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Read doc î Pleading the Fifth AssassinShifter #13 º Kindle Edition ↠ Sandrine Gasq-Dion é ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Pleading the Fifth AssassinShifter #13 Author Sandrine Gasq-Dion – A simple trip to the airport brings Scott Delange just abSes friction between the two men who sure do kiss a lot for people who can’t stand each otherCan Tristan back down? Can Scott? Are both men guilty of too much pride? Maybe both should plead the FifthWARNING This book contains material that maybe offensive to some Violence graphic language homosexual relations adult situation So I just realized today that if I used all the tags on my shelf for these books it'd be like twelve cops athletes military weres witches etc etc etc It's getting crazy This is one of my favorite tropes MCs who can't stand each other but are fighting their incredible attraction to each other Tristan and Scott are crazy hot for each other but they can't be in the same room for 5 minutes without getting into a fight They both are used to being top dog and they are also both good at protecting themselves from being vulnerable or hurt Neither wants to admit that they are jealous or that they are practically panting at the sight of the other one They are pretty funny as they do this dance around each other Tristan knows that Scott is the one for him but he's having trouble expressing it and so is Scott Threats against Scott though make Tristan doubly wary though about what is going on and when someone follows through on those threats Tristan nearly loses his mind Honestly it was a bit of a roller coaster ride on this one but we do get some really nice moments as well with a wedding or two and an unexpected potential pairing We'll have to wait for the next installment to see what happens

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Tristan who stopped looking for love a long time ago When he meets Scott Delange Tristan realizes the man is his For lifeThere’s just one little issue The two men can’t stand each other Tristan is used to being the alpha male and that’s bad news when his mate is wired the same way Clawing and fighting to be top wolf cau This book toyed with my heartThere's this scene this very heartbreaking scene that wowReally good book

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Pleading the Fifth AssassinShifter #13A simple trip to the airport brings Scott Delange just about everything except the passenger he was planning to pick up Texting back and forth with a raunchy unknown man leads to a case of mistaken identity and one hell of a huge surpriseWho knew a trip to Seattle would land Tristan Miles in the arms of his mate? Certainly not As a whole I've become completely enad with this series and I can't believe I didn't discover this gem of a paranormal MM series sooner I really enjoyed reading the latest installment that I absolutely couldn't put it down until I finished it at 4 in the morning Suffice it to say I have little to no complaints about 'Pleading the Fifth' possibly making it my favorite one so far in the AssassinShifter series Ultimately I am practically sitting on the edge of my seat anxious to read of Ms Gas Dion's books in this series Also at this point I am absolutely DYING to read about Andrei and Devin and Nikolai and Colin In fact I'll re read over their tiny moments in the spotlight just to placate myself for the time being I mean how can anyone not love and indulge in the witty repartee between Andrei and Devin?