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doc ¿ Asymmetry ☆ ¿ [KINDLE] ❂ Asymmetry ❆ Lisa Halliday – A singularly inventive and unforgettable debut novel about love luck and the inextricability of life and art from 2017 Whiting Award winner Lisa HallidayTold in three distinct and uniuely compelling s A singularly inventive and unforgettable debut novel aT weekend of 2008 in a holding room in Heathrow These two seemingly disparate stories gain resonance as their perspectives interact and overlap with yet new implications for their relationship revealed in an unexpected codaA stunning debut from a rising literary star Asymmetry is an urgent important and truly original work that will captivate any reader while also posing arresting uestions about the very nature of fiction itse For her part Alice was starting to consider really rather seriously whether a former choirgirl from Massachusetts might be capable of conjuring the consciousness of a Muslim man “Great American Novel” ”doorstop of a book usually pretentious written by a man”Lionel Shriver Independent 2010I suspect even in January the oddest book I will read this year as I don’t uite get what the author is achieving other than annoying her readers It essentially consists of two – I sincerely hope deliberately – badly written pastiche novellas with a final coda that hints at some deep literary links between themBut it is a novel I suspect I may end up discussing than any other as the critics so far seem to have been infected by a classic case of emperor's new clothes asserting the subtlety of the novel because the novel appears lacking in any obvious meritThe first novella takes the worst of the various attempts at the Great American Novel from the last decades ranging from Roth particularly Roth and Bellow through Lethem De Lillo and Franzen to recent awful efforts by Hill Auster and Lerner and turns them into a combined sexually creepy self satisfied baseball obsessed tonally annoying narrative of an affair between the elderly Pulizter Prize winning novelist and elderly Ezra Blaze and the many decades younger publishing assistant and aspiring writer Alice Done as a half page Digested Read by John Crace in the Guardian this would have been a uite fun take down but stretched over c140 pages it is excruciating to readAnd bizarrely it is actually part autobiographical as a 20 something literary agent Lisa Halliday did apparently have a romantic relationship with Philip Roth See The second is very different in form and content but eually unappealing It uses the framing device of an American Irai citizen en route between the two counties detained in immigration in LHR a device done much better elsewhere Home Fire most obviously to present a completely didactic and uninformative account of his life and that of his family part in the US part in Ira throughout the two Gulf Wars and their aftermathAt one point we are introduced to his Uncle who one suspects would have written the sort of novel I would love to have read – Mattias Enard’s wonderful Compass being an obvious and shining example When you ask his Uncle an apparently simple uestion he responds Aaaahhh yes now that is an excellent uestion and there is an amazing story behind the answer Following which you could expect a forty five minute disuisition that would begin directly related to your uery but then spiral outward to include anecdotes and observations regarding many other intriguing if not entirely innocuous matters as well Thus in our three hours switchbacking up Goizha we discussed Aristotle Lamarck Debussy Zoroastrianism Abu Ghraib Hannah Arendt and the asyet unknown contingencies of de Ba’athification Hassan managing even with respect to the sobering of these topics to display a certain philosophical resilience Unfortunately what we instead get is hinted at in another exchange This is because politics in imaginative work is like a shot in the middle of a concert The noise is deafening but it imparts no energy It doesn’t harmonize with the sound of any other instrument Again the intention seems to be to show how these sort of novels can be done badly – here by those with little real understanding of the situation about which they are writingThe last section was at least mercifully briefIn a highly fantastical twist the Roth stand in author has been awarded the Nobel Prize ‘for his exuberant ingenuity and exuisite powers of ventrilouism which with irony and compassion evince the extraordinary heterogeneity of modern American life’ – fortunately the Nobel Committee have rather better taste at least under their previous secretary Horace Engdahl who told the Associated Press in 2008 “The US is too isolated too insular They don’t translate enough and don’t really participate in the big dialogue of literature That ignorance is restrainingThe format here is a transcript of his appearance on Desert Island Discs and as he rambles on demonstrates his cultural ignorance and arrogance and again very creepingly in the era of #metoo attempts to seduce Sue Lawley he hints at connections between the stories For balance and reviews that got rather out of the book than I did see those from Gumble’s Yard and Neil although it is rather interesting to note one common thread in their comments “I enjoyed much after I finished and reflected on it than when I was reading it”“A fascinating book that is almost enjoyable on reflection than it is during reading”httpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowPerhaps I would get on reflection on the novel but to be frank I don’t think it justifies the effort given I wasted enough of my time reading it Indeed from the press reviews now appearing critics seem to be desperately striving to see things that aren't there and praise the book's