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reader  The Evolution of Lillie Gable Eastbrook Book 2 ☆ Paperback read ´ kristen otte ↠ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Evolution of Lillie Gable Eastbrook Book 2 By Kristen Otte ⚣ – Meet Lillie Gable high school sopho outgoing beautifulReputation because she has set her sights on Lillie's boyfriend Jake Heartbroken and humiliated Lillie can't return to the life she once Evolution of Lillie PDFEPUB #232 knew Does she have the strength and resolve to forge a new path now that everything is changing  The Evolution of Lillie Gable is a young adult realistic fiction novel for teens and up I never expected it would turn out to be really so good4 Stars to this fella over hereFor the complete review click on this link book starts with our main character Lillie who as described in the synopsis has a seemingly perfect life for a sopho But that’s were things really get twisted when she starts discovering and understanding how are only meant for high school satisfaction isn’t actually doing her any good Her parents are away almost every time and frustration slowly gives way to suspicion when she sees her father not making it home on occasions that were very important to their family picture of perfectI really enjoyed the book as a whole for it always gave a clear indication that our actions make us bear conseuences for better or worse The story felt real and focused I liked how the characters didn’t get away doing things but rather witnessed their repercussions This having said I also enjoyed the fact that even though the story has a lot to tell about everything it didn’t betray it’s title

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Fe is a wreck Her father is hiding a secret and Lillie is determined to find the The Evolution PDF or truth even if it tears apart her family While she searches for the truth about her father the last thing Lillie needs is a feud with Angela Barrett the brass bleached blonde senior who is the ueen of the rumor mill Angela is determined to ruin Lillie's Lillie Gable was content with her life a doting mom a loving boyfriend a caring bestfriend a spot in the basketball team heck she even got away from skipping first day of school Everything seemed in order Except for her always missing in action father She learned from so long ago not to hope for anything any promise from her dadDespite the kinda slow pacing in the story I enjoyed reading this a lot and have succumbed to the sighs and laughters and shocks that this book had in store for readers Lillie I think is no nonsense character a typical teenager a normal kid who longed for her father's attention When she and I finally discovered the truth though it felt like a basin of water was poured over my head I understood her pain distraught confusion longing and realization I understood her innermost emotionsI strongly believe that when you choose an action you also choose the conseuences of that action Lillie learned this the hard way She indeed had evolved and matured She understood and accepted and let go Her relationships with her mom bestfriend and boyfriend respectively proved to be worthy of keeping in the endI admire Kristen Otte's writing It is distinct well depicted heart rending and impassioned I think Otte did a really great job of creating flawed characters and making them grow I would love to read of her books in the ext coming days

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The Evolution of Lillie Gable Eastbrook Book 2Of Lillie MOBI #240 Meet Lillie Gable high school sopho outgoing beautiful athletic and funny She is the life of any party Her boyfriend Jake is a smoking hot senior and Lillie is on track to be a starter on the varsity girls' basketball team this year But trouble looms behind Evolution of Lillie Gable Eastbrook eBook #10003 the façade Lillie's home li The Evolution of Lillie Gable tells the story of high school sopho Lillie who appears to have the perfect life She has a super hot boyfriend a place on the basketball team and she's beautiful But behind the pretty exterior Lillie is having a tough time at home and she is determined to uncover a truth that could tear her family apartThe biggest achievement of this book is the great character development You expect there to be good development due to the title and it definitely lives up to this Lillie really does grow throughout the book She learns about herself her relationships and what it's like to be an adult Her determination is admirable and it was nice to see her mature One of the elements running throughout the book is basketball I personally don't have an interest in sports and so books with a lot of sport tend to bore me There are a lot of basketball scenes which are explained in detail but it didn't bother me as much as I would have expected it to The pace didn't slow and I actually found myself getting into the competition of itThe writing is good straight to the point and without the distraction of extraneous descriptions The story also carries a great message that actions come with repercussions Overall this was a very enjoyable read I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All reviews are also posted to my blog Nicola Reads YA