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PDF À BOOK The Sun Witch Berkley Sensation Ù GWAIRSOFT ì [Ebook] ➤ The Sun Witch Berkley Sensation ➪ Linda Winstead Jones – Gwairsoft.co.uk For three hundred years the Fyne women have called their cottage on the mountain home The villagers stay away from the Fyne sisters fearing their witchery ButFor three hundred years the Fyne women have called their cottage on the mountain home The villagers stay away from the Fyne sisters fearing their witchery But Isadora Juliet and Sophie use their sorcery for good most of the timeA curse put on their family long ago makes true love unattainable for the Fyne women Sophie's two elder sisters both skilled witches have accepted this and have vow So here's what I want to remember about this book before I ever decide to reread itPros Characters I enjoyed who had their desires and were likable or easy to dislike when necessary A romance that was predictable but built well It wasn't rubbed in my face and it wasn't nonsensical Much of a plot than I would have expected The palace was intriguing I loved the way it was the only place that had modern technology and no one uite understood it due to the confined nature I loved that sex wasn't risky or tabooCons There is a scene where one character is forcibly drugged well two but only one that made me anxious and uncomfortable The characterization of the man that starts the actual journey rolling seems to be offensively male privileged and that's it He decides that our leading lady belongs to him despite her disinterest; decides to punish her for lying with another man; feels that if she doesn't do as he wishes he should rough her up some and of course no one would mind because women who disobey should be treated this way SPOILER The secondary romance between the King and his concubine is terribly problematic in the I hate you and want to kill you and you abuse me and make me kill people but look at the end of the book we confess our love Even though I love her character I really wish she hadn't succumbed to that trope thoughAlso what is up with the need for nearly every name to contain a Y? I found that terribly distracting

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Ed a lifetime of chastity But young Sophie has yet to find her own power With luscious curves than her sisters Sophie wonders if the fire coursing through her body might be an indication of her true strength She dreams of a green eyed stranger and when she finally does meet the man of her dreams Sophie knows her power nature has gifted her with fertilityAlthough groggy from war wounds Kane I ended up enjoying this book and as it went along It is definitely a very stereotypical romance novel complete with swooning into a man's arms being kidnapped by a neanderthal srsly and glorifying marriage and babies as well as verrrrrry heteronormative the amount of times they refer to each other as my woman and my man and the obsession with babies and marriage omg but I liked it The plot is layered and no character or event is without its purpose The writing was serviceable and the connection between Sophie and Kane was genuine I really liked Sophie's character and as the story went on She's definitely got a full of sweetness and sunshine ness about her but that doesn't stop her from fighting for those she loves being angry when necessary being smart and navigating dangers For all her swooning and feeling empty without sexing her man she was a badass And she was badass in a completely different way then Liane which To be honest Liane and Sebestyan's relationship was the most compelling part of the book It was so complicated and twisted and interesting and the author managed to present it without judgment She neither condemned or glorified their relationship and both characters were honest with themselves about how unhealthy it was and how they wanted it to be better It was REALLY INTERESTINGI am super interested to read of the series because it's strongly hinted that we'll see of Liane in future books even though she is not one of the three sisters Overall a good read that got better as it went Nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering but it was solid and entertaining and had some well done elementsEDIT Four years later I still think about Liane Sebastyan from this series at least once a month and seriously want to re read it just for their dark and twisted relationship I'd recommend the series for their story alone

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The Sun Witch Berkley SensationCould have sworn that an angel came to him healed and made love to him Now after a year of searching for the girl who may or may not have been a dream Kane is stunned to find Sophie with his child at her breast But when a scorned suitor captures their infant daughter they must call on all their strengths both earthly and supernatural to fight the curse which promises to end their happines A fine read until Sophie started praising men a little excessively When did I want to stop reading? When she mentioned how men even laugh with strength Seriously What? I'm so damned disappointed because the whole premise sounds promising But nope if the rest of the book was like the first few chaptersyeah no Waste of time reading that Definitely Did Not Finish this book I'm off to find a new read 🙂 Adios and Happy Reading X