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eBook Ü Pursuit Of Glory â ebook Read ¸ gwairsoft Î ❰Download❯ ➶ Pursuit Of Glory Author Korey Mae Johnson – Gwairsoft.co.uk Renny the daughter of the High General is young and brave but also a brat in need of strict guidance Following an embarrassing incident in front of the king whAther's rival who only knows of one way to handle unwanted guests on his ship But over the course of the Pursuit Of MOBI #234 voyage his fondness for her grows as does his realization that she will always reuire a firm hand freuently applied to her bare bottom Despite his best efforts Logan and Renny are soon swept into the heart of a growing revolution against the cruel and brutal I absolutely loved this bookIt was so action packed it was nearly impossible to put down Renny was the best heroine I have read in a long time Smart capable brave capable of making life or death decisions with a good heart to match Unfortunately she lived in a time where women were not considered euals This caused a lot of problems for the feisty young woman who was just as good as any man actually better Because of this she received many intense punishments The spankings were so delicious She was a great heroine One of my favoritesThis story was written so well with such wonderful descriptions that I was able to immerse myself into it It was a truly great story

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Renny the daughter of the High General is young and brave but also a brat in need of strict guidance Following an embarrassing incident in front of the king whom her father is sworn to serve she runs away from her father's firm chastisement She stows away on a ship only to discover that she has ended up aboard the flagship of her homeland's navy captained by Admiral Logan Liam her f I loved this book Korey Mae Johnson really hit the nail on the head with Pursuit of GloryRenny is a strong willed emotional and intelligent teenager living in a time of revolution and sexual ineuality She was raised by her father to be as uick and nimble as a man but living in a society that believes that women are ornamental at best she is never really able to showcase her talents Renny flees from her father's home and discipline after he chastises her for being too blunt in front of the king Little did she know that her escape would mark the beginning instead of the end of bare bottom spankingsMy only criticism of Johnson's book involves the science fiction part of the story Renny like her father and his rival Logan is an immortal Her father and Logan drank from some sort of fountain of youth when they found themselves on a deserted island over 80 years ago This fountain gave them and all of their offspring immortality Personally I am not a huge fan of science fiction and found its introduction into the story superfluous That said I don't think it detracted from the story I just don't think it helped it eitherPursuit of Glory is a well written book that would stand nicely on its own without a single spank The spanking scenes are not forced; a scene isn't constructed solely for the purpose of ending in a spanking Allowing the spanking scenes to be a natural part of the story makes for a great spanking novel Korey Mae Johnson wrote a gripping story about a smart witty and bratty young girl who sparks a revolution and manages to make a difference even though she ends up with a smarting bottom than once in the process I highly recommend this bookKaterina of BottomsUpBookReview

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Pursuit Of GloryKing As the danger around them grows so does their bond with one another but can that bond endure through the events ahead Pursuit of Glory is set in a fantasy world that highly resembles Earth in the late th CenturyWas originally published on Bethany's Woodshed as Pursuit of Glory Book I and Pursuit of Glory Book II This combines the two books into one novelBook Length Chapters wor This is a great story set in a fantasy world on Earth in the late 18th Century about a girl who after an embarrassing incident in front of the king her father chatises her so she runs away and stows away on a ship Except the ship she choose Captain is fer fathers rival and not one to take kindly to someone hiding out on his ship He knows just how to deal with bratty young ladies and proceeds to do just that many many times as renny can't seem to keep herself out of trouble This book has a little bit of everything from adventure intrigue and yes ramance and lots of spankings