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KINDLE ß Hidden By Shalini Boland Ý Shalini Boland Archaeological expedition he discovers a lost underground city where his life changes forever Their lives entwine but this is only the beginnin HIDDEN by Shalini Boland is a YA paranormal romance that delivers and then some Madison Greene is the Goth girl we all secretly or not so secretly want to be tough cool smart She's also dealing with some very serious issues foster care borderline abusive adults and keeping her little bro Ben safe and as carefree as possible in a very dodgy environment Now throw in a cadre of ancient breathtakingly beautiful vampires and the stage is set for intrigue to ensueSo far we've covered some of the things you might expect in the genre but here are some things that I think make Hidden a cut above The history of the Vampires It's hard to detail too much without including any spoilers but let's just say their story all on its own would be enough for me to recommend this book Boland masterfully weaves snippets of RL Turkish history and the magnificent Cappadocian caves with a new twist on traditional Vampire lore I'm impressed and now I need to visit Turkey Alexandre Yes yes he's beautiful and powerful and all things sexy as every good vampire hottie should be But he's also achingly vulnerable He needs Maddy as much as she needs him and together they complete each other Again Boland knocks the romance side of the story out of the park The Intrigue There were parts of the story where I found myself really miffed with Ms Boland Not because she failed to engage me but because I really needed to put HIDDEN down to go off to take care of other RL obligations but couldn't WHAT is behind that cellar door WHAT is buried under the Turkish desert WHO is screaming and WHAT are they screaming AT That's just a partial list but you get the point Is this book a bona fide page turner Yes indeed it isSo with that a hearty FIVE STAR recommendation from me o

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READER è DOC Hidden By Shalini Boland ´ 9781461012283 FREE ☆ GWAIRSOFT ☆ [Download] ➽ Hidden Author Shalini Boland – A paranormal romance that spans the centuries from modern England to 19th century Paris and ancient Cappadocia Madison Greene is in foster ca A paranormal romance that spans the centuries from modern England to th century Paris and ancient Cappadocia Madison Greene is in foster care un Just when I think I'm over vampire books they SUCK ME BACK INBasically what happened was I this I browsed some indie titles and after reading the synopsis just gave the woman my money I'm sorry a girl inherits house with a basement full of danger sounded like such a simplisticbrilliant way to just get into the action without so much pomp and pretext Seriously sometimes the direct approach just works wonders on my walletSo HIDDEN is exactly what it says on the tin and because of that basic hook and plot gets to really invest in a character development b establishing beautiful scenes c provide snappy humor in and out of dialogue Reading this reminded me that sometimes books get bogged down with world building and mythos While it's usually amazing when an author gets to explore the method to whatever madness their story is set in it also can get exhausting to absorb That was why it was sort of refreshing that HIDDEN wasn't trying to be something other than just itself and it's all the charming for thatMadison is a protagonist for readers who appreciate a little brash and crass She has screw up practically stamped on her head but Shalini Boland gives her enough redeemable ualities and good intentions to make her relateable and vulnerable in various places All that held back a 5 star review was the random unannounced shifts in POV between narrators I'm sure authors intend for this to be a streaming flow of consciousness or seamless shift to other pertinent information but for me it's like walking down the sidewalk catching my toe on a crack and desperately grabbing my barrings Those shifts kept jarring me out of the story which always gets irksome for me whenever I read Beyond that HIDDEN is great for what it is teen vampire romance It is edgy without getting too trashy It's romantic without being super sappy It doesn't think it's funny or try to be it just is And topping it all off some of the descriptions and turns of phrase are so elouent vivid andor clever it's a truly impressive show compared to the usual plain talk and prose found in YAI highly recommend HIDDEN if you have a soft spot for books like TWILIGHT or THE VAMPIRE DIARIES but appreciate less swooning and sassier protagonists

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Hidden By Shalini BolaTil one day she inherits a fortune she inherits a house she inherits a cellar full of danger Alexandre Chevalier lives in th century Paris On an I’m torn This was a book that had me hooked in parts and feeling less enthusiastic in others Although I enjoyed much of it there were elements that felt too familiar like I’d “been there read that”In the beginning the author does a great job of telling the story as if it were two separate books using alternating points of view and experiences She intertwines the past and the present in a very satisfying way giving each character their fair share of time and attention Some might feel that it takes too long to set up the story but it was the set up that I found most fascinating It held my attention and made me want to keep readingI felt myself very drawn to Alexandre’s story His experiences in Paris and on the archaeological expedition in the 19th century were uniue It was a different world a different time and it stimulated my imagination There was drama mystery and humor and Alexandre is an intelligent character who is well rounded and written in a very endearing way The cast of characters in his world felt very real and their relationships were interestingIn contrast Madison’s story felt less believable Living in modern day London in foster care she discovers that a long lost relative has left her money and a huge home Now I can buy thatI’m sure it happens to peoplesomewhere But it’s the fact that she moves to this new home alone with her young brother and chooses to uit school that confuses me She’s 16 How is this allowed to happen Yes I knowit’s a book and I should suspend judgement but this part of the plot dampened my enjoyment of the book just a little Don’t get me wrong Madison is a spunky character who looks at life in a uniue way and stands up for what she believes in She looks after her brother with motherly care and has a great curiosity about the world She’s self sufficient and smart But she’s still just 16 and I’m not sure her circumstances and decisions are convincing enough for meUltimately this is a vampire storywell a vampire love story I like the fact that this vampire world is different from those I’ve read about lately These vampires are traditional in their heritage and characteristicsthey’re mythical and scarier The love story however is not as uniue Usually the romance in a book brings out my girly side and I fall in love with the “falling in love” However in this book this is exactly where I started to see familiar themes and felt a bit let down Although the romance is well written it’s just too predictable for meI must say that I was surprised by the ending It was very unexpectedbringing back the uniueness of the first half of the book It definitely makes me curious about where the author will take the story next