flaws as deliberate genius Eg this review contains the line if Amar’s story feels just a bit off — too written and perhaps too well written his midair birth too melodramatic — we could understand that to be Alice’s novelistic failing not Halliday’s or we could understand it to be an intentional jab at the arbitrariness of what we accept as fiction in a world of outrageous facts and “facts”Or in other words 'the 2nd story may be badly written but that is a clever meta fictional artistic take on the difficulties of writing good fiction'Or from the Atlantic incorporates big chunks of uotation from these Great Books Camus Twain Primo Levi as if to suggest how their voices are usurping Alice’s ownOr perhaps simply the author wants to pad out the book with some decent writingA novel I rather fear may reappear in award season given its artistic inclination and the collective madness that has befallen the newspaper critics but if it does I would suggest interest readers simply sample a page of each of the first two parts take on trust that they continue in that vein and simply read the codaThanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the ARC

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Erican editor and her relationship with the famous and much older writer Ezra Blazer A tender and exuisite account of an unexpected romance that takes place in New York during the early years of the Ira War Folly also suggests an aspiring novelist’s coming of age By contrast Madness is narrated by Amar an Irai American man who on his way to visit his brother in Kurdistan is detained by immigration officers and spends the las Library Overdrive spontaneous ‘available’ download This is one of those books I had seen around but couldn’t remember reading anything about it So while out walking with no reviews in front of me I took it for a test run and liked the beginning right awayIt started off with a BANG kinda creepybut totally addicting I mean would you like knowing your daughter was having an affair with an old Jewish geezer? Me eitherbut it made for a good story and Ezra old geezer author gave Alice yummy cookies ice cream cones told her Jewish jokes and even money to buy herself a new air conditioning unit for her apt Alice made him feel ‘good’ — like a young geezer Laughing yet? I couldn’t help but think about Joyce Maynard and J D Salinger hmmmm this story sounded like theirshahaSo as I was saying The audiobook BEGINNING WAS GREATcreepy ‘young girl with an old man affair’ engaging story GREATbut thenI was lost what was going on? Where did Alice go? What’s going on? OhhhhhA NEW STORY silly me it’s a NEW story about a guy named Amar stuck at the London airport —we discover why who what and the details about the son of an immigrant Irai Family on his way to see his brother and stories of his life in America and IraThen we have a third story which ties story 1 2 togetherkinda? — Ezra old geezerauthor —is being interviewed about his love of music and women The writing and dialogue stand out and the AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR IS TERRIFICIt didn’t all make sense to me but I was intrigued and enjoyed it for its creative asymmetry 35 rounding up for creativityplus much was very enjoyable

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AsymmetryA singularly inventive and unforgettable debut novel about love luck and the inextricability of life and art from 2017 Whiting Award winner Lisa HallidayTold in three distinct and uniuely compelling sections Asymmetry explores the imbalances that spark and sustain many of our most dramatic human relations ineuities in age power talent wealth fame geography and justice The first section Folly tells the story of Alice a young Am There were things that I liked about this “novel “ in three parts In the first part “Folly” I especially loved the literary references the music and I loved the baseball talk Having lived in the Boston area I definitely understand the Red Sox Yankees rivalry and we lived there in 2004 when they won the World Series Go Sox They are still my favorite team and even though I have moved back home to New York State At first I thought the relationship between Alice and Ezra the writer who is a lot older than she is sort of endearing but my view changed later At the end of this part I was left invested in these characters wanting to know what would happen to them individually and together Amar an Irai America held at Heathrow Airport is the center of the second story “Madness” which I found was interesting and reflective of the immigrant experience and what it must have been like and certainly still is for those of Mid East descent post 911 While reading it though I struggled to find connection with the first novella In the last part Ezra Blazer’s Desert Island Discs” an interview with the writer of the first novella we get a hint well than a hint of how the first two parts might be connected While I uite liked him in the first part Ezra became for me a dirty old man with his reflection on his younger girlfriends as his children and as he tries to hit on the woman interviewing him3 stars is all I can give it I thought the book was written in a clever way and it’s a lot about the form commentary in a way on writing It was just too clever for my liking There are a number of highly rated reviews that might shed some light on further thematic connections that didn’t stand out to me I recommend reading those In spite of my mixed feelings on this I will still look to see what this author may write in the future This was another monthly read with my two of my book BFFs Diane and Esil and as always fun to get their perspective as we read together I received an advanced copy of this book from Simons and Schuster through Edelweiss