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The Tenth Circle Blaine McCracken #11A desperate chase takes him into the past where the answers he needs are hidden amid two of history’s greatest puzzles the lost colony of Roanoke and the  Mary Celeste As the clock ticks down to an unthinkable maelstrom McCracken and his trusty sidekick Johnny Wareagle must save the United States from a war the country didn’t know it was fighting and that it may well los I first read Jon Land's Caitlin Strong series so I expected strong characters and fast paced action but I enjoyed the historical backstory which complicated the story in The Tenth CircleLand takes us to Virginia in 1590 British settlers return to find the colony at Roanoke Island missing There are no survivors no trace of their bodies or what may have happened to them Not only is the mystery of the colony at Roanoke is somehow linked to the disappearance of crew of the Mary Celeste in 1872 but the danger that was first recorded in the 1590s continues to exist and may harm us todayBlaine McCracken and his old comrades are brought out of retirement to take on a strange alliance of dangerous characters We find Vietnam and Korean war veterans pitted against power hungry military and paramilitary types Shadow ops religious fanatics life long loyalties all make The Tenth Circle an engrossing read Blaine McCracken's always been brought in to solve the unsolvable and he has the same sort of confidence and disregard of all rules even as he's gotten older We have a hero in his 60's and he's had to face aging just like everyone else but he fights against it and somehow he has the spirit and fight to overcome men in their prime The aging heroes give the story a certain lightness and funISBN 10 1480414794 Paperback 1249Publisher Open Road Media E riginal December 17 2013 536 pagesReview copy courtesy of the publisher

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Esulting in a series of devastating terrorist attacks But Rule isn’t acting alone A shadowy cabal is pulling his strings unaware that they are creating a monster who will soon spin free of their controlFinding himself a wanted man McCracken must draw on skills and allies both old and new to get to the heart of a plot aimed at unleashing no less than the tenth circle of hell In Jon Land's The Tenth Circle the eleventh installment in the Blaine McCracken thriller series get ready to hold onto your seats and buckle up in this fast paced wild thriller ride Blaine McCracken is a force to be reckoned with when he's a man on a serious mission He would do anything to protect the country he loved and the people he cared about As a former war veteran he's now up against a serious heavy hitter named Reverend Jeremiah Rule a religious zealot who wants to start a war and placing the blame on Muslim Americans It all started with those domestic terror attacks and his over the top sermons he preached to his followers For Blaine he needed to bring home Andrew Ericson someone's close to him and part of his family who was missing and back to his father Along the way he teamed up with his Native American friend Johnny Wareeagle and someone from his past Zarrin a classical pianist from the Middle East who also has Parkinson's Disease When he realized that the terrorist attacks came from Rule himself they joined forced to discover the root of White Death a dangerous water that had killed a colony in the past and how it might be used now for Rule's plot They were up against Rule and his legions of bikers who would want to wipe out the White House And they needed to stop them from unleashing this tenth circle of hell once and for all

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The Tenth Circle Blaine McCracken #11 kindle ´ Kindle Edition read ↠ gwairsoft è [Reading] ➿ The Tenth Circle Blaine McCracken #11 Author Jon Land – Blaine McCracken races to stop terrorists from unleashing an ancient weapon of unimaginable power at the presideBlaine McCracken races to stop terrorists from unleashing an ancient weapon of unimaginable power at the president’s State of the Union speechBlaine McCracken pulled off the impossible on a mission in Iran but his work has just begun Returning to the US he faces another terrible threat in the form of Reverend Jeremiah Rule whose hateful rhetoric has inflamed half the world r The Tenth Circle is a December 2013 Open Road Integrated Media publication written by Jon Land I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is a Blaine McCracken novel I believe this is the seventh in this series The story opens with McCracken taking the place of a film crew member and seeing first hand the nuclear capabilities of Iran He saves the world and returns home to find that there have been a handful of terrorist attacks one involving someone close to him These attacks lead Blaine to an anti Islamic preacher Now somehow all these occurrences will tie in to two of the greatest mysteries of all time one being the mystery of the Mary Celeste Now I will come clean and confess that I judged this book by it's cover when I reuested in from Netgalley I thought this was a political thriller and it was but not in the way I had thought I was unfamiliar with this series and I think that did play a role in my enjoyment of the book The character and his actions for me were just insane I couldn't get Chuck Norris out of my mind I usually give thrillers a great deal of latitude in the plausible department but this one was just too much for me The author was asking a lot Was the book interesting? Was there action? Yes There was a lot going on in this book I read it faster than I thought I would It's over five hundred pages long but the James Patterson chapters made it easy to keep reading just one chapter If you like fast paced action thrillers will a lot of testosterone then you will love this one Overall I give this one a C