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Read ePub ↠ The Partner Its Just Us Here #3 Kindle Edition ã gwairsoft Å ➻ [Reading] ➽ The Partner Its Just Us Here #3 By Christopher X. Sullivan ➰ – An asexual man falls in love with a male model and they make it work Chris and Mark try to separate It doAs a standalone and understand the plot but you'll The Partner PDF or be missing a lot of character development This is a word journey to a well deserved HEA between two men who hold nothing bac Re read 14032019 I was on a constant high while reading this book again Love it Thanks Chris Thinking back to the first book The Friend It's Just Us Here to their first encounter they certainly come a long way both individually and together At that point they didn’t think that their life would be forever intertwined Of course we knew that they’re married and very much in love but actually „seeing” it reading about how they came together how first they became friends then that friendship developed into and they became companions in the second book The Companion It's Just Us Here and later partners and to experience it with them was a whole new adventure and I did not expect to be completely swept off my feetFirst off I need to insert an apology here Mark I'm sorry I clearly underestimated you There's so much to you than meets the eye You are the most patient and caring man ever When you love someone you love with all your heart and soul You're so perceptive and you actually pay attention to your partner; and you offer comfort You're persistent which in this case was a good thing do I need to grovel a bit you're every men and women's dream come true; and you're funny and clever and sorry you're still a dunce ;D But Chris loves you for it so take it as a complimentThe reason why I gravitated to romance books in the first place is probably because I’m lacking in that department I couldn't ever fall in love and I never had my heart broken not once in my 28 years and let’s not count kindergarten and elementary school Not that there was a suitable candidate I never even wanted a boyfriend for different reasons which I’m not going to get into right nowBut the love I want that I want to actually feel comfortable enough to open up to someone I want the butterflies in my stomach and I want the excitement that comes with a new relationship without being scared and laughed at I want understanding and reassurance I want to be able to trust someone with my feelings and I want someone to lean on I want to be pushed and encouraged when I feel less capable when I feel that everyone is out to get me I want to be able to laugh even in strained and tense situations and I want the playfulness the teasing the joking and the bickering And I want to feel cherished and appreciated Chris and Mark have that and Wow A lot of ’want’ in there ; Does this sound cheesy Barf And do I seem jealous Maybe I am I certainly envy what they have what they built together The road to that love was bumpy to say the least and they aren't exactly in the finish line just yet there’s still some miles to go And I can’t wait to read about the next chapters of their livesThis review ended up a bit melancholy due to my own despair But I can assure everyone that this book just like the previous ones is mostly playful and humorous And I'm sorry or not to say this but I just about died of laughter at some of the situations Chris wound up in with Mark ;Highly recommended to everyone who wants to experience all of the aboveI received a copy of this book for the purpose of beta reading

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An asexual man falls in love with Its Just eBook #180 a male model and they make it work Chris and Mark try to separate It doesn't go smoothly Why was it so easy to grow close yet now so difficu The third book in an absolutely wonderful memoir suite And phew this instalment was emotionally intense It holds several of the relationship's highest highs and the lowest lows of the three first booksAt times Chris' emotions on page felt like in the midst of a powerful storm doing a complete 180 several times The elation of being in love the fear of being rejected of not being enough for the one you've come to love How it hurts to break up when there's still feelings I enjoyed how raw Chris came across and how not pretty certain events unfolded Since it's a memoir it must have felt even like a whirlwind to actually go through Mark's the one who has pushed Chris into his emotional turmoil and continues to push for but is also amazingly steadfast through their bumpy ride I'm not sure if Mark's a devil or a saint perhaps eual bits of bothChris narration and humour infused into the relationship development is a large part of what makes me adore these books I probably spent twice the time it took to read the book reflecting on the topics touched Fear of abandonment passive aggressive behaviour when one's unable to articulate feelings lashing out when pushed beyond one's limit conflicting loyalties between friends and lovers over emotional reaction after a dispute with someone dear to you There's simply so much to relate to in this book full of love This memoir suite is easily among the best books I've ever read This book was provided for free by the author for the purpose to beta read prior to publication

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The Partner Its Just Us Here #3Lt to pull apart Maybe they can pretend one last time can they pretend to be boyfriends for a week Can that solve their problems The Partner is Book Three in a ten book series You can read this “Mr and Mrs Sullivan Chris has a new Daddy now” The third installment of It’s Just Us Here The Partner is the funniest and with the exception of a few emotional wobblers the most joyful of the books so far Just ask Chris’ psychiatrist Tim It’s also pretty romantic Take the following dialogue “I love your body”“I love that you have a body” I repliedOk so Chris is still working on the romance part a bit But Mark’s got him covered not only does he do the romance thing pretty damn well here but he also hardcore fights for their relationshipThat being said when it comes to dirty talk Chris has Mark beat hands downIn the romantic comedy euation of Pretty Woman the volatile mix of one ‘young pretty Julia Roberts but with the money of Richard Gere’ plus one ‘old man like Gere but living on the streets as a hooker like Julia Roberts’ results in one great big bundle of hugs and kisses and love and nudist jogging