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Simply Scandalous kindle ¾ Mass Market Paperback ð [PDF / Epub] ✅ Simply Scandalous Author Tamara Lejeune – Juliet Wayborn did not hesitate to avenge her brother's beating in a London alley especially once she discovered the perpetrator was the notorious Geoffrey Swale When opportunity arose she got eveSes that term loosely who doesn't like to lose a man who coldly vows to challenge her every move in her determination to ruin him A man who is proving dangerously unthinkablyseductive Geoffrey Swale will not stand for being bested by the outrageous Miss Wayborn nor accused of a crime he did not commit If Juliet were I really enjoyed this book It is very silly and loses its way somewhat in the second half but the writing style is very witty and the hero and heroine are unusual to say the least It made for a nice refreshing change from most of the Regency romances out thereThe hero bless him is essentially an anti hero very large with a mass of sticky outy red hair copious sideburns a hearty appetite for cheese and an absolutely filthy temper I'm not talking dark and brooding oh no I'm talking irrational out of proportion blind rage which makes his already unattractive face blotchy My only criticism is that his filthy temper seems to disappear in the second half which was a real shameThe heroine meanwhile is a superb match for him Smart witty and a good driver she does some things which don't sound daft at the time but which Society views as unforgiveable The scene with the carrots is pricelessFor me the best bit about this book was the dialogue It was absolutely fabulous witty and dry I could just visualise the hero and heroine spitting all sorts of insults at each otherVery silly but very enjoyable

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A man Swale would deliver a well aimed punchor two But since she is uite unmistakably female he does the next best thing He kisses her And then he kisses her again Suddenly Swale wants so much than defeat from the woman who has openly declared war on him He no longer cares about winninghe simply wants her surrender lolz this one made me laugh out loud LITERALLYThe characters were simply humorous the hero is giant not so handsome and to add on that he has Wild Temper BUt underneath that he is such a sweet person so innocent he really does tries so much to win the lady's heartThe girl is wild tigeress herself just a perfect match for our heroThe silly mystery also adds up with the greater confusion chaos increasing I am falling down with my hysterical laughter Gosh I dnt remember how much did any book made me laugh this much

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Simply ScandalousJuliet Wayborn did not hesitate to avenge her brother's beating in a London alley especially once she discovered the perpetrator was the notorious Geoffrey Swale When opportunity arose she got even But humiliating Swale in public is a sin for which there is no forgiveness For Swale is the sort of gentleman and she u I bought this book entirely on a whim I needed like 2 to get free shipping and tossed this 399 book in with an Eh why notBest Whim EvarThe book opens with Juliet Wayborn's brother getting the ever living snot beat out of him on the eve of a carriage race with Geoffrey Swale Under the impression Lord Swale ordered the hit on her brother so he'd win the race Juliet dons a man's hat and coat and races Swale herself Embarrassed by losing to a woman and further scandalized by the spreading rumor that he paid to have Cary Wayborn attacked Geoffrey finds himself in hot water with his duke father The duke decides it's in the family's best interests that Geoffrey marry the very Miss Wayborn he finds so ridiculous Thus begins an amusing battle of wits between two strong willed characters Juliet's older brother Benedict turns down the marriage proposal but Geoffrey goes off after Juliet to give her a piece of his mind and to let her know he didn't want to marry her anyway While visiting her at her aunt and uncle's home the sparks fly Swale breaks a glass display case full of porcelain figurines in a piue of anger Juliet creates an inedible meal Swale can't avoid eating and calls him by the hated nickname Ginger He's hot headed and immature she's strong willed and impossible to cow and both seem to enjoy playing this game not that they'd admit that to anyoneThe book's strong point is its dialog The banter between the protagonists by turns hilarious and achingly romantic Juliet's conversations with her stern older brother show us a loving relationship akin to father and daughter than one of a pair of siblings I have a soft spot for older brother guardians Most importantly the dialog gives us a great picture of who these characters are When Swale grudgingly tells his friend The thing is AlexThe thing is I didn't mind being caught I mean I'm going to be caught one day Why not by her it shows us volumes about Swale and his attraction to Juliet in a way a bunch of POV prose never could I could happily uote half the book and have gone back to reread especially touching or amusing passagesSimply Scandalous is an incredibly fun read Watching these two figure out that they want the same thing and the trouble they generate in the process makes for a satisfying read I think this book might especially appeal to those who loved Lord of Scoundrels