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FREE EBOOK Ð EPUB The Exam Doctors Orders #1 ä ↠ GWAIRSOFT ↠ [Download] ✤ The Exam Doctors Orders #1 By Chloe Cox – Claire is living a boring life full of little humiliations and impossible dreams That is until she gets a secretive invitation to see the mysterious DocClaire is Doctors Orders PDFEPUB #235 living a boring life full of little humiliations and impossible dreams That is until she gets a secretive invitation to see the mysterious DoctorClaire is skeptical about his treatment at first but hell what does she have to lose At least it's exciting She doesn't expect the Doctor to be so tall so attractive so commanding She doesn't expect to be examined sothoroughly She doesn't expect to be disciplined so effectively And s I am pretty sure this free short story was part of a series and maybe that’s why I didn’t really enjoy itIt begins when a girl named Claire gets a letter in the mail inviting her to the Doctor’s house She has lived a boring life and is sick of it She doesn’t know what the Doctor’s house is but decides to show up anyway She is greeted by the ‘Doctor’ and he begins his examination I will stop there because there is not much to be said I know this is a fantasy book and its not real but come on If you were to get a letter in the mail telling you to show up to this mansion and then the guy starts probing you inside and out I would not get turned on I would get the hell away from there She trusts the doctor even though she has no idea who he is I don’t know I didn’t enjoy this story I am glad it was free I will not read the rest in the series I do not recommend That’s all

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Ultimate goal the Doctor himselfThis is in the Doctor's Orders series All the stories in this series can be read on their own satisfying each individual kink or can be read together Happy readingWARNING This short story Exam Doctors Orders PDF #8608 about words contains hardcore BDSM play including Doctor play of course spanking discipline a little pain a sex harness blind fucking denied orgasmand This is a fantasy In real life you might want to be a little caref uick thoughts Promising Provoking and DS goodnessThis was a strange story Strange in that it was arousing but also at the same time I kept asking What the fuck I know it was because of the whole concept that this woman just waltzed into the doctor’s office after not knowing anything about him or making an appointment She just gets this invitation in the mail and then the whole thing unfolds when she actually goes and meets her appointment I think a little back story behind that would have made realistic but in saying that to me this was meant to be a fantasy situation so really while reading it it didn’t bother me After a while I got over the idea and began to explore the story on a different levelI am kind of obsessed with the idea of being explored Being examined I guess you could say There is something satisfying to me in reading about someone who’s mind and body are opened up so that they can really explore themselves I know from experience that sometimes you have to take great and dangerous risks to experience this and sometimes those risks that start as fear become something of pleasure and you learn so much from them I am hoping this is the case with the rest of the books and that we get to learn a little bit about the doctor I do know he is meant to be mysterious but for me it’s the subtle hints of background story that really pull me in In case of Clair I think it was done wellChloe did a great job at keeping me interested and stimulated throughout the story and I really enjoyed the little excerpt at the end of the book too I am curious to see where she will take the series and what parts of Clair the Doctor will explore I would recommend this for people with an interest in fantasy situations and BDSM

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The Exam Doctors Orders #1He doesn't expect to be fucked nearly unconscious coming until she can't see straightBut Claire's treatment isn't over The Exam ePUB #199 yet The Doctor has big big plans for herAbout Doctor's OrdersLost listless Claire is unexpectedly swept up in a complicated dance of dominance and sexual submission with the Doctor himself all as part of her treatment Each session she learns something new about herself and her sexual desires Each session she gets closer to her Short but an ok read