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Ure and unhappy marriage is on the brink of divorce and their finances are teetering on a knife’s edge after a series of failed filmsWhen the creditors come in to take possession of the house it seems all is lost and they have nowhere to turn but into the arms of their waiting loversBut when they receive an invitation to one of the legendary weekend house parties at Hearst Castle – which they know wil I have mixed feelings about this one It was an easy read but at the same I didn’t really love any of the characters The parts dealing with the glitz and glam of Hollywood were a drag for me to read But at the same time the New York backstory was intriguing and painful to read There were way too many grammatical errors in this book though which are always a let down

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Melting the Snow on Hester StreetL be filled every Hollywood big shot around – they cannot resist one last shot of making it in the film industry With gossip glamour scandal and decadence the party is the epitome of the Golden Era but for Maximilian and Eleanor the time has come to make a decision that will change their futureWill they sacrifice everything for fame and fortune or can Eleanor and Maximilian learn to love each other agai I was captivated by the cover of Melting the Snow on Hester Street browsing in Reader’s Feast Melbourne I still haven’t got out of my craze for 20’s era fiction and I loved the way the cover tagline referenced F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned The blurb suggested the book was about the last golden days of Hollywood before the great stock market crash of 1929 It’s definitely about that but so much The book also goes into great detail about New York life in the early 1900s and one of the worst industrial disasters in history the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Why is this not mentioned on the back This would be even likely to draw my interest as it was only mentioned briefly in another book I recently read Astor Place VintageSo what is this book really about We open with a scene between Charlie Chaplin and Marion Davies discussing a party to be held at the house of the famous Beecham couple Max is a noted director and Eleanor is a leading lady actress of both silent and ‘talkie’ films We start to suspect something might be wrong during the party as both Max and Eleanor’s lovers attend and there’s a few sticky moments The day after Eleanor heads for Reno after receiving a letter in the post – but it’s not divorce she’s after We then move back in time to a cold hungry New York and find out how the Beechams got to be the toast of Hollywood All around them their dreams are crumbling as the market fallsI really enjoyed the narrative of this story Waugh weaves the past and present very well together – I loved how the excess of the 1920s contrasts with the poverty of earlier New York The description of the Triangle fire was also brilliantly done – it was difficult to read at times so harrowing were the accounts of the people trying to leave the burning floors The narrative also moved along at a good pace that maintained my interest to keep readingand reading The characters are well drawn especially Eleanor who has a cool reserve that only melts as she discusses her time in New York As I learned about her I became sympathetic towards her She hasn’t had an easy life but she needs to hide it in glamorous Hollywood I felt that the wonderful story was let down by typos and spelling errors – note that I read a final copy not an ARC There are continual references to a rubbish ‘shoot’ first on page 168 – then on page 283 it starts off as a ‘chute’ but changes to a ‘shoot’ in the following sentence Similarly there is confusion between ‘principle’ and ‘principal’ on page 222 I’m sure that the gentleman concerned didn’t want to ‘stand on a principal’ Ouch There’s also a picture of The World newspaper after the Triangle fire with the heading ‘The World newspaper 1929’ – the Triangle fire was in 1911 These are basic errors and in my opinion should have been noted corrected before the final print I felt these issues lessened my enjoyment in the ending – I’m not sure how ambiguous the person in the big reveal was meant to be Are we meant to believe it’s the person that everyone thinks it is or someone else I felt I couldn’t trust the description of them to make a calculated judgement However it brought life and love back into Eleanor and Max’s lives which is a lovely thingA very interesting story told wellhttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom

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Download Melting the Snow on Hester Street mobi ¹ 416 pages Ë Daisy Waugh ´ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Melting the Snow on Hester Street Author Daisy Waugh – They saved each other once Can they save each other againIt is the blistering summer of 1929 and Hollywood’s glamorous seSnow on MOBI #237 They saved each other once Can they save each other againIt is the blistering summer of and Hollywood’s glamorous Melting the PDF set appear to have it all Everybody everywhere is living the Hollywood dream including the elegant and charming high society couple the Snow on PDF #10003 actor and actress Maximilian and Eleanor Beecham But beneath the sophistication and glamour their insec An easy and entertaining story to read with a satisfying ending Just a bit disappointed with the continuous grammatical errors and typos throughout the book which spoilt it a bit