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UnravelingIn this standalone fantasy novel by an award winning author the dark truth behind a string of unusual murders leads to an otherworldly exploration of spirits myth and memory steeped in Caribbean storytellingDr Miranda Ecouvo forensic therapist of the City just helped put a serial killer behind bars But she soon discovers that her investigation into seven unusual m The hero of Karen Lord’s knotty and sometimes confounding fantasy thriller is Miranda – a therapist pulled out of time and into a labyrinthine netherworld to help solve a series of murders that baffles the gods themselves The title of Lord’s novel is appropriate the drawback being that the story unravels a bit too methodically and deliberately The characters human and god are appealing Miranda brings a surprising amount of consideration to her role in these events even as she is unceremoniously hijacked into service The Trickster too makes an interesting companion and foil On the downside we get way too deep into the book before a genuine antagonist shows up and while the conclusion was satisfying enough the trip there was too circuitous to fully captivate this reader

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Urders is not yet complete A near death experience throws her out of time and into a realm of labyrinths and spirits There she encounters brothers Chance and the Trickster who have an otherworldly interest in the seemingly mundane crimes from her filesIt appears the true mastermind behind the murders is still on the loose chasing a myth to achieve immortality Toge I'm not entirely sure what I read A story of a serial killer a forensic therapist and a pair of brothers Ajit and Chance one a Trickster the other who is sort of human and sort of undying A story also of angels and of a powerful being who can make undying individuals and can separate a less powerful being than her into undying and humanMiranda the therapist is pulled into the oddest investigation she's ever been on by Chance who takes her through labyrinths to help her find the identity of the serial killer and his motive There was a lot of weird and wonderful in this book and stuff I didn't really understand like the pantheon of deitiessuper beings and the stuff about the amulets; but I liked Miranda and her prickliness and her relationships with Chance and Ajit As I'm still processing what I read I'm giving this book 35 stars

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kindle Û Unraveling Ô read ´ gwairsoft õ ✯ [PDF] ❤ Unraveling By Karen Lord ✼ – In this standalone fantasy novel by an award winning author the dark truth behind a string of unusual murders leads to an otherworldly exploration of spirits myth and memory steeped in Caribbean storTher Miranda Chance and the Trickster must travel through conjured mazes following threads of memory to locate the shadowy killer As they journey deeper they discover even uestions that will take pain and patience to answer What is the price of power Where is the path to redemption And how can they stop the man or monster who would kill the innocent to live foreve I’ll be honest I finished “Unraveling” by Karen Lord weeks ago but have not had the energy or desire to write this review Unfortunately it was an arduous read for me I had to force myself to pick it up and often found my mind wandering while I read it When I finally did finish it the only emotion I felt was relief “Unraveling” is a classic example of very fascinating concepts that just never came together“Unraveling” is a murder mystery steeped in Caribbean folklore It begins with a forensic psychologist believing a series of ritualistic murders had just been solved But after a near death experience she is intercepted by two demi god brothers who reveal the true killer has not been caught So they guide her through labyrinths in a netherworld so she can travel through the past present and future and solve the case And there are angels and undying people and amulets Or at least I think that is what it’s about I don’t really know The story jumps around in time perspective and reality so often and without explanation that I felt I was traveling my own labyrinth just trying to decipher what in the hell was going on I’m not saying it’s bad for a book to be complex or take some work to unpack but the reward better be worth it and this one just wasn’t Though unraveling pun intended the serpentine narrative was very difficult the book wasn’t all pain The writing was often beautiful Especially in Lord’s descriptions of the demi gods and angel she really captures an otherworldly uality of these charactersMy main issue is that the book is marketed as a “standalone fantasy novel” It wasn’t until I did a little research that I found out that it takes place in the same world as Lord’s previous book “Redemption in Indigo” 2010 Even many characters and overarching concepts are introduced in the previous book Though the story of “Unraveling” is standalone the reader is expected to have this previously acuired information In fantasysci fi an understanding of the world is vital for comprehension and enjoyment of the story so I feel like reading “Unraveling” without reading the previous book set me up for failure Maybe that’s why I was so lost Or maybe it was just an overly complex book with interesting concepts that just never came to fruition Daw Books provided me a copy of the book for honest review