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Read Florida by Lauren Groff ePub Ö Hardcover Ó Lauren Groff ¸ [Ebook] ➢ Florida Author Lauren Groff – The stories in this collection span characters towns decades even centuries but Florida—its landscape climate history and state of mind—becomes its gravitational center an enCh as a place of residence Groff transports the reader then jolts us alert with a crackle of wit a wave of sadness a flash of cruelty as she writes about loneliness rage family and the passag Here's the thing I really do love Groff's writing These short stories are no exception; she is a master craftsman She paints so well with her words and phrasing It's just thatI don't do so well with dark and all eleven of these stories are pretty dark I don't think Lauren Groff likes Florida very muchHere's what I took away from this collection Florida is mold feral cats snakes bugs humidity rot spanish moss vines gators sinkholes homelessness tent cities termites mosuitos hurricanes lizards panthers a damp and dense tangle bleaching sun dread and heatMotherhood is something to be deeply conflicted about When in doubt drink heavilyEveryone is lonely; loneliness is everwhere and ghosts surround you When lonely drink heavilyMen are predatory scum rapists abusive devious self involved OR tender and kind fathershusbands OR any combination of the above yet another thing to be deeply conflicted aboutGlobal warming climate change is something to obsess about on a daily basis These are all really well articulated stories but they are also disturbingly bleak I was relieved to be done with the bookA 4 for the writing a 3 for how much I liked it If Goodreads allowed it I would give this a 35 but rounding down to a 3 because I just didn't really like it I'm spending two weeks in Florida in October That gives me just over 3 months to shake this off

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E of time With shocking accuracy and effect she pinpoints the moments and decisions and connections behind human pleasure and pain hope and despair love and fury the moments that make us aliv Two major connected threads in this superb story collection are ambivalence about Florida and ambivalence about motherhood There’s an oppressive atmosphere throughout with environmental catastrophe an underlying threat Set ups vary in scope from almost the whole span of a life to one scene A dearth of named characters emphasizes just how universal the scenarios and emotions are Groff’s style is like a cross between Karen Russell’s Swamplandia and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and her unexpected turns of phrase jump off the pageThe narrator of “The Midnight Zone” staying with her sons in a hunting camp 20 miles from civilization ponders the cruelty of time and her failure to be sufficiently maternal while the woman in “Flower Hunters” is so lost in an eighteenth century naturalist’s book that she forgets to get Halloween costumes for her kids A few favorites of mine were “Ghosts and Empties” in which the narrator goes for long walks at twilight and watches time passing through the unwitting tableaux of the neighbors’ windows; “Eyewall” a matter of fact ghost story; and “Above and Below” in which a woman slips into homelessness – it’s terrifying how precarious her life is at every step Florida feels innovative and terrifyingly relevant Any one of its stories is a bracing read; together they form a masterpieceI reviewed this for the May 30th Stylist “Book Wars” columnSome favorite lines“What had been built to seem so solid was fragile in the face of time because time is impassive animal than human Time would not care if you fell out of it It would continue on without you” from “The Midnight Zone”“The wind played the chimney until the whole place wheezed like a bagpipe” from “Eyewall”“everybody is sleeping save for the tree frogs and the sinners” from “Snake Stories”“How lonely it would be the mother thinks looking at her children to live in this dark world without them” from “Yport”

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Florida by Lauren GroThe stories in this collection span characters towns decades even centuries but Florida its landscape climate history and state of mind becomes its gravitational center an energy a mood as mu A collection of eleven short stories set mostly in the titular state Florida examines the inner lives of young women and mothers afflicted by malaise alcoholism and occasionally despair Abusive men neglected children unbearable storms and the southern wilderness recur throughout the collection; the pieces gathered here feel like variations on the same set of themes Groff writes lush sentences full of palpable and unsettling images and her stories move at a measured pace Sometimes the stories felt scattered in focus and occasionally I wished they would have ended on definitive notes Favorite stories included Ghost and Empties Above and Below and Yport