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review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Michael Buckley For Sabrina and Daphne Grimm life has not been a fairy tale After the mysterious disappearance of their parents the sisters are sent to live with thei. This was a playful and fun book with a few flawsSabrina and Daphne's parents disapear one day out of the blue and the police can't find them They bounce from one horrible foster home to another until an old lady comes forward claiming to be their Grandmother This is weird because their parents told them their Grandmother was dead When they meet her she tells them that they are descended from The Brother's Grimm who wrote down true events that occured with real creatures All of these creatures have now moved to America and live in the town that they are now in It is the Grimm's family job to keep these fairy tale creatures in line which is a big jobOne thing that really bugged me was that the story is told through Sabrina's pov and she spends the first 100 pages doubting everything and being a brat I think the story would have been a lot enjoyable if it had been told through Daphne's pov She's a sweet girl and it would have made it a much better story There are also several flaws The most glaring one is that the Grimm's generations ago bonded the fairy tale creatures to the one town but the catch was that they bonded themselves there too If the Grimm's can't leave that town how did Sabrina and Daphne's father move to NYC and how did they live there themselves It's never explained Another flaw is how many story creatures this town has Okay there are the Grimm creatures and Hans Christian Anderson and the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland and Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream but then later on in the story King Arthur shows up At some point the author has to draw a line before it becomes every creature from every story and not just fairy tale creaturesOverall it was a fun original fractured take on the fairy tales There were jokes that rewarded you for having read the fairy tales and also from these creatures having to interact with the modern world The kind of humor you would find in Jasper Fforde's stories and that I particularly like It also has a good plot with a twist at the end that I really didn't expect which I find very rarely in books on the junior side of the library On top of that it's a cute little book with pages about the size of my hand It's a shame that the flaws were so glaring and detracted from an otherwise really cute book There's a second in the series and I'm definitely going to read it I bet it will be a lot enjoyable now that Sabrina is not doubting everything around her

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The Fairy Tale Detectives review ê 3 ¸ ❮Read❯ ➸ The Fairy Tale Detectives ➻ Author Michael Buckley – For Sabrina and Daphne Grimm life has not been a fairy tale After the mysterious disappearance of their parents the sisters are sent to live with their grandmother a woman they believed was dead R grandmother a woman they believed was dead Granny Relda reveals that the girls have two famous ancestors the Brothers Grimm whose classic book of fa. Sabrina Grimm has a few problems1 Her parents have disappered2 She's the oldest sibling and we all know what that means3 She may or may not have Grandmother who may or may not be crazy4 She isn't a teenager yet which means she only gets until 9 o'clock5 She can't open windows6 She had foster parents who were way too partial to lima beans7 She knows fashion impaired people8 Some boy wants to drown herWhile for children this book will be enjoyed by adults The premise is somewhat similar to Fables Legends in Exile thought without the heavy symbolism and adult themes It's true as some of the reviews have pointed out that Buckley seems to use a very loose form of fairy tales and is inspired perhaps by Jasper Fforde and Into the Woods but the book is amusing and easily accesible by both adults and childrenWhat I like best however is Buckley's use of two girls as the chosen ones Too often the chosen one is a boy and it is nice to see a book where it is two sisters who work together and love each her As an aside why do male authors tend to use the female chosen one than female authors At least on the children's book level Terry Pratchett and China Miéville for instance have books where the lead character is a young girl Okay true Pratchett had the Johnny Maxwell series but before that he had Eual Rites When Rowling set up the next generation of Harry Potter in the epilogue it was another boy I find it very interstingThis book as a nice sense of humor is not too scary and moves very uickly Additionally I was uite impressed by the material at the end what would be a reading group guide in an adult book Not only does it include a brief letter from the author but a brief overview of fairy tales ie as in terms of literary suggestions for writing and constructing your own fairy tale further reading in the form of books and websites and a brief uiz All done to teach without looking like they are teaching

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The Fairy Tale DetectivesIry tales is actually a collection of case files of magical mischief Now the girls must take on the family responsibility of being fairy tale detectiv. “The night is young and by the grace of magic so are we” 2 stars even 25 stars at bestUnfortunately this didn't make me feel as young as I should be In fact I felt bored and felt like reading this was a bit of a chore which is sad Again it might have something to do with reading my previous book at the same time so I pretty much could say out of the both of them this one was the lesser Daphne and several characters were the saving graces for me whereas Sabrina merely dominated the narrative and killed a far bit of the enjoyment for me Therefore I've dubbed her Sabrina the Joy Killer much to my distaste But both sisters were extreme opposites either one is too engrossed with everything Daphne 3 or they're so darn septic that they ruin the fun for others this was Sabrina for meOther than that the fairytale aspect was really interesting especially the twist at the end made me smile and laugh a bit I just wish there was for me there to enjoy namely if Sabrina hadn't seemed so negative and whiny throughout the story Again I can understand Sabrina's character it's just how she was presented to us the readers was a major turn off for me on several grounds x “You can't judge the many by the actions of the few”