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DivergentRmine who her friends really are and where exactly a romance with a sometimes fascinating sometimes exasperating boy fits into the life she's chosen But Tris also has a secret one she's kept hidden from everyone because she's been warned it can mean death And as she discovers unrest and growing conflict that threaten to unravel her seemingly perfect society she also learns that her secret might help her save those she loves or it might destroy he Today I almost attacked a man in public A man who was yelling at and abusing his partner Kicking the trolley shoving her and screaming obscenities at her I ditched the trolley I'd been pushing and stormed toward them my mind blank of anything but ruthless furyThe next part was like out of some stupid romance novel Mr Kennedy pulled back on my arm and said No There is no way you're going over there He took off the baby sling handed it to me and sent me to go put the groceries and baby in the car while he handled itUsually that's the part of the novel where the female heroine swoons or something but I only got angrier Did he just relegate me to child minding and packing away groceries? Because I have a uterus? To say I was unimpressed would be an understatementNever before have I actually wanted to be a man I love being a woman and I think being a woman is a fantastic thing to be But I wanted to kick that man's ass I absolutely hated myself for being weak and puny It's not fair To not be able to fight your own battles to not be able to stand up for weaker people when you want to It's so incredibly painfully unfair Why can't I have big muscles? Why couldn't Mr Kennedy wait by the car while I got to go up and play harpsichord with his lower intestinal tract? Why must I swallow my pride and accept that I'm just not as strong or muscular as Mr Kennedy?Perhaps it's that drive that made me connect so much with Tris I wonder what kind of personality types would enjoy this novel? I've seen a lot of three star reviews and I just can't fathom why when this book was a solid five stars for me Even with it's somewhat implausible storyline I loved itI loved all the characters especially Tris for being a hardass cold motherfucker when other YA protagonists would whither and melt into a gooey puddle of patheticness Maybe I connected with it because I could absolutely imagine being Dauntless Catching moving trains? Abseiling? Fighting? Sign me up now I think I would have loved every minute of itThe writing was uite smooth and the action seuences were clear concise and well explained The pacing and the plot never really give up making this book difficult to put down Over all I thoroughly loved this novel I'm hard pressed to come up with any flaws or issues that annoyed meMost of all it made me wish I really could kickass and take names like Tris does Perhaps taking up kickboxing would be a good place to start Don't forget to check out my blog Cuddlebuggery and add me on twitter

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MOBI Ä DOC Divergent 9780062024039 É [Reading] ➻ Divergent By Veronica Roth – In Beatrice Prior's dystopian Chicago world society is divided into five factions each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor the honest Abnegation the selfless Dauntless the bra In Beatrice Prior's dystopian ChicagoIn Beatrice Prior's dystopian Chicago world society is divided into five factions each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue Candor the honest Abnegation the selfless Dauntless the brave Amity the peaceful and Erudite the intelligent On an appointed day of every year all sixteen year olds must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives For Beatrice the decision is between staying with her family and being w What kind of ridiculous messOh manSo I know I say this in dissenting opinion as many on my friends list are partial to this book but I could not stand it So before I go off on my tirade I must explain You may be thinking to yourself why I gave it two stars and not one if I’m complaining so much Let me explain that two is pretty low on my scale Two is “why did I buy this” Or read this Or whatever One star is dramatic One is “this should not have been written” which I have given out as you may know But no I don’t believe that of Divergent Roth has an interesting concept It had potential But it’s the execution of the idea that was just awful to meI felt like I could feel what the author was thinking Regardless of whether or not this is true this is what I felt the author was saying to me through my copy of Divergent minorish and a few obvious spoilers to follow major spoiler hidden under cut you’ve been warned Research? Lol who needs to do that to write a book? No I know how to write a book okay I’ve read other books so I knowYou know what was a good book? The Hunger Games I liked Mockingjay as well so I think I’m going to put them together and write a book just like that Yea Okay Small petite girl check Dystopia check Living in an underground compound check Lessons about bravery and self sacrifice check Small girl trains with other people who are jealous of her success check Kills people check view spoiler Boyfriend gets programmed to hate her and tries to kill her check hide spoiler

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Ho she really is she can't have both So she makes a choice that surprises everyone including herselfDuring the highly competitive initiation that follows Beatrice renames herself Tris and struggles alongside her fellow initiates to live out the choice they have made Together they must undergo extreme physical tests of endurance and intense psychological simulations some with devastating conseuences As initiation transforms them all Tris must dete New week New BookTube Video all about the best and worst literary apocalypses to live throughThe Written Review Divergent the Walmart of Young AdultEnjoy the selflessness of Katnis? Love the Harry Potter houses? Adore the will they won't they love from Twilight? Well here's the watered down combination of every YA series out there There's Tris the most annoying main character I've met in a while The pendulum swings from from oh look at me I am such an innocent little abnegation gal I don't even look into a mirror cause I'm so selfless to and this is within a couple of chapters I'm the strongest girl ever selfish to the max got a hot boyfriend suck itand back again Constantly There's character development and then there's multiple personalities There's Four the super hot looooooove interestHe fulfills the roll of Slightly Creepy Older Guy Fixating on the Innocent He's her teacher and she's completely sheltered cue the romance Okay they're only 2 years apart but that's still statutory in my state Like I get it's supposed to be a steamy PG romance but this seems borderline abuse My first instinct is to push you until you break just to see how hard I have to press he says his fingers sueezing at the word break This book focuses far too much on forcing the relationship and shoe horning Tris into the self sacrificing hero role that there's little time for anything elselike a plotSo I could go onand onand on with my nitpicking on this series but instead I will leave you with my favorite scene of the bookThe Shower Scene aka the let's get Tris naked BECAUSE REASONSThis is the scene where Tris learns that she can't fit in her clothes cause her thigh muscles were SO BIG after training in dauntless for a couple of weeks While this raises a number of concerning uestions namely HOW did they grow in the 15 minutes it took to take a shower? and if she is such a body shamed abnegation girl then why in the world couldn't she just wear her old clothes back to the dorm? But we will disregard the obvious logic and solutions for the sake of the plot Due to her thunder thighs Tris was forced to walk back in a towel to the dorms The tension to skyrockets with this completely unnecessary nude scene which consisted of several rape y vibes and the complete humiliation of Tris all to let the audience know that the Bad Guys are really Mean slow clapping in the backgroundOverall not particularly excited about reading the next one Audiobook CommentsHonestly not that memorable BIG pile of mehYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads