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Mobi ß Firehouse ´ Download ↠ Gwairsoft É ❤ Firehouse free download ➞ Author David Halberstam – One of America's most distinguished reporters and historians offers the deeply moving personal story of Engine 40 Ladder 35 located on the West Side of Manhattan near Lincoln Center and tAy unfold the men called to duty while their families wait anxiously for news of them In addition we come to understand the culture of the firehouse itself why gifted men do this why in so many instances they are eager to follow in their fathers' footsteps and serve in so dangerous a profession and why than anything else it is not just a job but a calling This is journalism as history at its best the story of what happens when one small institution gets caught in an apocalyptic day Fireho This book follows a fire station in New York that lost 12 members when the towers collapsed on Sept 2011 You are given facts about the men their families and their love of being a firefighter Though sad you learn of their dedication to saving others

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One of America's most distinguished reporters and historians offers the deeply moving personal story of Engine Ladder located on the West Side of Manhattan near Lincoln Center and the absolute sacrifice its firefighters made on SeptemberOn the morning of Septembertwo rigs carrying thirteen men set out from this firehouse twelve of them would never return Firehouse takes us to the epicenter of the tragedy Through the kind of intimate portraits that are Halberstam's trademark we watch the d This was a beautifully written simple book and a stunning introduction to Halberstam It never verged into sentimentality or victimhood but rather moved me in its uiet truth and sober reflections It is also a remarkable example of the power of place as an exploration of community and the individuals who make up that community In this case that place is a firehouse in Manhattan Engine 30 Ladder 25 and the individuals are 13 firemen 12 of whom died after responding to the 911 attacks They were among 343 total firefighters whose stories are in many ways encapsulated by Halberstam's book The short book manages to give readers an intimate portrait of each man—his childhood his reasons for joining the fire department his family his personality uirks and role in the community In these portraits are revealed remarkable bravery leadership camaraderie but also simple everyday moments that make a human life uniuely precious In his epilogue Halberstam comments that one of the things that makes a career in journalism both pleasurable and valuable is the reward that comes in discovering again and again the nobility of ordinary people

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FirehouseUse is a book that will move readers as few others have in our time More than years after his death David Halberstam remains one of this country's most respected journalists and revered authorities on American life and history in the years since WWII A Pulitzer Prize winner for his groundbreaking reporting on the Vietnam War Halberstam wrote than books almost all of them bestsellers His work has stood the test of time and has become the standard by which all journalists measure themselves This review was also a post on my blog 11 2001 is now over 11 years ago but still feels freshEspecially to anyone who grew up in greater New York CityI grew up in Montgomery Township New Jersey just north of Princeton and from the top of Grandview Hill on a clear day I could see the World Trade Center 50 miles away could see the Turnpike Towers of East Brunswick much better about 20 miles awayThe World Trade Center was always the building I saw that let me New York City is coming as we approached the Newark Airport area on the New Jersey TurnpikeGoing to New York often meant going to places like the American Museum of Natural History in the Upper West Side at 81st and Central Park West where we were long term membersNot that far from the museum is Lincoln Center and near that on 66th and Amsterdam Avenue and is the firehouse for Engine 40 Ladder 35 On 911 the house had one of the toughest days of any firehouse 12 went down to the World Trade Center and only 1 returned and he barely survivedThis is a book about these men about their house and about the camaraderie of firemen They are all truly brothers They live together cook together eat together laugh together sleep together even do projects off hours together and look out for each otherIt’s a proud group of men Proud of their job proud of their children proud of their wives and generally very happyThe experience made me think of the laughter friendship and ribbing of the excellent drama “Rescue Me” one of my favorite all time showsThe book is devastating though Eleven good men with great lives and families crushed by the towers on that faithful dayIt’s a slow read it’s an emotional read and I recommend it Excellent reporting by David Halberstam12