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Lady of the ReedsAnything even herself for a glimpse of her future And so she starts a journey that finally leads her to power as Lady Thu beloved concubine of Ramses III until once again she wan Giving up on this It's just frankly a little too slow and boring but my biggest issue is the main character Thu I liked her ambition and confidence at first but 100 pages in she starts to seem so self absorbed and petty Not for me

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EPUB » MOBI Lady of the Reeds ò 9781569470725 FREE æ PAULINE GEDGE ½ ❴Download❵ ✤ Lady of the Reeds Author Pauline Gedge – Gwairsoft.co.uk She grew up on the reed lined banks of the Upper Nile but she was not like the other villagers of Aswat Intelligent and ambitiShe grew up on the reed lined banks of the Upper Nile but she was not like the other villagers of Aswat Intelligent and ambitious Thu is convinced that her destiny is greater than Long eons ago in the days when the Internet was just something called Usenet before before paperbackswap before goodreads back in Those Days I made a special trip while in Canada to the bookstore I'm pretty sure it was the World's Biggest Bookstore yes that's its name And I bought every single one of Pauline Gedge's books and brought them all home with me Very heavyI never really did understand why Gedge is so popular in her home Canada and completely unpublicized in the US Now of course you can get any book online if you know about it but I fail to see why publishers have seemingly believed that people in the USA are significantly uninterested in nice juicy historical fiction about Ancient Egypt than their neighbors to the northAnyway this was a re read I'd previously read it under the Canadian title House of DreamsI have to admit reading it this time it did feel slightly dated just in the way characters interacted I also felt mildly annoyed at having a blue eyed protagonist you can't really call her a heroine in ancient Egypt Yes it's explained and all but post Memoirs of a Geisha I guess I just feel differently about itBut I'm still giving it 5 stars because I just really enjoy Gedge's writing She manages just the right balance between historically researched details and vivid speculation; really bringing the era to lifeLady of the Reeds is based on a known incident of a plot to assassinate Ramses III However the concubine Thu is all her creation Starting out as a commoner daughter of a foreigner in a small town in Egypt Thu has always felt she is destined for greater things Hungry for knowledge and power she will scheme and plot to feed her ambition She's a ruthless and not necessarily likable character but her story is compelling

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To marry a peasant tend crops and breed sons She wants When Hui aristocrat healer and famed seer anchors his barge at the nearby temple young Thu swims to it willing to offer him Oh I loved this I wasn't really expecting to enjoy it this much since I don't have a strong interest in Rameses III and had heard reports that the narrator protagonist Lady Thu was unlikable and unpleasant I didn't have an issue with Thu herself because while she did unlikable things and was presumptuous she remained likeableI must have a thing for Gedge's pharaohs because the Rameses III makes three out of three of her pharaohs I've fallen in love with though this Rameses is human and fallible than Amenhotep III and Rameses II Though this is probably because we got to see of himWhile the ending did strike me as unfair I don't think it's out of character Thu has always been a character with great flights of fancy and particularly as she has lost so much I wouldn't be surprised if she died on her deathbed dreaming of being rescued by Rameses Based on the little knowledge I have of this period I'd say that the story jives well with historical knowledge Even the very recent discovery that Rameses III's throat was cut could fit well within the story Gedge presents us I don't know how it works in the seuel House of Illusions though I'm dying to find out