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All the Lovely PiecesMotherly love can drive her to the absolute edge For nine years Drew Baker has been running from her brutal husband and the dark deeds of the night she left him Focused on protecting her ten year old son Drew reluctantly settles into a small town eager to find proof of her husband’s true Well yeah this was such a good thriller So dark and so twistedBeing a huge fan of thriller and mystery books I had to pick this one up and read it and I wasn't disappointed I think the plot is very good the action is fabulous even the characters blend perfectly in the actionAll the right pieces in the right placesBe careful though The book is also huge in controlling alpha males and abused women in relationships Even though the book is focused on the escape of the woman and the child

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Download kindle Ë All the Lovely Pieces à 298 pages · ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ All the Lovely Pieces By J.M. Winchester ✸ – Motherly love can drive her to the absolute edge For nine years Drew Baker has been running from her brutal husband and the dark deeds of the night she left him FIredWithout warning the unthinkable happens and Drew is plunged into the most nightmarish situation a woman and mother could imagine Desperate to save her child Drew takes matters into her own hands proving that anyone is capable of darkness and nowhere is safe for those who fear themselves “All the lovely pieces fall to the floor  ”The first thriller for JM Winchester It’s hard to believe her usual genre is romance It really was time to let out that dark and twisted alter ego Fabulous jobcan’t wait to read Winchester takes her time as she slowly reveals each main character’s connection in this crazy and intricate storyline The mysterious Catherine was an elusive puzzle piece that she dangled for uite some time before finally revealing her spotDrew and her son are hiding from her abusive husband Adam Not just your “typical” abusive husband This creep is vile depraved and he’s a very powerful successful billionaire He’s not someone who is easy to leave behind and erase from your life They have been on the run since Michael was a baby They never stay in the same town very long they don’t form friendships and they don’t talk about their past But Drew picked Liberty Missouri for a reason She’s tired of running and she believes someone here can help her “I’m not judging I’m jealous No one’s skeletons are as fucked up as mine”JM Winchester wrote this thriller like a pro and I’m ready for her next bookThank you to NetGalley Thomas Mercer and JM Winchester for this ARC in exchange for my honest reviewMy Rating 45 ⭐️’s rounding upPublished August 6th 2019 by Thomas MercerPages 320Recommend Yes

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Nature so she can stop looking over her shoulderBut Drew is also on the run from her own terrible crimes ones that mean prison and separation from her son should the police catch up to her before her husband does If only she All the ePUB #199 could remember that night and what really transp If you try to drown your sorrowsthey eventually learn how to swimDrew is on the run PeriodShe and her nine year old son Michael have lived in the dark shadows since almost the day of his birth But this time they've come upon a small town in Missouri with a highly ironic name Liberty Drew hasn't felt one iota of release since they left Seattle on that fateful dayAdam was suppose to be a haven of strength for Drew when she first met him through her father He recognized her art talent that day when she brought in her portfolio Her prints were to be displayed at the Herman Gallery Adam had a very persuasive personality as the CEO of C2 Technologies Before Drew knew it she and Adam were married and Drew was expecting their first childBut what Drew wasn't expecting was the drastic change in Adam Possessive to the point of cruel Adam hardly allowed Drew out of his sight after Michael was born As readers we will take a front seat witnessing Adam's over the top behavior In a sheer moment of good fortune Drew and Michael escape from the gated house But Drew will leave behind drifting and uncertain memories of what occured in the last moments in that nurseryand the blood that stained the carpetJM Winchester sweeps Drew and her son from one harrowing situation to the next She and Michael have lived in dives and changed their identities They've managed to stay ahead of their past But it's here in Liberty that Drew begins to let her guard down inch by inch inviting phantoms from the past Phantoms that don't have Drew's best interest in mindAll the Lovely Pieces is relayed through the voices of Drew Michael and Catherine Who will be revealed as you set foot in this one Winchester does a fine job of carving out the intensity and the fear residing in the character of Drew Because her strings are so taut Drew will have a tendency to be sharp edged at times and almost off putting But we'll give our girl a break as the twists and the turns of the story start to surface Sleeping with a box cutter under your pillow makes for some pretty sliced up nightmares come morningI received a copy of All the Lovely Pieces through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to JM Winchester and to Thomas Mercer for the opportunity