolute tingles of joy laughs and all over feel good read Just writing this review makes me want to read it again Emma thanks for another fantastic read Simply the best I'm so hooked on these sexy hot lawyers and really looking forward to Brent's An advance reading copy was generously provided by Emma Chase in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews and blog posts

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Witness on the standComplications don’t work for me I’m a “need to know” type of man If you’re my client tell me the basic facts If you’re my date stick to what will turn you on I’m not a therapist or Prince Charming and I don’t pretend to beThen Chelsea Mcuaid and her six orphaned nieces and nephews came along and complicated 45 stars A knight in tarnished armor is still a knight Sustained is a very funny feel good heartwarming read Emma Chase is perfect at writing steamy stories that make you laugh out loud Jake may be my favorite character of hers since Drew Jake is a defense attorney They guy who defends the criminals He’s also a playboy But one scare makes him want to change his ways and start to date before sleeping with girls Jake is the type of guy who isn’t planning on settling down He doesn’t do commitment or relationships Then he meets Chelsea and the six nieces and nephews she’s recently been given custody too Chelsea’s entire life was changed when her brother and his wife died leaving behind six children between the age of baby and teen Now instead of grad school she’s changing diapers and taking kids to practices and school events Guys aren’t even on her radar right now Until Jake comes into the picture Chelsea and Jake were wonderful together I loved the build up when it came to their relationship “Do you want me”
“All the time I can’t remember not wanting you any” Jake really is the best He’s so likable and seeing him with the kids was fantastic That was probably my favorite part of the book Whether it’s getting the kids kicked out of piano lessons playdates teaching them how to fight or giving some unsolicited advice it’s guaranteed to have your heart melting and have you rolling with laughter “Riley boys your age are really not worth your time They’re selfish and stupid It’s not their fault; they’re just programed that way by they’re still a lost cause I think you should stay away from all of them until you’re at least twenty five Or have you considered being a lesbian”She looks at me blankly “That is so offensive”
I raise one hand “Just trying to be helpful” Jake and Chelsea’s story is one I would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a story that will make you laugh and make your heart happy I love books with kids in them and Jake with the kids made this story All Emma Chase fans should check this one out This is her best work since Tangled One of the most entertaining books I’ve read lately “You just make everything better”

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SustainedA knight in tarnished armor is still a knightWhen you’re a defense attorney in Washington DC you see firsthand how hard life can be and that sometimes the only way to survive is to be harder I Jake Becker have a reputation for being cold callous and intimidating and that suits me just fine In fact it’s necessary when I’m breaking down a These characters this story is so dear to my heart so very special to me I hope Jake Chelsea and the kids make you laugh and make you teary eyed I hope they leave you smiling and thinking of them long after you're finished reading And I hope Sustained becomes as special to you as it is to meThank you for readingAll my bestEmma