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Into His KeepingShe became the air he breathed Her passionate gift of surrender matched his dominant soul Then she was gone He'd never accepted that she'd wanted to leave Ensuring she could find her way back to him was the drive that shaped him Fifteen years later it was way past The love scenes were not to my taste they seemed too harsh after how gently he treated her otherwise then suddenly he is calling her his wh sl and other derogatory words He was also rough with her three weeks after she had brain surgery that made me uncomfortable The dynamics of the love scenes just seemed off to me We were told over and over how dominant the hero was but I needed show than tell I also had a big problem with the last love scene The heroine is four and a half months pregnant during it The hero is supposedly so protective that he won't let her have a sip of soda i would kick my hubby's butt if he tried to tell me what to eat and drink but then he smokes a cigar in the same room as her WTF Plus he does a bunch of stuff to her you shouldn't be doing to a pregnant lady it just wouldn't be safe like shoving something inside her roughly and deeply just not a good idea I am currently four and a half months preggo so I guess this just really really bothered me because you just shouldn't do the things they did it was especially bad because he was supposed to be so protective of her The background story was interesting though unbelievable

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Time to accept she'd chosen not to returnSecond chances were wishful thinking Jill wasn't looking for one She didn't have time for pipe dreams and Into His PDFEPUB or she had no illusions about the stranger Holdin had become Famous rich and now retired from footb This was the first time that I've read Gail Faulkner and I've thoroughly enjoyed her novel I must admit that I was truly amazed that for an erotic novel “Into His Keeping’s” storyline was certainly very profound What I mostly enjoyed about the story was the glimpse from the past There was like a timeline in the story where the main characters have not seen each other for fifteen years And it really helped the readers understand how they met in the past and why until at present their relationship was as intense as it were beforeThe characters on the other hand were a joy to be with during the entire length of the story I mostly enjoyed Drifter because he was a kid version of his dad but out of the circumstances involving him and Jill’s was forced to be an adult and because it was in his nature as a Powell that he should take care of his mom He was rather mature for his age Charles and Carol were also a wonderful and amusing cast and very supportive of Holdin when he finally found his long lost family And their easy and loving acceptance of Jill and Drifter into their lives was just so incredible And added to the supporting roles was Dr Robert Coates whom I was ready to hate at first but in the end he earned my respect for his honorable intentions towards Jill and when he realized Holdin would never in a million years give her up and accepted that Jill was Holdin’s to keep The intense erotic sexual scenes were also another sizzling addition to this incredible story The play by play were extremely arousing I thought I have to douse myself with cold water the entire time I was reading them I'd almost spontaneously combusted

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MOBI é DOC Into His Keeping FREE Ó GWAIRSOFT Ò [Ebook] ➧ Into His Keeping By Gail Faulkner – She became the air he breathed Her passionate gift of surrender matched his dominant soul Then she was gone He'd never accepted that she'd wanted to leave Ensuring she could find her way back to him w SAll he might not remember her If he did he might not care to hear what actually happened so long ago She desperately hoped she had something he would care about thoughA second chance was all Holdin needed Ensuring possession of Jill was a battle he intended to win Love lost then love foundbut what if you were faced with losing it againHoldin and Jill were teenagers in love Theirs was an intense love that few would have believed or even understood Then one dayshe was gone For fifteen years he searched for her and would let her go Finally ready to do just that he suddenly finds her again Now he's determined to do whatever it takes to keep her even if it means battling herselfThis book was intense It was about a love that what so all consuming that it's difficult to put into words It was also about a lover who accepts those things about yourself that you aren't even uite ready to accept The BDSM theme is the book would be moderate definitely not hard core and just sexual This was an enjoyable read that had me hooked from the first page I am definitely going to try some of this author's work