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Truth Sinful #1 Doc ¿ 267 pages í ➽ [Download] ✤ Truth Sinful #1 By Trilina Pucci ➲ – Drew It was a tryst A sin swallowed down by desire That’s what I tell myself But my body isn’t the only part that aches for him now I sold my soul Now my heart is a slave to the devil Dominic King Drew It was a trysPDF sanctuary If it’s forgiveness she seeks the price just doubled And she’ll pay it bound at my feet I gave her pain for pleasure Her truth Now I’ll make her beg me fo I was given an advanced readers copy of this book and have decided to leave a voluntary honest review When I heard about all the hype about this book I read the blurb and knew without a dought in Y mind I needed to read truth Now that I have read it I have to say all the hype was well worth it truth blew me away Trilina went way outside the box for juicy read I was taken back by how much I couldn't stop reading it now that I am finished I want and need but first Dominic damn that man is walking sin dangerous and sexy what a combo And Drew I love her fiesty attitude she fits him to a T They are both dark dirty Cunning and sexy Now I can't wait for Luca I just don't think he's as innocent as Dominic makes him out to be I mean hello they both own church so he can't be that tame or at least I'm hoping he's not lol And I'm also very intriged by Dante what is his story

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To the devil Dominic King He unveiled the taboo illuminating my lie and unexpectedly stole my heart But I walked away Dominic Lust is my religion She became my Truth Sinful 25 STARS If begging is reuired then I’m willing to crawl for my redemption” Sometimes you read a book and it just isn't for you Doesn't make it a bad book by any means just happens to not be your particular cuppa Unfortunately this book just wasn't my particular cuppaIf you enjoy insta love and scorching hot erotica romance you'll definitely want to check it out Those things happen to be my kryptonite I wanted substance and less sex Though I will admit while the connection between Drew and King was too uick for my liking the chemistry between them was off the walls hotWhen a disastrous relationship leaves Drew uestion herself a night of scorching sex with a sexy stranger seems to do the trick Never did she expect for that 24hrs to lead to something so much King is an instant magnetic presence and I liked him from the go Admittedly I struggled with Drew She's a successful woman in a high power position yet at times her behavior is borderline juvenile Luckily she did grow on me throughout the course of the storyWhere I really struggled was buying into the instant and intense connection between Drew and King based on nothing than mutual desire of kinky sex and chemistry I just couldn't buy into the intensity between them in such a short amount of time Especially given that we're told King is not known for wanting relationships I felt like an outsider looking into to everything rather than experiencing their story with themWhen I felt the story was coming to an end there's a significant twist thrown in And while this would have served the story well about half way through towards the last 90% it felt too late and rushed This is where we get a large chunk of character development for King but again it felt rushed and came far too late All in all it was an entertaining read just not something I'd normally gravitate towards The blurb sounded super intriguing and I loved the cover and i think I just had different expectations So give it a read and judge for yourself I'm clearly in the small minority with my opinion so it very well is a case of just me I do believe most will really enjoy it I suppose I'm too picky for my own good sometimes shrugsFind me on

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Truth Sinful #1Drew It was a tryst A sin swallowed down by desire That’s what I tell myself But my body isn’t the only part that aches for him now I sold my soul Now my heart is a slave Truth by Trilina Pucci is the first novella in her A Sinful Series When I found out each story would be based on one of the seven deadly sins I was sold I don't know what it is about that topic but it gets me everytime   Dominic King and Drew Matthews meet at a sex club and after just one night they realize what they feel for one another is far than just physical desire Drew just got out of a long unhealthy relationship so when Dominic tries to take things further than their 24 hour fling she pushes him away Both parties try to move on but after a month's time apart it begins to feel like an impossibility Since it was Drew's decision to end things with Dominic before they even really started she knows she is going to have be the one to try to repair things between them now Dominic vowed to never forgive Drew if she walked away from him and he is not a pushover by any means Winning his heart after she stomped on it isn't going to be easy but Drew doesn't expect it to be She knows there is only one way to get Dominic back and that's on her knees  If you're looking for something sinful and sexy look no further Truth is a short sweet and steamy romance that will leave you wanting of this couple and the other characters when you reach the end Luca and Dante have my attention and I look forward to finding out about them in the future If you're an instalove fan that loves dominate alpha males and sassy female characters this one's for you