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The RescueFormer CIA operative turned mercenary for hire Ryan Decker’s specialty is rescuing kidnap victims Hired by an influential US senator to liberate his daughter from a human trafficking ring Decker never anticipated sabotage or that the assault could go so disastrously wrong The hostage is dead His team is wiped out an The hero Decker is as much a pursued and not remindful of Mitch Rapp as some claim Always being the victim does not make for an interesting exciting story 3 of 10 stars

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Evidence that a power greater than the Russian mob was behind the raid that ruined Decker’s lifeThe next move in a nationwide cat and mouse game of high level sedition is up to them Fueled by revenge and an obsession to clear his name Decker has only one mission to destroy a growing conspiracy before it’s too late This was a fast paced story with plenty of action and emotion I enjoy Jack Reacher movies so I attempted to read a Lee Child Jack Reacher book once I put it down within the first chapter or so because it was laced with so much profanity This was a good Reacher style story and although it was not profanity free it was very sparse I appreciated the fact that the author felt he could write this type of story without feeling compelled to fill it with profanity and sex It was very well done not perfect but a very good story I look forward to reading the next in the series

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PDF ì BOOK The Rescue FREE Ê [Ebook] ➠ The Rescue By Steven Konkoly – Gwairsoft.co.uk Former CIA operative turned mercenary for hire Ryan Decker’s specialty is rescuing kidnap victims Hired by an influential US senator to liberate his daughter from a human trafficking ring Decker nev Former CIA operative turned mercenary for hire Ryan DecD so are their families including Decker’s own wife and son eliminated one by one by the Russian mafia And he’s survived to take the fallWhen he’s inexplicably freed soon into a ten year sentence in federal prison Decker suspects another setup And private investigator Harlow Mackenzie knows he’s right She has This is the first book by Steven Konkoly that I have read It is formulaic You have a hero and conspiracy that involves several groups David vs Goliath Good vs Evil Who will win? You know who will win in the end It is just a matter of how we get there The story is not very realistic but it is entertaining It would make a good made for TV movie Think the A TeamRyan Decker is a former CIA operative turned mercenary He is the head of World Rescue Group whose specialty is rescuing kidnapped victims He and his team have been hired by a US senator to rescue her daughter from a human trafficking ring The Russians of course The story opens with Decker and his team about to rescue Meghan Steele and the other victims when things go horribly wrong The hostages are killed Decker's team is wiped out the families of World Rescue Group; including Decker's wife and son; are killedFast forward Decker is now in prison He is the scapegoat serving a ten year sentence in a federal prison He believes he is about to testify but instead he finds himself mysteriously released from prison There have been several failed attempts to kill him in prison and he believes since they couldn't get to him behind prison walls this is another setup He is right Sort of There is an attempt to kill him but it isn't the Russians He is saved with the help of Harlow Mackenzie who heads up her own group that rescue women kidnapped for the sex trade Harlow and her team are something else They can outwit and make fools of everyone The FBI mercenaries and anyone else who tries to stop themIt took some time to get into this story At first it was just too much Too unbelievable I am glad I stayed with it It was an entertaining story Just don't take it seriously Sometimes it is just nice to read a story where good triumphs evilThanks to Thomas Mercer and Goodreads for this Giveaway book