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characters Rapunzel's Revenge ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Û ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Rapunzel's Revenge Author Shannon Hale – Once upon a time in a land you only think you know lived a little girl and her mother or the woman she thought was her motherEvery day when the little girl played inYear as she grew older things seemed weirder and weirder until the day she finally climbed to the top of the wall and looked over into the mines and desert beyondNewbery Honor winning author Shannon Hale teams up with husband Dean Hale and brilliant artist Nathan Hale no relation to bring re. A fresh funny take on the Rapunzel fairy tale Set in the Old West Rapunzel's braids prove to be useful as than just a ladder as she lassos her way to freedom along with her cohort JackShannon and Dean's clever dialogue and hilarious narration are just that clever and hilarious In fact I think they should collaborate on projects but as with any graphic novel I'm into it for the pictures and Nathan Hale does not disappoint I'm also a huge fan of his picture books so I wasn't surprised The pictures are what really makes this book Vivid detailed I was getting hand cramps just thinking about what it would be like to draw all those intricate little suares

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Aders a swashbuckling and hilarious twist on the classic story as you've never seen it before Watch as Rapunzel and her amazing hair team up with Jack of beanstalk fame to gallop around the wild and western landscape changing lives righting wrongs and bringing joy to every soul they encounte. “Rapunzel’s Revenge” is an awesome retelling of the classic Brothers Grimm tale “Rapunzel” by Shannon and Dean Hale along with illustrations by Nathan Hale no relation “Rapunzel’s Revenge” is a brilliant tale of adventure and romance that both children and adults will enjoy for centuriesShannon and Dean Hale has done a great job with writing their first graphic novel together and they make the story both exciting and dramatic at the same time Shannon and Dean Hale had brilliantly retold the story in a western spoof of the classic Brothers Grimm tale as Rapunzel seems to be of a western heroine than the typical damsel in distress than she was in the original Brothers Grimm story Nathan Hale’s illustrations are realistic and rough looking as Rapunzel and Jack look like they have rough looking faces but are still attractive to look at Nathan Hale’s illustrations of the buildings in the town are brilliantly creative as they look like something that comes out western shows like “The Rifleman” as they look a bit old fashioned but beautiful at the same time“Rapunzel’s Revenge” is one of the greatest fairy tale retellings of all time as it is full of action and adventure that both adults and children will enjoy immensely I would recommend this book to children ages six and up since smaller children might not understand about the fairy tale parody theme of this storyReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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Rapunzel's RevengeOnce upon a time in a land you only think you know lived a little girl and her mother or the woman she thought was her motherEvery day when the little girl played in her pretty garden she grew curious about what lay on the other side of the garden wall a rather enormous garden wallAnd every. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE RAPUNZEL For horse thieving kidnapping jailbreaking and using her own hair in a manner other than nature intended This is one spunky Rapunzel a gal with gumption well able to rescue her own doggone self from a tower thank youShe reminds me so much of Jessie from Toy Story 2 Rapunzel uses her long braids for roping and wrangling tearing through a fairy tale that mixes it up with the Old West There are cacti giant snakes coyotes and even a jackalope to contend with before she gets to share a kiss with the handsome princeDagnabbit There was a mite too much crotchety old prospector talk for me but on the whole this is a rip roaring good time with colorful characters and splashes of clever humor