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The by the Dvina A eBook #207 riveting by the PDF #8608 story of two families separated in culture and geography but bound together by a Russian Scottish marriage includes the purchase by the author's great grandfather of a peasant girl with whom he had fallen in love the desperate sledge journey in the depths of winter made by her grandmother to intercede with Tsar The House ePUB #199 Aleksandr II for her hus The house by the Dvina is a beautifully written memoir about two families separated in culture but bond together by a Russian Scottish marriage and if I could Recommend one book to read in December then this would be it Eugenie Fraser was brought up in Russia and this story recounts her early childhood in Russia The story begins with the meeting of her parents in Scotland where her mother Nelly meets her father Gherman Scholts a young German Businessman on the street and they young couple fall in love marry and return to Archangel a port city near the Arctic Circle where they will begin their marriage togetherI enjoyed this memoir very much the writing is so imaginative and the scenes painted of Russian Winters are breathtaking One of the descriptions from the train Journey in the opening chapters which drew me right in was ; The everlasting telegraph poles the stations appearing for a fleeting moment the neat suare stacks of logs piled high on a siding and always always the frost The endless rows of birches their curly heads silvered by the frost snow laden pines standing close together deep in their winter sleepI was amazed by the story of the journey Eugenie’s grandmother makes to St Petersburg’s as a young married woman to rescue her husband who is about to be sent to Siberia This harrowing journey is so well portrayed in the book the you experience every mile of that journey and by the end you wriggle your toes just to check that there is no frost biteThere is so much in this book it is filled with stories of Russian life wonderful Christmas scenes religious celebrations and much much If you love Russian stories from the early 20th century and want a good book to draw you in and a book where the characters come to life then this is the book for youA wonderful re read to set the scent for the month ahead

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The House by the Dvina A Russian ChildhoodIon the murder of the Tsar and the withdrawal of the Allied Intervention in the north came the disintegration of Russia and of family life The stark realities of hunger deprivation and fear are sharply contrasted with the adventures of childhood The reader shares the family's suspense and concern about House by the Dvina A PDFEPUB or the fates of its members and relives with Eugenie her final escape to Scotlan Just arrived from Greece through BMA magnificent book by Eugenie Fraser who tell her autobiography in Russia during 1905 and 1920 Her mother was Scottish and his father is Russian and they live in Archangel RussiaAs historical background the author describes the war with Germany the Revolution the murder of the Tsar the withdrawal of the Allied Intervention and how Russian people tried to survive during the starvation periodThe seuel of this book is The Dvina Remains

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READER ✓ DOC The House by the Dvina A Russian Childhood 9780552128339 FREE ✓ EUGENIE FRASER ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The House by the Dvina A Russian Childhood Author Eugenie Fraser – The riveting story of two families separated in cuBand the extraordinary courtship of her parents and her House by the Dvina A PDFEPUB or Scottish granny being caught up in the abortive revolution of Brought up in Russia but taken on visits to Scotland Eugenie Fraser marvelously evokes a child's reactions to two totally different environments sets of customs and family backgrounds With the events of House by the eBook #8608to the war with Germany the Revolut The House on the Dvina is a delightful memoir written by Russian Scottish Eugenie Fraser Jenya was born in her father's home town of Archangel on the Dvina river As is the Russian custom Jenya's father Gherman Scholts brought his new Scottish wife Nelly from her home in Broughty Ferry Scotland to live at his home in Archangel in northwestern Russia This book spans 1904 to 1920 and so includes the Russian Revolution 1914 to 1917 The extended family of mill owners lives on an estate belonging to a very upper crust family Jenya lives with her brother Gherman and cousins in the nursery with at various times a Milk Mother Nanny Governess and Teacher In addition to the large main house with several wings there is a summer house lodge gardens etcJenya grew up in a fairy tale world as part of the Upper Class Royalty Landed Nobility and Clergy 125% of what was Tsarist Russia While she had some encounters with the Middle Class 15% which was made up of Merchants bureaucrats professionals and some encounters with the the 4% Working classes factory workers artisans soldiers sailors my recollection is that she had few if any encounters with the Peasants The 82% Landed and landless farmers Given that she had very little awareness of or understanding of the social turmoil that would bring on the Russian Revolution which she was forced to live through as a childWe are with Jenya in the flight from Archangel along with brother aunt and cousins following the loss of the family home and the departure of her beloved Babushka grandmother We follow her through the nail biting and perilous trek to NorwayEugenie's breathtaking portrayals of Russian winters in Archangel are beyond description Experience riding in Troikas sledging down the snow covered bank and onto the frozen Dvina in winter and in summers the Russian bathhouses banyas fragrant manicured gardens and children sunning themselves on the huge boulders that lined the riverbank Readers don't just read of them but smell them and feel them Her ability to arouse the senses is almost unsurpassed